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(DOC) Part 7 of The Secret of Orion

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posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 03:17 PM
“So grandpa what happened you and Nova?....”

“What happened from there was hard, the governments were mad with us, well me strongly for allowing the Phoenix and the those men to die, people never really knew what Jonathan and those men did that day….. As for Nova he went on to become a Commander and became an awesome officer….. I have not heard from him inn so long….. he took off shortly after all militaries were ended here on earth, he went out to find the Arcangel, he really believed it was out there and that it needed to be found before someone else did…"

“And you and that great girl what happened?....”

“Well see I guess all these great things happened for me, I got married shortly after returning, to your wonderful grandma, and had a kid, your guys father…… then after that I was given a retirement, full honors and full commendations, the government was getting back on its feet again and the use of fleets were no longer really needed…..”

“Wow so what happened to the Internal Alliance and the Renegade?….”

“Well Jonathan the Renegade and Eastern Alliance joined forces and created the IAP the InterGalactic Allied Planets, this was formed with the two governments merging and freedom for all of the galaxy, as for the IA they were truly unheard of for the rest of what I know…. But it seems that some are still around… thanks to what has been happening lately with the data being changed and so on…..”

“O yea and with like Arcangel and stuff… and the star up there Phoenix…”

“That is right…. And that is why you are kind of seeing something about Arcangel more, the IA is trying to uncover more about it, it is believed it was constructed by a special group of Renegade, Internal Alliance and Eastern Alliance members but hidden from the war…… See now the main goal of the IAP was intergalactic peace, so destruction of all materials and information anything pertaining to the Phoenix or Arcangel did not need to be used….”

“So Nova really believed this didn’t he, well I am with Nova I think it is still out there…..”

“O come on Jonathan, please, there is no way of it still being out there……”

“Well you never know Sirus, it is a legend now and I would not doubt if it was….”

“Yea but come on grandpa is this possible?…..”

“You said you saw that star blink today didn’t you…..”

“Hey grandpa you would not think…… hahaha Na….”

“Yea Na…. hahaha come on boys lets go fishing…….”

“Ok let’s go……”

“Sirus, all systems go…. We have a full power all links available all teams on board, ready for takeoff…..”

“Jon I am ready for takeoff…”

“Phoenix 1 ready!”

“Phoenix 2 ready!”

“All Systems launch……”

“Man Sirus I cannot believe this, it was like 15 years ago and grandpa was just telling us about space and the war…. And then we meet Nova…”

“Hahaha Jon, man I love using that name again… hahahaha, I know you are ready for this, I promised you grandpa if anything good ever happened I would tell you…..”

“But seriously Nova is this really true you really think Phoenix is it?......”

“Now that would spoil all the fun now wouldn’t it….hahahaha……”


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