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Thaksin Shinawatra should resign

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posted on Jul, 15 2006 @ 05:50 AM
Situation in Thailand still burning ..
The People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD)
Kingdom of Thailand

14 July 2006

To the Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of China
the President of the French Republic
the Prime Minister of the State of Japan
the President of the Russian Federation

First of all, the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) wishes to apologize for sending this open letter to you, after the Kingdom of Thailand’s caretaker prime minister, Police Lieutenant Colonel Thaksin Shinawatra, traveled to several countries to explain the political situation in Thailand and there is evidence that he sent letters to some countries making misleading and derogatory allegations against the People’s Alliance for Democracy. PAD is an alliance of people’s organizations from all walks of life that has been calling for Pol Lt-Col Thaksin Shinawatra’s resignation as prime minister since last February.

The People’s Alliance for Democracy is worried that in the course of his visits to various countries Pol Lt-Col Thaksin Shinawatra may have made the same distortions and provided incorrect information to the leaders of those countries. If that was the case with you, we apologize once again, in the name of all Thai people, as the caretaker prime minister has shown that he does not know diplomatic usage, by explaining the domestic situation of Thailand to leaders of friendly countries without a specific request and outside of normal channels. Above all, we must apologize for Thailand’s caretaker prime minister making false statements for many times, as this is a most serious breach of manners between friendly countries. Furthermore, his statement also reflected his complete lack of understanding in the democratic process.

We wish to point out to you that the basic reason for our demonstrations demanding Pol Lt-Col Thaksin Shinawatra’s resignation as prime minister is that we are determined to uphold the democratic system of our country with His Majesty the King as Head of State. In the past five years that Pol Lt-Col Thaksin Shinawatra, as leader of the majority in the House of Representatives, has been in power, cases of corruption have multiplied, independent auditing mechanisms have been subverted and almost all members of both Houses of Parliament have been prevented from doing their duty, to the point that now the authentic spirit and substance of Thailand’s democratic system with His Majesty the King as Head of State has been almost entirely destroyed through the handiwork of a tyrant born out of elections.

Freedom of information and freedom of political expression are basic to the democratic system, but Pol Lt-Col Thaksin Shinawatra, as prime minister, has been using his political power to suppress and circumvent such freedoms to a large extent in order to comfort his own power, as a great number of concrete examples show. These cases have been exposed in people’s gatherings held in a peaceful, unarmed and nonviolent manner, which is a basic right of the people here as in other countries, to force Pol Lt-Col Thaksin Shinawatra to resign from the position of prime minister.

Pol Lt-Col Thaksin Shinawatra may have tried to tell you that he is the one who is endeavoring to uphold democracy by stressing that if he came back to exercise power again as caretaker prime minister it was to make sure that there would be a new round of elections – as if he were the only guardian and symbol of the democratic system in the country.

What Thai people, who believe strongly in the democratic model with His Majesty the King as Head of State, want to see is an efficient system of checks and balances, respect of the rights and freedoms of citizens, who are the collective holders of sovereignty, and, above all, equal and fair rules and regulations in the administration of the country, without recourse to unfair power to distort electoral mechanisms and to force civil servants to interfere in the electoral process and in the legislative system in favor of any one group, as had been the case for far too long. We also believe in the freedom of speech through free press and media because democracy can not live up to its virtue with out such requirement.

The People’s Alliance for Democracy thus takes this opportunity to set the record straight and hopes that this will contribute to the firm, durable and lasting friendship between our two peoples.

Respectfully yours,

The People’s Alliance for Democracy
Maj Gen Jamlong Srimueang
Mr Sondhi Limthongkul
Mr Phiphop Thongchai
Mr Somsak Kosaisuk
Mr Somkiat Phongphaiboon

Thaksin gov corruption is the highest in history.

He's not rule the country by democracy but by his game
and controls ignorance people with money...
Business man is he,I though he didn't work for country but work for his company.

13 July 2006
Five teams within the armed forces have plotted to assassinate caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra because of resentment of his conduct during recent royal celebrations, intelligence sources said last night.

In a bulletin on the Manager Online website, an anonymous military intelligence official said five separate teams from within the army, navy and air force had planned to kill the premier, and the plot was “well known” among the top military brass.

The source did not disclose whether the assassins were following orders from their superiors or if they were rogue factions acting independently.

All people in the south,the central hate him and want to assassinate him
but by his power security guards nobody do that yet.

In addition,new romor today is Army land chief would be out in a few day...

[edit on 15-7-2006 by bscale]

posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 10:03 AM
I hope PAD achieve their stated goal but I dont think they will receive any support from those whom that open letter is addressed. The behaviour of the Thai Prime Minister described in that letter is a carbon copy of that of most World leaders currently. So-called leaders such as PM Tony Blair and PM John Howard have usurped as much power away from parliament and the people as they possibly could.

I am aware that Thailand was the victim of many terrorists attacks in the last few years. The very same pretext was cited as the reasons why other leaders around the World were grabbing more power for themselves. One has to wonder why the same circumstances and reactions suddenly brokeout following Sept 11th 2001.

I believe the vast majority of these terror attacks were false flags designed to capitalize on the contemporary Worldwide view of terror, and what leaders could get away with during such times. Thailand is most probably no exception to this.

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