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(DOC) Part 1 of The Secret of Orion

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posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 02:40 PM
Before everyone really gets into reading this, this is an 8 part installment and you really have to read all of them to get it...... and know that it is about 7,000 words and for characters I have no idea, sorry for the ball park, but I to get the whole story and everything from points to the main ending I needed alot of writing, I hope you guys will like this story and be able to understand it.


The Secret of Orion

“Get your teams ready!, we have a standoff order coming in, all teams move to pacific alpha 234.2, position all ships on sector 3, covering all east sectors of the earth’s deflector!”

“Jonathan!!!! get up man, get up now!!!!”

“What what, what is going on?”

“Dude no time let’s go get your nam suit on were taking off in 5”

“OK!!!!, man this is fracked up”

“Hey Nova where is the commander?”

“He is this meeting right here”

“Sir all Controllers are ready and accounted for sir!”

“Ok Commanders we have an immediate transmission coming online, two Renegade fleets have been spotted taking in position on sector 4 of earths orbit, we need all combat teams ready for engagement, and this is not pretty boys so get ready!!!!”

“Yes sir!!!”


“Yes Commander Orion”

“What exactly is going on……, sir watch out, sir are you ok???? Sir……. James……”

“Let’s get out of here Commander Orion!!!!! They are taking fire on us; a third Renegade ship just entered our sector and is opening fire, we need to get to the ship”

“What happened Nova, what is going on, there was a standing treaty between our two sides what is going on? We were just told there two Renegade fleets on the outer rim.”

“Yea Nova what is going on?”

“Jonathan, Commander, Hear listen to this, it’s a live news feed coming in”

“Yes, yes, can you hear me, ok, this is Robert Baits here on the scene, just about an hour ago, the Renegade representatives were meeting the Eastern Alliance representatives and all hell broke loose, two EAR’s (Eastern Alliance representatives) came running out of the building and the building exploded, from there the two men were shot on the scene by Renegade officers. As of now there is no more news up to this point, we do know that the meeting was over a new ship that the two sides have been working on, all the plans were to have been presented in this meeting.”

“So what happened?”

“I do not know Jonathan a lot, but I’ll tell you one thing, something is up with the Arcangel plans, ya know that new ship that has been in development between our sides.”

“Yea I suppose Nova.”

“This is about Arcangel guys, we were about to be briefed on something big, and then the Chief Commander was killed, ok we will talk later, get to positions.”

“Yes Sir Commander Orion”

“Commander Orion Sir, are you ready to take off, all hands accounted for and ready for departure”

“All hands let’s move, all systems on, let’s take her out Nova, I want all Starboard and Port flank rail guns ready and primed, all laser designators online and Navigator get us a jump ready for sector 17 outside Venus”

“Yes sir”

“Hey grandpa so what was going through your mind when all this was happening, man I wish I was there….”

“See son, frankly was scared to death and I had a handful of men under me t take to safety, see we all knew no one would take over the homeland, but now it seems someone was desperate to own space, and if they were to get their hands on the Arcangel it would it all”

“Yea grandpa, what was up with the Arcangel, what so special about it, you gotta tell us…”

“Well see now if I go and do that it will take all the fun away right”

“Well yea…”

“Now you all go get to bed you have a big day tomorrow and I’ll tell you more about this later.”

“O grandpa just one more little bit, one more”

“Ok ill tell one more thing and the rest will have to be tomorrow, ok well let’s see where were, yes, we were now flying out of bay area, we were having the meeting on the Command Module, and there are now two renegade ships on the edge of our points, all we could do is jump. So we did, all we knew that something was going to have to happen to get the Eastern Alliance together again.”

“Hey Jonathan how are doing?”

“I am ok, I have been better Commander”

“Yea it happens to the best of us ya know”

“yes sir you are right, man I just got woken up right out of bed this morning by Nova, man it got me good sir, I just found out all that happened, have you been briefed yet?”

“Yes I have, I just got of the communications deck, we and three other Flyt ships were online with the Commanding General, by the way get the men together we are having a meeting in 15”

“Yes sir, see you soon”

“ok men we have a serious problem, I am given strict instructions to inform you on a secret joint operation, the name is Arcangel, some of you may have heard of it, earlier this morning in the neutral province of Arcadia there was a meeting with representatives of both sides, as of now there is not much else, except that the Renegade has declared a state of total war on us, under reasons of that the plans for Arcangel have been compromised and stolen by the Eastern Alliance, as we know right now, there is a possibility of an inside job of Internal Alliance.”

“Sir! Internal Alliance has been decimated for years now, what are you speaking of?”

“as of right now we are on course to meet up with the Orion and Armageddon for an attack on a possible IA base located east of the southern galaxy, we do not know what is going on with our two Sides in the political seats, but we have been given free use of all laws to permit the destruction of the location and plans for Arcangel, ok Crew you are dismissed!”

“Aright big boys lets go to bed, you are dismissed too, tomorrow we will get back all into”

“Yes sir……. man sirus this story is incredible, it’s just like the ones we watch on the databooks, I cannot wait to hear more, but its just it’s not like they teach us, do you think grandpa is telling the truth?”

“Yea come on he has to be Jonathan……. but yea why then is it so different? Well lets get some sleep.”

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