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(DOC) Part 8 of The Secret of Orion

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posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 03:19 PM
“So dad what happened?.... what happened from there?.... what was it that Uncle Nova found?.....”

“Well little Jon, I guess you will just have to see, now want you….…..”

“Uncle Sirus, please tell me……”

“Now just wait and listen and pay attention you will find out soon enough”

“Hello hello, yes this is Roberts Baits the third coming in from IAP Capitol, yes and we are here now, and we are covering the story behind the truth of Arcangel, from what in the past centuries so many people feared as a weapon of mass destruction and death , no one ever expected this to become true….. After being wiped clean out of all the past Data, no one knew of the truth behind Arcangel, as for three men that set out, found exactly what was not supposed to be there. Arcangel, as we might know the star Phoenix that ever shows itself so quickly in the morning sky, but to our amazement was programmed to do so, yes programmed. As a means of someday someone finding Arcangel, clues were set in place to help our civilization to find it.”

“So dad Arcangel, is that what you Uncle Sirus and Uncle Nova found?.....”

“Hey guys how are you...”

“Hey Nova”

“Hey uncle Nova, hey, tell me what yall found please……”

“Hey you think I should guys…..”

“Yes sure…”

“Well you see Jon…hahaha that’s a good name boy….. It all started with your great grandpa and how he worked secretly with three groups of people to save mankind in two different ways, one was by ending an unneeded war between two sides and another was to end all poverty for all mankind…..”

“What do you mean end poverty?.....”

“Your great grandpa Orion helped design Arcangel, even though he seemed clueless he knew ever spec and piece of it, and he kept me and your dad and your uncle going for a while, but he had too, the sake of all mankind was on his hands…. He knew that he could not give a direct answer about Arcangel but he left clues for us, like me and your dad and uncle, one was the story about the war and the so called weapon Arcangel, and the most important was phoenix, the main sign about where Arcangel was, see we all thought for so long Arcangel was nothing but as we found out it was larger than we all could believe....."

“So phoenix is a fake star, it was just made to help us know where to look?....”

“Yea but it was harder for us back then, we knew there was something, and I knew more than anything your great grandpa Orion was hiding something, found some more clues and came back to get your dad and your uncle and we set out to find it, and when we did we were more amazed than anything…..”

“Well what was it?.....”

“Arcangel was no weapon, it was all a huge cover up, even half of the war was a cover up, I should have known when every time we attacked the enemy we had no resistance… see all sides were working on Arcangel, people began to become weary about the weapon and wanted action, so people started to snoop around and a war started over this….”

“But why does some huge war just happen over this Arcangel uncle Nova?....."

“Well see Arcangel was a huge carrier, a command carrier filled up the largest resources in the galaxy, it was a floating savior ship, full with enough resources and wealth to supply the Earth for ages to come, it was also a weapon in a way, it had cloaking and defensive weapons that would destroy anything that came in its way, the sole purpose of Arcangel was to be a and Angel to mankind and save us from poverty and it has done just that…..”

“So that is it, it was some huge piggy bank are you serious? No big crazy boom or explosion or anything……”

“O you want an explosion….. BOOOOOM!!!!!! hahahaha you best run Jon…..”


“Hahahaha run little Jon run… hahahaha”

“Hahaha you believe that Jonathan your son, hahaha that was good….”

“O come on Sirus…. Hahahaha, you said the same thing when we found it….hahahaha”

“Let’s get Sirus and your dad little Jon…..…hahahahaha”



[edit on 14-7-2006 by ragster]

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 11:15 PM
very good effort, interesting story, but without any fillers, descriptions, settings, narrator..etc, the dialogue became too confusing. If you have the time, try rewriting it as a script and then as regular story. thanks for participating.


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