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posted on Jul, 15 2006 @ 06:28 AM
One thing that I have always wondered when it comes to war is the stealth side of things- not pure fire power. To inflict a massive blow to the enemy in both lives and costs, with little or no damage to yourself (not meaning suicide bombers).

Take for example frogmen (divers who can sabotage/ plant bombs on enemy ships). Are they still in use nowadays? A country would be fairly mad going to attack a warship with its sheer firepower because the outcome is probably going to be disastrous for both sides. If a frog man could say, plant several bombs around the base of the ship, disappear and watch the fireworks. What defence is there against these people? If they are still in use that is.

I also like the tactics used by special forces involving a laser sight picked up on by jets which destroy the building. Operation done they can just disappear into the night- much like a sniper.

If there are any other similar tactics used please tell me of them as it interests me greatly. And yes, i'm sure it is apparent my military knowledge is very limited!

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posted on Jul, 15 2006 @ 11:24 PM
Being a Frogman..even a commercial diver is a very hazardous occupation..and I mean very hazardous.

Diving off the side of a operational ship is a very dangerous thing to do. Not just because someone might inadvertantly start up one of the propellors. There are other hazards with which to contend.

A sea valve or system taking in sea water for cooling is and then exiting the water back out is done in a series of valves up against the hull of a ship called a "sea valve. Both a suction, sucking inboard, and then a discharge back overboard. These valves can be very big in size. This means that if you dont know exactly where on the hull they are when you are diving you can get sucked up against one of these sea valves and stuck..permanently...till you run out of air. ON the discharge side you can get blown downstream..or up against the pier side.

Do I need to tell you that you dont want to be swimming by when they are blowing sanitary tanks??? THey dont allow this stateside but I am sure they still do it in some foreign ports. Here Stateside they hook up a sanitary line to pierside or dockside sewage lines..which go back out to the citys sewer systems.

When a commercial diver ..goes overboard on a large ship..the sea valves are secured close to where they are working if at all possible. Briefings are make sure everyone is on the same page...and no one operates a sea valve near to where the diver is overboard. Valves in the ship are often appropriately tagged and locking systems installed on them. This is very serious/dangerous buisness.

A military type diver diving on a ship faces similar problems. THey must know clearly the configuration of the ship and precise locations of the underwater sea valves. This is why today much of this is better done by aircraft. Now divers may covertly mark the target as stated in the earlier post...lase the target. I think that this type of sinking of ships is best left to aircraft or submarines.

Intelligence gathering or lasine..yes... Bridge destruction..building destruction yes...ingress and egress..functions by sea..yes..definitely.

Just letting some of you know...that diving off the side of a large ship is much more dangerous than most of you know..suicidal if you dont know what you are doing.


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