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Let's introduce myself , a strange boy , nothing else ;)

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posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 03:30 PM
Hello to all ,

I fund this forum , surfing the net , in finding some true.It's very good , so let's introduce me .

-I'm a boy form Romania , and I'm crazy about this thing's , crazy .. don't forget a thing never , "all you see is made by them, all you touch is created by them , all your feeling's lie to you , youe just a piece of nothing in finding nothing,your just created by them , get use to it , you'll never find the true
, or maybe you do"

I have some opion's that I'll share to you , I've made them in my life , and they're very good to know by you , all.

1.I'm a rational person , so I'll explain to you what I think about this.

-first , let's begin with the begining , In 1969 , the people , landed on the Moon ( don't comment this one , just listen , and you may understand ).Let's say that they landed , in 1967 , was burn UNIX , ( the first OS for computer's ) and more that 1969 , begin the first network , how can they , with that tehnology ( computer's have't netowrk's yet , it doesn't exist XEROX , Ethernet in 1969 , to landed on the Moon ) and now in 2006, they say to us , that , they'll go on the moon , in 2012 , or something like that.In 1969 , they landed on the Moon , and in 37 year's tehnology , become's enourmous time , powerful , (THEY ARE WALIKING ON THE MOON IN THIS MOMENT , get use to it ). I read , that They really landed on the Moon in '50 and on the March to in '50 , and the first , to land on the Moon were german's , a big lie , or the real true ?

People , don't you see , they're joking s , they're making fun of us .

Let's say , that if alien's would come in front of you , what would you do.

I have a story for you : [ it's real , that's way I come here.I know , all of you will laugh on me , but I don't care , maybe you'll understand something.In 2034 , I begin with my first engenering & research lab.[ you'll say , he's crazy , I'm crazy , lsten , or just ignore this post
.I hired the inteligent people on earth , here , at my lab , generic call'ed "PR" , Project revolution.I receive help and found's from million's of people , all arund the world , it was easy. No one know's that we really exist if PR really exist's.Location , doesen't matter.I begin with 3 engenerring lab's : 1.time traveling , 2.genetic's , an 3. space research. in 2051 , my first project was completed.Time traveling completed.What to do ? I first contacted me , in the past , at 18 ear's old , the boy ( me ) believed.I'm that boy.He told me thing's , and I understand that something happened.It's a strange story , but I receive and e-mail , with frpom me in the future.a very strnage thing , he knew all that thing's .. all about me , he shocked me . It leave me one message , they controll us , everithing is a fake.

A story , no one will belive , me , will think thatI invented it , maybe , but remember : " the true , is the biggest lie" . Bye Bye .

3-th world war : 2009-2012
first March landing : 2019
first A.I. ( for public ) : 2022
first public human's on March : 2025

posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 03:32 PM
Welcome to ATS deathgame

posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 03:38 PM
I like here , altough no one trust my story

posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 08:41 PM
deathgame, welcome to ATS!

Timetraveller, eh? Welcome to 2006!

You have come to the right place to discuss these kinds of topics. There will be skeptics, but keep in mind, ATS invites viewpoints from all sides.

Happy researching!

I hope that you enjoy your stay here.

Need help with the site? Find it here.

---->ATS help files

Don't forget to have fun while you're here.

Check out some of the forums on BelowTopSecret

Mechanic 32.

[edit on 7/14/2006 by Mechanic 32]

posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 08:44 PM
Hello and welcome to ATS.

posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 02:58 PM
Welcome! Check out Social Issues on PTS. You will find the experience to be both friendly and rewarding.


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