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We were created by God.

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posted on Oct, 30 2002 @ 02:36 PM
I have seen many people on this sight that do not or are not for God's word. Why?

Listen we did not evolve from monkeys like that nut Darwin said.

We did not just appear on Earth. God created Earth and us.

There was a Jesus and he will come again.

Like it or not this is what is true.

posted on Oct, 30 2002 @ 03:25 PM
Hey everbody come here, look at this what I've found.

Its someone who's called JediMaster, and he also believes that we were created By God. Isn't that great news.

Allright, allright, don't get too excited, I'II talk to him.

Hello JediMaster,

Stewards here, If this was your first post I could'nt have asked for a better intro. I'd like to talk to you alot more about what you and I know concerning creation.
It is in fact one of my most interesting topics. Concerning what you said about Darwin your absolutely right. I actually live only 15 miles from where he was from.
theres alot of things named after him around here. I've also read that he did not actually say that we come from Ape, but that man and Ape had similar ancesters which is also false but it shows you how people twist statements. I dont know where you are from but in Britain the new ten pound note has his portrait on it. When I saw this I felt that Man was shaking his fist into Gods face Again.
But anyway at least God has revealed to us the truth and many others alike.

Im glad you also know that Jesus is coming again. It surprises me how many so called christians do not even know this.

I'll talk with you some more soon.
God bless you and welcome to the board

posted on Oct, 30 2002 @ 03:39 PM
Stewards, first I would like to say that I agree with you on what you said anout Darwin on your ten pound note. In answear to you question about where I am from, I live in America. I am glad you are among the few on this site who belive in God.

May God bless you too.

posted on Nov, 1 2002 @ 03:16 PM
Then why did god make apes, a lifeform who very very very much look and act like humans

anyway, Darwin never said directly that we were from the apes because he didn't want to be hanged by the christians, he was carefull, he waited if i am right 20 years before he gave his book to the public, shows how much scared he was.

posted on Nov, 1 2002 @ 03:39 PM
Hello Wintermorg.

Im afraid, I can't understand how we are able to answer your question of why did God make Apes?.

What I can tell you is that God is more wiser, more creative, and more imaginative than any human that has ever lived

Like what you said, Apes may be very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very like us in many ways, but let me ask you this. If we evolved from apes then why is it that the apes that are alive today did not evolve from their own ape ancesters?
Being the fact that we are very very very very very very very very like them.

posted on Nov, 1 2002 @ 04:23 PM
There are as much differences between apes and man
than man and other animals.

God is a common designer. cats look like tigers and they
did not evolve from tigers.

just look at the simple thing like apes have hands for feet and feet for hands.

If an ape were forced to stand erect, it would be looking upward and not forward. Apes
have neither chin nor forehead and its teeth are not arranged in close rows.

these differences are as much as any other life forms.

Jedi M, do you really believe jesus is the lord?


posted on Nov, 1 2002 @ 05:17 PM
Apes are very intelligent compared to most other animals. An adult ape normally has the overall intelligence of a five year old human child. Koko, a gorilla that lives at San Francisco Zoo, knows over 1,000 words of sign language and understands at least 2,000 words of English. And anthropologists study apes to learn more about human bahavior. So apes must be psychologically similar to humans. Dolphins are the only other animals that can really compared to humans, when it comes to intelligence and mental compacity. None of this is proof of evolution though.

I do believe in theistic evolution (evolution happened, but is controlled by God), but that in itself is just an unprovable theory, and does not indicate what evolved from what. I don't feel that I am going against the Bible, because each 'day' in the book of Genesis could mean millions of years have passed.

Needless to say, I very strongly support animal rights. I think that when God said that we humans have dominion over the animals, that we should be taking care of them, not hurting them. Apes and dolphins may not prove evolution, but they are notthe lower forms of life that cats, dogs, and livestock are, and we should not be treating the more intelligent animals as such.

posted on Nov, 1 2002 @ 06:22 PM
Ok, time to be worried. I believe that truth, JM, and stew are the same. So not only does god talk to Truth, truth talks to himself. blblblblblbbblblblllblblblblb Wack man, like, ou know, totally wacked out man.

I mean, come on, they spell the same, write the same, believe almost the exact same thing, I think that someone here has split personalities, but all the personalities are the same, just different names.

Ok, first, JD, like truth and stew, say we didn't evolve from monkeys, which is true, we evolved from apes. But, they present no evidence.

Then, truth, a ape stands up can look forward, I don't see why they would just look up, they need to see what is in there way.

And truth, tigers and cats have same common ancestor, they from same family, the feline family. like we have some ancestor that leads to apes. We are all in Great Ape family. We are animals. Animal kingdom, Mammilia Phylum(dont know the order) and so forth.

And truth, apes have hands for feet and feet for hands? HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! They have hands and feet, right where they belong. They have forheads, and while not promonit(sp?) have a chin. And teeth not aranged in rows? They do to. Just like our mouths are. So far, this is turning into a clam shell found open disproves evolution. And of course apes don't look exaclly like us, that's why it's called evolution.

Well, Truth I hope you have fun with all of your different personalities. By the way, look at fossils. They show dolphin going from sea to land to sea here. Hope that works, I never done that before. Also, certain rodents and other small mammals have fossils that show them evolve and so forth. Then their are those of reptiles, dinosaurs, birds, and fish and other animals. For you see, I have science, you have a 2000 year old book with monsters and giants and invisible people. Sorry, facts mean more than mythology.

And hi wintermorg and phunky monkey, I can't believe you want proof. I mean, isn't a old book with monsters and one that contradicts itself a few hundred times isn't proof enough for you? As truth would say, you will meet the wrath of my god. Then his name JM, you go to hell, and last name, steward, same as first. Lol, sorry, had to do that.

posted on Nov, 1 2002 @ 08:54 PM
Truth is would seem that James is saying your a monkey which cannot get his act together.

What are your thought?

posted on Nov, 1 2002 @ 09:37 PM
thats fine, he can think what he wants. i am not responding to him
until he gets over the hateful remarks.


posted on Nov, 1 2002 @ 09:44 PM
What do you mean James the Lesser? You don't like the idea of theistic evolution? That theory works for me. I never said that the Bible is inerrant either. I believe that the Bible contains many errors. So don't antagonize and ridicule. I never did anything to offend you except to have a slightly different opinion.

posted on Nov, 1 2002 @ 09:56 PM
Young Man he has not insulted you, if he had said something about your mother. Or regarded your parantage as questionable I would agree.

Your not a child truth, your a man. Respond to James as you see fit and as well, within the guidelines you have observed. History has taught that a man has two things truth (for certain), his word and his balls.

What are your thoughts?

posted on Nov, 2 2002 @ 03:01 AM

Originally posted by TruthThere are as much differences between apes and man than man and other animals. God is a common designer. cats look like tigers and they did not evolve from tigers. just look at the simple thing like apes have hands for feet and feet for hands.
If an ape were forced to stand erect, it would be looking upward and not forward. Apes have neither chin nor forehead and its teeth are not arranged in close rows. these differences are as much as any other life forms.
Jedi M, do you really believe jesus is the lord?

1) Darwin did *not* say that we came from apes...Only that there's a common ancestry involved. God used a basic ape-form & refined it to be more in His image. You discount *everything* that doesn't fit your narrow-mindedness.
2) Cats did *not* "evolve" from tigers because mankind cross-bred smaller feline-species (such as the lynx or bobcat) until that species of feline became more-or-less "domesticated". It's the same way mankind domesticated the dog from the wolf.
3) By talking about an ape not being able to stand erect without being able to lower its head, you're *partially* right...But you haven't taken into account any of the *other* physical differences, such as different curvature of the spine, the less-developed buttocks for *staying* upright, etc. At any rate, an ape *can* stand upright...It's just that the physical differences between apes & men make it *uncomfortable* for an ape to remain that way for long. However, only considering *one* of the physical differences that seperate us from the apes & using only a *single piece* of the differing physiologies to compare the whole shows that you're making the same mistakes again & again. Once again, you're only taking *one* piece of information & using it to justify your dogmatism while describing the whole. This shows only that even *you* don't know the *real truth*, but seek to claim that you do, all the while you possess only *part* of the truth.
4) James the Lesser was correct in your assessment of the apes' hands & feet...I just think he could've been more polite about expressing himself...You obvoiusly have never *looked* & seen more of God's creations to any significant extent. How can you say that you have faith in God when you don't even truly *see* what He's created?

posted on Nov, 4 2002 @ 02:40 PM
Yes, I probably could have put the hands for feet and feet for hands in a more nice way. But still, I never heard that. Hands for feet and feet for hands is sounds like a creature from a Dr.Suess page.

Also Toltec, if two things a man has is his word and his balls. Wouldn't that be three things? I know Mr.Wick from Drew Carey only has one, but most men have two. And of course a tiger didn't evolve from a cat or vice versa. And we didn't go chimpanzee to man, but we are still related. I know you were pointing it out, so I am re-inforceing that.

Also, what hateful remarks? I never said I hate you, I disdain you, you will face the wrath of my god. You use wrath of god, but still, I don't hate you. It fun, you put up things like whale found end on end disproves evolution, I come, disprove that with a little wit, since not witty enough to use alot of it, and you post saying I will face the wrath of your god. Or saying that I will see the truth when god comes and stuff.

Anyways, why do you need a book to tell you to behave? I mean, isn't it common sense to not kill, rape, maim, cheat, lie, and so forth? If you didn't know that without a book, you are messed up.

posted on Nov, 4 2002 @ 07:11 PM
James, you should be more kind to truth. What has he ever done to you? He does speak the truth, as his name says.

God is a common designer. Dogs look like wolves, but aren't related. Fish and Dolphins look the same, but aren't related. And Jesus is the lord truth, you know that, steward knows that, JediMaster knows that, and I know that. It is are job to teach these people that.

posted on Nov, 4 2002 @ 07:22 PM
To back up James....Anything I can do with my hands I can do with my feet....albeit write.

It stemmed from having to open doors with my hands full, then elevated to opening tall gates, meaning I have to elevate my feet up to my head...then I just got lazy of bending over all together and now I just pick stuff up with my feet.

The only differences our feet have from apes is the opposable thumb which allows use of complex tools, but I bet some day if I can get my balance right I can widdle a chair with my feet.

no signature

posted on Nov, 4 2002 @ 07:49 PM
Actually James the "s" at the end does mean they are both taken into consideration (when mentioning the two things a Man has). Had you not been so exited about responding perhaps you would have formed the same conclusion.

James your going to have to start using the other oar, in that row boat your in you seem to be spinning in circles.

posted on Nov, 5 2002 @ 02:56 PM
I will admit I as wrong about what I said about Darwin. Still I do not belive in evolution.

I have a feeling that many of you hate me now.

And I really do belive that Jesus will come again.

posted on Nov, 5 2002 @ 06:39 PM
I, for one, will not hate you...That's the way of the Devil.

I only hope that what I say allows you to open up your eyes & look at God's works...And I'm *not* referring to the bible because that's the work of men. I'm referring to the work of God As He's shown us His creation.

posted on Nov, 5 2002 @ 08:04 PM
Well Toltec, if I spin around enough, I will get somewhere, for I highly doubt I would be able to stroke the oar in perfect strength. Of course, that is getting to technical.

Well, I saw that, but saying two is three since most have two of the one thing was funny to me, and I like to make others laugh. Of course, with some here, that is hard to do. I mean, come on, I never would have thought of feet for hands or hands for feet. That was good.

FreeMason, why can't you write with your feet? I can, not real well, but well enough to read. But same here with to lazy to bend and pick stuff up. But biggest I can pick up is a pencil. Working with a football and a baseball to see if I can perfect my "skill".

Anyways, I don't hate you JM, just your opinion. But everyone has an opinion, and it is there right to express it. But people like you and truth and so forth bring bad feelings to you for your views. For your views seem to be either extreme, or in truths case, wrong. I mean, he believes god talks to him! Last time I checked, people who say that end up in a white very snug coat. Even get a room at the Rubber Ramada. Oh well, express yor opinion JM, for it is, while maybe controversial(sp?) important.

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