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(DOC) Part 6 of The Secret of Orion

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posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 03:08 PM
“So how was storytelling today, it was great, just still can’t get over those dreams I have been having they are getting worse….I told them about us…. They seemed to like it, those two boys are sure smart, and I could bet they will safe the universe someday…..”

“Yea I see that happening again, in our lifetime…. “

“Yea, just one more time… Good night”

“Good night”

“Sir Hello sir, are you awake? Hello sir, are ok, you passed out early on the command deck, are you ok…. You have been out for a month now, the command team from the Orion ship has been running the deck, Sir how are you?”

“I am ok….. Hold on! what did you just say… Sirus and Jonathan…. What are you talking about?…..”

“Sir your two men in command, they are the ones who found Arcangel just before you passed out sir….. o hold on, you were out, sir Nova and Jonathan left shortly after a command base was found, they are there now in control, the Captain of the merchant ship, Captain Sirus, knew where the Arcangel was, full and in tact, him and his co commander Jonathan went there and get it, these two men where old Internal Alliance operatives and now switched over to neutral a couples years after IA fell out…….”

“What are you serious this whole thing is over and I was out…., this can’t be…”

“Yes it can…”

“No I mean Sirus and Jonathan; I have to meet these men….”

“Hello Orion, my name is Sirus, this is my brother Jonathan.”

“Hello, you were IA operatives… and you are from earth….”

“Yes sir we are…”

“Aren’t you a little too young…”

“No sir we are not, we are very skilled and elite fighters… we just gave up our ranks in the events of death…. We were over taken by the new IA team, and were quickly subdued and knocked out; we did not want to bring harm to your ship sir.”

“It is ok, so you two are the men that help find Arcangel…. Where is it?….”
“Gone sir, it is gone, never to be found again….”

“By the way Orion, we are in a command star right now; here comes Jonathan and Nova……”

“Sir how are you, we did not know when you were going to come out of what happened….”

“It’s ok Nova….”

“Sir did yo hear about eart…..”

“Dang it Jonathan…. Shhhhh….. Sorry sir, Jonathan is…….”

“What is going on guy?.... tell me now….”

“Arcangel had one shot that left it…….. Sir….. Whats wrong….. Guys someone help out the commander…….”

“Sir are you awake….”

“Nova, what happened, sir you passed out again…. Something is going on with your brain stimulation sir, it is not good….”

“I do not care what is going on anyways…. Sir earth was damaged very badly, most of the cities are destroyed, and most people did stay alive though…. When Arcangel fired we were able to pin point its exact location and the IA main base, it was all over sir….”

“Good work…………….”


“Good night Nova……..”

“Hey grandpa wake up…. You have to come see this…. It’s the star… Phoenix…. It’s blinking or something…..”

“Yea hold on…. Yes I see it, but it is not blinking… was it blinking guys?”

“Yea it was…..”

“Well I really do not know guys…. It’s really fascinating though…”

“Yea it is, So grandpa can you tell us the rest of the story before we go out to the lake…..”

“Hmmm, ok I suppose I will there is not much more left… hahaha, but yea where were we…. Yes the IA ship…. It was called the Phoenix…. Very ironic to the star is it not…. But that’s not why they named the star that, it is because of what happened to the phoenix instead….. ”

“Sir we are picking up the IA main service area base communication links…. This is it sir….”

“Sir we are picking a small blip on the scanner array…..”

“What is that Liz, what is that?...... can anyone see that...”

“Sir this is Renegade ship Digos, sir that is the Phoenix, we need to stand down and reorganize a safe attack….”

“What is this yo are talking about?....”

“I have helped design this ship; it was going to be Archangels’ guardian angel you could say….but I never knew it was already in production, all I can say is that IA has been watching all this and taking the plans we have designed as allies and built these dreams to dominate the universe….”

“Commander, tell me everything you know about the Phoenix….”

“Phoenix is the most advanced war ship, enabled with cloaking and internal power systems, which is computing system ran for a class 6 Magnetic Shield array, also this ship is equipped with enough fire power to wiped three Destroyers in a matter of and hour….. The ship is also controlled by a safety failsafe, which will not let this ship be captured….. Sir it will destroy itself and everything around it”

“Ok this is it…. Here is the plan men now listen up, we are going to lure this ship right next the IA home base and get him mad, we have schematics of the ship thanks to Renegade, what we will do is take in two ships, and bring on a full scale attack, we have a special weapon in a beta design that will penetrate any known surface to man, we must get this shield down, when we do we will attack it full force and get out of there, but there will have to be a ship that stays behind to keep the Phoenix on guard of the IA base…. I will do this…..”

“No, I will, it I my duty and no one will stop me….”

“So will we, we all will stay with Jonathan….”

“Men I need you, Jonathan you cannot do this, please do not….”

“Sir you need to stay with you fleet you have an entire world to bring back home… and Nova you frack, don’t even think about coming…. You are staying here with Orion you guys have brought us this far and you will always be in my hearts and the people of this galaxy….”

“If this is what you want Jon than I will have to allow it, but I just do not want it to happen this way, it was not supposed to happen this way…..”

“Sir know that I would do anything for you and especially now, with Liz and you sir…. I know about the baby, you have a family now; it’s more important than this, trust me….”

“I understand Jon, put it here man one last time…..”

“And Nova you go and change the Galaxy, one day you will have to take Orion’s spot and it’s your job…..”

“Yea yea yea, Jon you brat…. Man you have to do this don’t you…..”


“Always guys…. Right here…”

“Grandpa you ok? You seem kinda sad….”

“Yea I am good, see guys this was so long ago; Jonathan was a great man, that’s where your name came from Jonathan….. see Jon took those two ships and so perfectly did the job, the phoenix was gone and so was the Internal Alliance base……"

[edit on 14-7-2006 by ragster]

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