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(DOC) Part 5 of The Secret of Orion

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posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 03:03 PM
“Sir Sir, I got another news relay, its coming fuzzy, but it’s just happened….”

“Ok Nova patch it through…..”

“Hello…. Hel…. Ye..s… this is Robert… aits… we are having trou…le with our connection…. At this time, do to atmospheric discharge…… we are here now …… on the…. Scene where it seems to be an explosion in the main Con….trol Center headquarters….. here at our ……Capitol….. we are no….. receiving word that the IA has taking over the current area of Communication in the…. Capitol and for the Renegade also….. there are…. Hug…e….. Riots outside the Capitol Building….. We also know that a weapon was… exploded over the atmosphere here….. minutes ago…… sorry… there is…..”

“Sir that is all we have, it cut off sir…..”

“Ok thanks Nova, Jonathan, I need you to set a meeting on sector 56 in the Pieces, we need to start a command center at Alpha site….”

“Yes sir”

“Navigator we need a transmission modular scan of the current basic surrounding areas of sector 56, and alpha conformation…. Ok men you heard it, our government is being sieged and it seems we are going to lose all communications with the Command Basw, we do know that there is Command Star near alpha, we need to get there and get it up and running…”

“Commander Arcon did you acquire the specialties from your friends?….”

“Yes I did, we are equipping them now on my ship and your ship has already been handled, it will be good from here on out”


"There is something you need to know, some of our scanners have picked up a base it seems on a lower start system, moon constellation of and uncharted planet, we believe this may be an IA outpost, we are sending all coordinates your way.”


“Sir we are coming up on alpha site, we have received word that two Renegade Destroyer vessels wish to have accordance with our fleet in the discovery of the Arcangel….”

“Ok… get me a patch command line to the two vessels, and we will talk from there….”

“Yes sir”

“Sir here you go……”

“Hello, this is the Renegade ship Alkin, I am Commander Centur.”

“Hello this is Renegade ship Digos, I am Commander Arcoss.”

“Hello I am Controller of this current fleet, of the four Flyt Eastern Alliance ships; I am Admiral Orion of the Eastern Alliance ship.”

“Admiral Sir, you have the hands of both our Destroyers sir, we are under your full command, we want to help in any way possible, and we have great respect for you Sir, we will be available at anytime.”

“Tell the fleet that we have gained two new ships, even though those are Renegade we will work in peace and for one goal and that is peace for all.”

“Hey Liz you want to go somewhere?.....”

“Sure Ori….”

“I just wanted to tell you Liz I am so glad you are here with me, I am glad you are not back on earth, I really wanted to tell you something….. hahaha but you know what I am gonna say….”

“Hahaha…yea I do….”

“Come on let me take you somewhere lets go look at some stars….”

“Wow this is so beautiful, I never have seen anything so incredible where are we?.....”

“We on the top of the ship in the observation tower, its kindove old and not used that much anymore, but see look there those two stars…”

“O… that’s mine the brighter one…. Hahaha”

“Sure you can have it mine rights there beside yours…..”

“Ori lets go to sleep up here….”

“Ok…. Let’s sleep, hey hold my hand….”


“As now 6 ships were flying through space and now we were all meeting up at alpha command star, a backup for if anything ever happened it would be our last resort, for as us we had the fourth ship a Axon style ship which was commanded by two men, this ship was to stay at base for Command and Control relay. From there the war began, we had the best fleet available and more Renegade and Eastern Alliance ships joined up after that. Slowly we started to take out the IA posts, but slowly the IA was setting up there master plan……”

“The Arcangel right?…”

“No sirus my boy, not just yet, see in the events of us taking out there outposts we secured detailed plans of Arcangel and already assembled parts, it only slowed them down, no they were making a ship like no other….”

“Well what was it?.....”

“Well you will just have to wait till tomorrow Jonathan, we got the rest of the week see what happens….., so you guys go get some sleep were going out to lake tomorrow….”

“Ok grandpas see ya soon, but what will do, it’s like early… hahahaha…”

“You liked that Sirus; hahaha lets go play some virtual data games…… I want to go to that observation deck someday and look at the stars and with a girl that sounds cool….”

“Hahaha…. Yea Jonathan lots of fun….. Hahahaha”

[edit on 14-7-2006 by ragster]

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