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(DOC) Part 3 of The Secret of Orion

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posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 02:52 PM
“Ok so where were we guys…”

“I know we left off right from where you were going to meet up with the Orion and the Armageddon….”

“Ok we you see now, by the time we have met up with the two Alliance ships we received word that all hostilities have ceased, and that the Renegade is very edgy on what has happened, but know that the IA is behind this, as for all Sides we now were standing at neutral position and have orders to not fire upon Renegade ships.”

“Commander Orion sir, we’re are in Flyt delta formation and coming upon the IA possible planet system, we have all orders to fire when fired upon.”

“Listen up men, we will not give out our position and will not risk life, right now we will pull a scan to see what we are up against, send IFO to all other Flyt ships to stand on my mark.”

“Yes sir”

“Sir it is an incoming news brief….”

“Connect it on the communications deck, broadcast this Nova.”

“Yes sir……”

“………..We have just received word that all hostilities have been set neutral, the investigation to what happened earlier today has shown up that possible Internal Alliance has something to do with this, hold on, we are getting an emergency transmission, yes. Yes, ok, we have just received word that an IA ship has supposedly entered air space for a communication uplink to the Renegade and EA Controllers…. We will keep you updated on how this will go.”

“Commander Sir we are getting a beta transmission, Code 7 Acardia, sir, it’s from the command base.”

“Message to all Eastern Alliance ships, we are receiving a telecommunication uplink from an Internal Alliance ship, we have been told to stand down and to not attack any IA fleets or bases, if we do, they said they will use a new weapon that will decimate our entire fleet in a matter of seconds, the only weapon we know that can do this is Arcangel, but we know there is no operating weapon available, there is a deeper problem now arising.”

“Nova get me in direct connection with the Command Base.”

“Yes sir”

“Commander Orion, Glad to hear from you, we need you to do something, we are now giving you command over the Flyt ships in your formation, we need you to find Arcangel or anything that will resemble a weapon like this, we are sending all transmitter codes and signatures now, if it’s out there you will be able to scan it. The weapon operates on gamma frequency so now you will be able to see it, also we are allowing you and your fleet to return home for a brief stay of 3 days, to refuel and repair any damages, the Renegade fleet is out now taking up scans for our absence, now just know Orion I do not trust these Renegade and I bet they have something to do with this, so be careful who to trust, be careful and stay in communication we will keep you updated, Command Base out.”

“Ok men you heard just as well as me, we are on the look for Arcangel, let’s get to it!”

“Sir Armageddon and Orion are online for direct communication.”

“Good evening, Arcon, and Cobon, you received the communication link?”

“Yea we did so whats up?”

“CB has given a override command to me to guide for the location and destruction of Arcangel, Arcon, I need you to get a hold of your merchant friends and ask them if they have seen anything, and about that new scanner you were telling me about and Cobon, can you send out a message to EA ships willing to join to meet at sector 6 off the orbit of Earth. We will be going home for a short vacation, only 3 days, so take it lightly.”

“Hey Jonathan…”

“Yea Nova…. Give me a hand with these energy coils…”

“Yea ok, yea anyways we are going home for a short stay, only 3 days…”

“That’s great, man I know will be out for a while with this, and no wonder what all this will turn into, I still think we are at war with someone…”

“We will find out soon….. Hahaha…”

“Hahaha I can’t wait to see if the Commander proposes to his lady… hahaha let see what happens… I bet he will”

“Hahahaha yea lets see……”

“Well see guys we were on our way home, and as you know now there was a special lady waiting back on the inland for me, she was my girl, well you will see how it turns out, and it might be a little to romantic for you soldiers alright…”

“Hahaha I hate all those romantic stories, I want to know about the killing and stuff…. Come on…”

“Hey Sirus come on, seriously stop being a baby, this might be cool… Hahaha…”
“Whatever Jon… hahaha…”

“Hey you little boys what are you doing?....”

“O we are just sitting here waiting for grandpa to tell us about this girl he was up with back in the war…”

“O I see, Ori what girl?.......hahaha”

“O it’s just about that girl that loves to look at stars with me, ok guys….. Now see this girl and I we would be what you say kind of together, we liked each other a whole lot and use to be in the fleet together she had to return home on a reassignment, but I was not ready for what was to come……”

[edit on 14-7-2006 by ragster]


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