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(DOC) Part 2 of The Secret of Orion

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posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 02:46 PM
“Hey Ori, what are you telling the grandkids again about?”

“I just think it’s time to let them know what really happened so long ago, it’s about time they hear the truth, I am gonna be telling them about us tomorrow, it will be good”

“I know it will honey, lets go get some sleep”

“Hey one second, let’s go look at the stars real fast”


“See there is our two stars right beside each other forever and always will never be separated no matter what; you remember when we first made our stars?”

“Yea I’ll never forget it, haha we two were so crazy, we were on top of carrier deck in the lookout array tower, that was so nice, that was the first time I ever was up there, my first kiss to.”

“It was a first time thing you could say, the best thing that ever happened to me”
“Let’s go to bed honey, goodnight”

“Same here Liz, hold my hand…”

“Sir! Sir! Are you there, sir wake up”

“Yes what is it?”

“Sir we are picking up a faint transmission from an earth vessel, it is asking for docking on repair help, its code checks out, it’s clean”

“Ok ok, let’s get a docking team available and one nam team there.”

“Yes sir”

“Sir, the Ship is docked and all teams are standing are by”

“Sir emergency transmission, sir the Orion is off the chart sir, a message is just been relayed from it right after its disappearance.”

“This is the Commander of the Orion, to all Eastern Alliance ships, do not dock with any Unknown earth vessel, we have just been infiltrated and all systems are failing, half of my crew is dead, again do not dock with any unknown earth vessel…….”
“It’s the end of the transmiss……”

“…All teams, all NAM’s on high alert all systems on high, red flag the docking bay, lock down!, ready bay for attack, Earth vessel has been compromised, all teams ready for attack!”

“Yes sir”

“Sir, Vessel door is opening, sir it’s the IAs they are attacking, Sir?”

“Attack all IA’s ready all medics on the docking bay.”

“Sir all teams are engaged, firefight is heavy, no loss of members yet, sir and also there is scanned other humans on board”

“Move in all medical teams, clear up the area”

“Damage report, docking bay?”

“Docking bay safe to go, two men down, all IA’s suppressed”

“Good work men”

“Contact the Armageddon and tell them to be careful and tell them Orion has been compromised, meet and the beta site”

“Sir we are picking up escape pods from the Orion, it seems the officers and some crew have escaped, do we pick them up?”

“Yes, get them onboard and pull a full scan and body count”

“Sir are you ok”

“Yea yea, I am fine………”

“Sir sir, call the medical team commanders……”

“Hey Orion are you ok, you are very hot, you almost squeezed my hand to death, are you ok?”

“Yea yea, I am good, it was just…”

“You were having one of those dreams again weren’t you?”

“Yea it’s ok, no worries, it’s all ok, it just does not make sense, so much more of this is coming alive and though the past did not happen these things never did happen.”

“Yea I think I will just stay up the rest of the morning, it’s only 6 so it is not so bad.”

“Hey grandpa what are you doing up so early?….”

“Hmmm why is my little Jonathan up so early?”

“I love to come out in the morning, did you know you can see Phoenix, at 5 in the morning, it’s the only time in the entire day you can ever catch it.”

“Yes I know, that’s why I am up so early I guess, did you know that Phoenix was first discovered shortly after the war.”

“No I did not know that, man it sounds so cool about the war, you gotta tell me more, I am so into it, it’s just me and Sirus were talking and the Data is not the same as what you are saying.”

“Hmmm, see there is a lot about what followed the war, and a lot of it was to control the loss of information and a lot of the stuff I have told you is not supposed to be told…..”

“But why grandpa what is so bad about all of this.”

“You Remember Arcangel, well most people will always think it is a ship, but in all reality it was weapon, and it was very dangerous and way too advanced for our time, see they want this to be covered up and if it means erasing it from our minds they will.”

“But this is not right; someone should do something about it.”

“Truly to them it was not a big deal and after the war, everyone could care less about any future data, all they were glad about was that the war was over.”

“But what about Arcangel then? What happened to it?......”

“See now that will spoil the story, for the rest of it want it……”

“But grandpa…….”

“Ok so do you want to hear a little bit more about this story…..?”

“Hey Grandpa, Jon! What are you guys doing, I was trying to sleep…..”

“Come on Sirus, jump in, I am about to keep telling about the story…..”


[edit on 14-7-2006 by ragster]

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