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The FED is a serious scam. When is something going to be done about it?

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posted on Nov, 12 2007 @ 08:02 AM
you ask;
'When is something going to be done about it ?

something is in the works right now,
but you/we won't like the solution any better than the problem.

follow up the (more than just) rumors about a new money, the Amero
which by all accounts will be backed by Silver. And the Amero will be the exchange money between Mexico, Canada, USA.
The US mint will produce these coins which will exist and circulate alongside the script & paper Federal Reserve Notes used as currency now.
And I figure that Mexico will keep it's Peso and Canada it's Dollar,
and will also mint their proportionate share of Amero's

the 'Fed' will not go away, it will just be more 'partnered' with the U.S. Treasury rather than owning & dictating the flow & creation of capital for the entire U.S. economy.
There is too much 'unwinding' which cannot be simply done to estrange the USD (Fed Reserve Note) from the fabric of life....
for example, every investment vehicle stipulates their holdings must be transacted in USD... so mortages, IRAs, bank deposits, etc, are required under existing law to operate & function using the USD as the medium of exchange.

the monster from Jekyll Island will be around for our lifetime at least,
but it will be changing its appearance and habits in the near future

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