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Turning off the OIL taps in PROTEST!?

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posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 03:31 PM
Here is a scenario you may not have thought of...

What if, since gas prices are going to jump seriously if this doesn't calm down very soon..


What if Iran was to say..

"We're closing up shop. Oil Strike! We'll produce, but not ship anything out anywhere but those who ALSO have NOT invaded any countries and killed the people who lived there. No more oil to the USA and its partners in this so called "war on terror" which has caused terror through out Arab lands the world over until Israel immediately retreats to its 'own' boarders, and STOPS KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE IN GAZA AND LEBANON IMMEDIATELY!"

They could add something to the effect of...

"EVERYDAY that the Israelis destroy property and kills civilians on land that DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM we will cut off oil shipments FOR ONE WEEK!"

...which would drive oil prices so high ... who the hell knows what effect it would have on the markets themselves (not good obviously) ...

BUT! They could claim that they are doing this INSTEAD of using violence. They could say..

"We are not the ones who wish for war. We trying only to move our country in to the 21st century by building nuclear power plants which as the world has been told over and over again that means we would use those power plants to make weapons just as Israel has over the last 20 (or so) years. But as you can see; instead of attacking Israel who has been repeatedly threatening to attack us and kill our engineers and the families of these men who live close to these facilities, we use the last available peaceful asset we have at our disposal. We use a MECHANISM OF PROTEST instead of a bomb. Yes, we have threatened Israel just as they have threatened us, but ONLY BECAUSE they wish to destroy our technical endeavors with our friends the Russians as they did to Iraq in the 80s. What else can we do but say that we will retaliate if they destroy what we have spent billions on and our friends the RUSSIANS have investment in as well. The UN tried to do the job that it is suppose to do and attempted to have Israel end its murderous campaign the other day, and the US was the country that vetoed that attempt telling Israel to feel free to kill as many more Palestinians and Lebanese people as they wish to. We can NOT stand by while this continues and we do NOT wish to attack Israel which considering they have attacked and killed thousands of our friends and neighbors in the last 2 weeks we feel demonstrates to the world what TRUE restraint is.. we will NOT at this point simply wipe out Israel and kill all those who live there before they do anymore damage. We want the world to recognize this fact... ESPECIALLY THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES... "The reason you can not afford to drive to work or take a family vacation this summer is because the US GOVERNMENT is not only funding but providing military equipment and weapons to a country that is murdering the innocent people that live on its boarders. When the entire world tried to legally put an end to the illegal invasion and murders at the UN that same country, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA stopped that from happening, and allowed the killing to continue. And since Iran will protect itself if attacked but will NOT ATTACK AND KILL even those who right now are murdering children as we speak since they have not yet dared to engage us or our ally Syria, we instead begin an act of protest by immediately putting a halt to ALL oil shipments to the USA and the countries that are supporting its support of Israels acts of war. Iran and the Iranian people are NOT the enemies of the the US citizens and we aware that there are Israelis who wish to live in peace with their Arab neighbors, ITS IS NOW and this is last chance for those people.. all the people of the world need to say NO to anymore killing and war and violence because if Israel pushes any further there ma

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posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 03:34 PM
I was under the impression we did not get any oil from Iran, but I know they are a major supplier, one of the largest actually, so I am sure it will really put a crease in our economy.

posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 04:00 PM
PLEASE. That statement is laughable given the fact that Iran has repeatedly called for the utter destruction and elimination of Israel. Peaceful my a$$. Remember, one of the major reasons Japan attacked the US in WWII was because they feared an oil embargo. Although Iran shutting off oil would not cripple us in any way, it would give the US one more reason to take care of their nuclear ambitions. You don't need to drop a bomb to start a war.

posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 04:31 PM
(there was more to that)

violence because if Israel pushes any further there may be no turning back.". SO now that we have your attention citizens of the US and you few in Israel who do not wish war with your Arab neighbors, we want you to know THAT IT IS UP TO YOU and YOU ARE THE ONLY ONES who can put and end to all of this madness by standing up to your governments because supposedly your supposed democracy your supposed to be able to do this.. and ordering them to stop Israels murderous and outrageous campaign to indiscriminately kill noncombatants in countries to their north and south right away, AND REMEMBER each day means ONE MORE WEEK of oil restriction so you should act quickly. If the people of the UNITED STATES WAKE UP before it is too late we will of course return to shipping oil once the period of punishment is over, and you will also then see that Iran never used any weapons it had to kill those that threatened it, and never would kill anyone or destroy anything that DID NOT THREATEN IT. It was all Israel doing ALL of the killing and they were enabled by the United States Government who disabled the UN who tried to stop Israel as it has in the past repeatedly always being impeded by the US in the security council..... and the citizens of the Unites States hard earned tax money paid for all of it. Citizens of the US paid their taxes which in turn ended up killing innocent Arabs and many of you even knew this yet said "Well it does not effect me." - so THIS is what we had to do to get you to pay some attention to this very serious situation. You are now paying for it at the gas stations in your countries. When you finally realize that this is your fault that you allowed very powerfully members of your government to become owned and under the control of Israel which empowered it to do all it has done to the Arab world and the thousands it has killed we here in Iran HOPE and PRAY that you will do the right thing, the thing that ANY HONEST HUMAN BEING would do, and that is to bring these corrupt people to justice. The ones who took all of that AIPAC money and not only in turn turned a blind eye to Israels crimes but even gave Israel THE TAX MONEY OF THE AMERICAN CITIZENS for more weapons including weapons of mass destruction need to be brought to justice by those same citizens who have been robbed in this international crime. And we think perhaps maybe even but it might be asking too much, that the American people also realize that Iraq itself after 10 years of sanctions was really no threat to anyone, even we who warred with them for 8 years ourselves could have told you that Iraq was no threat. And perhaps the people will learn that the only reason their sons are dying in Iraq right now, and even worse that hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have died.. not because of any of the many lies we've all been told about the reasons for this war, but because simply because Israel wanted a war in Iraq. Israel had lies to tell the men who make decisions in the Pentagon believe that a war in Iraq was necessary. And men who had financial gain from a war in Iraq, men like the Vice President of the United States are the real reason that there are so many dead and that the people of the Unites States have lost so much for their gain. We doubt it because it seems as though the Americans have lost all the freedom they once had that would have allowed them to bring these criminals to justice. It also seems that the American people will continue to be placed under a form of weaponized propaganda by their government - so we are unsure if they will even understand WHY we've turned off the oil taps - and because they allowed all of this to happen because it did not affect them we've now done the only and the last thing we can do in order to beg you to get your house in order before the situation deteriorates to the point of no return, which is so very close now. We can live in an era of prosperity for all but not while criminals run democracies like dictatorships and while the WORLD is begging for peace, while 198 (of 200) countries all ask that 1 country stop killing and that country says "No" and nothing is done to stop it from illegally invading its neighbors. Israel can not be restricted from committing the same horrors that were committed against its own people only 60 years ago. So we in the hopes that this finally gets some attention... this hypocrisies that surrounds these illegalities .... all your SUVs are belong to us!"

(sorry that was so long... but NOTICE... THINK about the effect something like that would have on like Joe 6-pack)

They could claim that are committing an ACT that is NOT "one of war" because they do not wish to escalate things yet at the same time can not stand by and allow it to continue.

Then when the US citizens freak out over the cost at the pumps. Bush will have to do SOMETHING at that point. So it could end right then and there as simple as that.

Now here is the other thing.. when the shipping resumes, Iran could make a second move ...

"We said we'd turn the taps back on and our promises is kept. Your... long national nightmare is finally over USA! However, we're only going 50% shipping until you do one more thing. Wake up! 9-11 was an inside job and we can prove this because of the lack of any investigation that was done. AND WE LIKE MANY OTHER COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD LOST PEOPLE IN THE TOWERS ON THAT DAY AS WELL! And since 9-11 happened its been a great advantage to the United States hasn't it? We demand an INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION IN TO 9-11 BASED ON THE FACT... that the Unites States is withholding evidence from all the countries who lost people on that day. That much of what is CLAIMED to have happened on that day can not be possible. And yet, the US used this event to fool many countries including its neighbors like Canada who are still there... fighting in Afghanistan... a country that doesn't OWN a passenger airplane yet somehow was attacked because apparently it was responsible for 9-11. Although I do not remember any evidence linking Afghanistan to 9-11, I believe we have some of the supposed men who flew those airplanes under our protection here and elsewhere... so we'd like to know the truth about what happened on 9-11. We would like an international group designated by the UN to investigate how much the US allowed to happen and how much they actually had to do with 9-11 like for example the fact that the buildings collapsed and were hauled away without any investigation in their collapse which we believe to be a controlled demolition. I believe while you Americans are sitting at home because it will still be too expensive for you to do MUCH although you can get to work now and talk about this situation with your co-workers you won't be running around town just one of you per vehicle anymore this is for sure... go ahead and pimp your rides because they'll look very nice stationary I'm sure. WE DO THIS... for peace. Instead of our neighbor Israel who would certainly I'm sure decide to just kill its way out of this situation. We now only restrict the amount of gas you have UNTIL YOU AMERICAN PEOPLE WAKE UP AND CLEAN UP YOUR HOUSE COMPLETELY! AND WON'T IT JUST BE HUMILIATING TO YOU BECAUSE IT HAD TO BE DONE FOR YOU IN AN INTERNATIONAL COURT OF LAW! The men who STOLE your freedom for you are sitting in that White House in Washington. When they tell the truth about the attack that they organized against your country and ALL OF THE COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD so that this madness we have seen over the last 6 years go on for, we will resume complete 100% oil deliveries at that time. And before you argue... we never said that when we resumed deliveries that they would be at the same level as they were before... but remember.. we are not killing anyone. We have not stooped so low as your side has. And we will not kill anyone either, it is not our wish... our wish is to simply to business with our friends, and complete our power plants. IF WE ARE ATTACKED AT THIS POINT... you will all know who was really behind 9-11. It will simply prove our point. Thank you and good luck with all this!"

Do you think that would get Joe six pack listening finally?

posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 04:37 PM
... and instead I got two replies from two people who either can't read or won't.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE HELL THE "Straight of Hormuz" IS?!

Did you CARE to look up what happened the last time in 1973 THIS HAPPENED?!

No! You don't have a clue about anything I just said.. or the WAY it was said and worded.. and instead spew what LITTLE you know about the situation through your Cheeto(tm) encrusted keyboard letters.


Not to mention the 300 nukes they have aimed at them AND US!

YOU HAD TWO THINGS TO LOOK UP! JUST TWO! And you would have had a clue about what I was saying even without the second half of the post (I've been gone since these silly limits have been imposed... how is anyone suppose to write anything worth while in under 4000 characters anyways - I guess that is how little the higher ups think of its membership at the moment and says much more about what the members of ATS have been "writing" and what the MODS have to put up with then their decision making - I feel bad for them that its come to this) but instead of doing that... you just ... puked on the thread.. thank you very much.



posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 04:40 PM

"You don't need to drop a bomb to start a war."

YES YOU DO! THAT is the meaning of WAR!

So in other words if Iran commits an act of PROTEST, and SOMEONE BOMBS THEM FOR IT... well then we know who the agressor TRUELY IS now don't we?

Or are you just that scared now that you know time is up for the people who CHOOSE to think for themselves.

They will be coming for us all soon... you might want to just completely delete your ATS account.


posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 04:51 PM
VMX, since I was one of the only two posters to reply to your novella I would ask that you curtail personal assaults and name calling. Yes, I most assuredly know what the Straight of Hormuz is and was 21 years old when the Iranian-engineered oil crisis hit. I clearly remember the rationing, gas lines and the US hostages. Unless I'm missing something significant, I don't ever remember Israel calling for the elimination of any other country. Yes, they have attacked Iraq's reactors and rest assured at some point will undoubtedly attack Iran's as well. I think most of us here 'get' the implications of Israel's actions. Presumably the only solution to avoid the inevitable M.E. war is to disband Israel and scatter it's population across the world to whomever will take them and the US and the rest of the West get out of Afghanastan, Iraq and all other M.E./Islamic countries. Then OBL can come out of his hole and be king of the middle east and these people will all live happily ever after, threatening no one and harming no one ever again.

posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 05:09 PM

Originally posted by lardo5150
I was under the impression we did not get any oil from Iran, but I know they are a major supplier, one of the largest actually, so I am sure it will really put a crease in our economy.

thats what i was thinking the US gets its main supply from saudi arabia and most from the oil sand in the north of america so thsi thearetical scenario has no ground.
this would only take effect if saudi or a country that actuily supplies the US did it.

the bright side to that would i could get a bargin on ebay because the value of the dollor would decrease

posted on Jul, 21 2006 @ 02:43 PM
Was just more frusterated with the stupid post limiter thingy, that I didn't know existed and bad day and all... and no, wasn't aiming anything specifically at you Jtma.

No, the only way to avoid a serious problem/war in the M.E. at this point is some serious action by people who can make a difference and I don't see that happening. I don't want anyone killed or disbanneded or whatever. I want peace on this earth... we were so damn close to it not so long ago.

Remember when back in the 90s people were saying that really there was no more use for any nation to have a large army anymore? That democracies do not need armies and we'd only need small special forces to deal with small flare up problems in small regional issues.. terror situations.. etc?

I guess no matter how much we all have, we just still can only solve problems by killing each other, and chosing a side on who you want to kill for I guess.

I don't get it.

And ANYWAYS, yes peacefull.. because they would have been trying to do ONE THING to try and stop support of the war before it got out of hand.

Anyways.. its gonna happen so I guess we'll see how it turns out.

posted on Jul, 21 2006 @ 02:52 PM

Originally posted by Vis Major X
... and instead I got two replies from two people who either can't read or won't.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE HELL THE "Straight of Hormuz" IS?!

Do you know what 'the US doesn't import oil from Iran" means? Do you know what "OPEC will adjust member state productions to make up for shortfalls' means?

If Iran stopped exporting oil all together, or even just to the west, then Iran would be gone. The Euros don't care much about their nukes or their threats to kill the jews, but they'll get pretty ticked when their purse is messed with, as will anyone else that has their oil cut off.


posted on Jul, 21 2006 @ 03:09 PM
Edit this with paragraphs and i might read it

My eyes hurt!


posted on Jul, 21 2006 @ 04:19 PM
you might be surprised to hear this....but arabs love money,seruisly.
if they turn off the oil supply,some countries gonna be badly pissed at them.....
and I am relly sure that an excuse will be found to invade iran (altho I think that they need to be invaded,no need for further excuse)

[edit on 21-7-2006 by Jewish_hammer]

posted on Jul, 21 2006 @ 08:20 PM

Originally posted by Jewish_hammer
you might be surprised to hear this....but arabs love money,seruisly.
if they turn off the oil supply,some countries gonna be badly pissed at them.....
and I am relly sure that an excuse will be found to invade iran (altho I think that they need to be invaded,no need for further excuse)

So only Arabs love money huh? If Im not mistaken some of your fellow citizens have been caught selling Chemicals used in Chemical warfare to Iran not too long that not a love of money? Enough love that you could betray your own kind? Please don't try to make it appear as though Arabs are greedier then anyone else. Its the PERSON and not the race.

As far as an Oil embargo goes. You never know. Even though Iran does not sell oil to us, if you notice everytime there is talk of a war or invasion the oil prices go up. It has nothing to do with wether or not they supply us, it has to do with how the Commodities exchange will react to the news. In protest it could possibly happen if Gulf states decide that things have gone a little overboard. Can't run planes or tanks without petroleum.


posted on Jul, 22 2006 @ 06:50 AM
Even though Arab leaders are sock-puppets of America if Iran cut off there oil suplly in protest to What Israel is doing pressure would build up on Arab leaders to do them same and they would also have to cut off there oil suplly becuase at that point if they didn't There people could become real pissed off and possibly even overthrow there dictatorships in retaliation.

posted on Jul, 22 2006 @ 07:06 AM
For Iran, the use of its own oil as a bargaining chip has limited value. Iran gets 90 percent of its government revenues from oil. Its exports of about 2.5 million b.p.d. amount to 80 percent of its total exports. Oil provides some 40 percent of Iran's gross domestic product.

The blow to the US would not be so severe. Hurricane Katrina shut off 1.5 million b.p.d. from the Gulf of Mexico, but oil prices rose only $10 a barrel. Any Iranian embargo could be countered by more exports from other OPEC nations and tapping the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

The result would be an energy crisis in Iran, which depends substantially on imported gasoline from Europe, but not a worldwide threat

posted on Jul, 22 2006 @ 08:05 AM
To Quitsoul

Iran would be stupid to cut off it's Oil and i think Iran knows this.

All Iran has to do is say they have cut off 100% of there oil supplies and the world market prices would jump while iran can secretly contininue selling oil as usal in the background reaping incresed profits and causing pressure on America and Israel.

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