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Active Denial System

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posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 07:55 PM
Active Denial System

22 September 2004 Raytheon was granted an FCC license to demonstrate the technology to "law enforcement, military and security organizations."

The development of the ADS is still under testing but very real indeed. A basic definition of the ADS a weapon of sorts that will take a human subject and disable them from whatever they doing in a great amount of pain. It is more of heat weapon than a stun weapon, but not leaving the subject with serious or at all burns to their body.

The ADS mounted
The system is engineered from electromagnetic waves to create a large amount of microwaves to penetrate the human skin of a person’s body. The system will create around 95 Gigahertz of energy for each time it will use its ray; Compared to a microwave oven which will only put out about 2.4 Gigahertz of energy.
The question is, is that too much energy for just a ray that will only heat up a person? In fact it is not, the power is just enough for a distance attack and also the effects do not last, if you were to step out of the ray you would not be hurt any longer.
Then the question is how this could be helpful if someone would just run away from it? Its main testing and development at the time is just for riots and large groups of insurgents, hopefully the ray would force the people to run away instead of fight.
The power supply for the ADS is a strong power source portable and non lethal.

Princeton Power Sys & Science Applications International Corp Develop Power Supply for Air Force

Princeton Power Systems, a developer of AC-link™ technology for advanced electrical power conversion and conditioning, has teamed with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) to develop a high-voltage, dynamic power source for the United States Air Force's Active Denial System (ADS). The power supply will be designed using the patented AC-link Technology, and will use a Lithium Ion battery bank to supply dynamic direct current (DC) power to the energy transmitter.
“The AC-link technology has been one of the critical underpinnings for this project,” noted Bill Siegel, Division Manager, Electric Power Technologies Division, Science Applications International Corporation. “In addition, Princeton Power Systems’ expertise, enthusiasm and passion for service have been invaluable assets.”
The power supply will be integrated and packaged with all the Active Denial System’s components into a High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle, commonly referred to as a Humvee. R&D activities are being conducted under an Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration program, which is the process used by the Department of Defense to rapidly move mature technologies into the hands of the warfighter for military evaluation.

The development of this system will help the U.S. efforts around the world and also with local law enforcement with large crowds of unruly subjects. It is not intended at all to kill anyone but for the use of non lethal force.
Contracts for the US government

On October 4, 2004 the DOD published the following contract information: [4]
"Communications and Power Industries (CPI), Palto Alto, Calif., is being awarded a $6,377,762 costs-reimbursement, cost-plus fixed-price contract. The contractor shall design, build, test, and delivery a two to 2.5 megawatt, high efficiency, continuous wave (CW) 95 gigahertz millimeter wave source system. The contractor shall perform extensive modeling, simulation, experiments, and testing to the maximum capabilities of their facilities (which shall no less than one megawatt peak RF output) that will ascertain the final CW capabilities of the source. The contractor also shall provide input for the requirements for the government’s test stand, which will serve as a full power facility in the future. At this time, $900,000 of the funds has been obliged. This work will be complete by January 2009. Negotiations were completed September 2004. The Air Force Research Laboratory, Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico, is the contracting activity (FA9451-04-C-0298)."

There will be a mobile version also, the designs for a handheld device is still in design. The mobile device will be mounted on a humvee as shown here.

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posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 08:34 PM
This seems to be a good idea. I would much prefer that than bullets.

Of course, I don not want to be there when it goes through teething troubles, but sooner or later they're going to have it working. But are they seriously going to have it mounted on a shipping container? Not exactly mobile riot prevention, is it? Stick it on a truck perhaps . . .?

And does anyone think that there will ever be a man portable version of this?

posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 09:15 PM
Yes there will be the information is added at the top on the bottom of the infrmation sheet.

posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 03:00 PM
12 Gauge shotgun filled with rubber pellet shot shells.

Less than lethal.

Man portable.

$250 a pop for a Remington 870 (i.e. pump actions are cheap)

And you don't have a nervous breakdown when your ADS truck gets hijacked by the protestors and driven away.

We need to be spending our money more wisely than this.

posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 03:04 PM
You are right about that Ret, but I think the idea of this was the start of a new age of weapons that have unlimited fire power, unlimited non lethal, and able to make more of an impact in a crowd of people, you can not shield your self from this ray, it will heat you up fast, the current weapons are good, but they do not always work. But it would be bad if someone was to hijack one of these ADS trucks also.

posted on Jun, 1 2008 @ 06:36 PM
The "Ray Gun"

60 minutes is running a story on this right now.

It's available for the war in Iraq.

It can also be used by embassies and by prison guards in the US against riots the story goes on to say

11,000 tests, 6 rashes, 2 second degree burns.

It penetrates 1/64th of your skin and feels like scalding hot water.

But can it be used against the AMerican people during martial law. If it is used in Iraq then all bets are off.

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