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Project Mogul?

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posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 12:15 PM
I am unaware of this being mentioned before, but i came across info on project mogul, this project deals with the roswell incident and secret balloon experimentation.

This report by 1st Lt. James McAndrew is a summary of the Air Force's findings on Project MOGUL, the top secret project that some believe is the answer to the Roswell mystery. The document is a key portion of the 1995 Air Force publication "The Roswell Report: Fact Versus Fiction in the New Mexico Desert"

Before now, however, a larger portion of the story was never told. Recent research indicates that the debris recovered from the ranch on July 7, 1947, was a weather balloon -- but it was not being used strictly for weather purposes; its real purpose was to carry classified payloads for a Top Secret US Army Air Forces project. The project's classified code name was MOGUL.

The current investigation discovered that an experimental balloon project was being conducted at nearby Alamogordo Army Airfield (now Holloman AFB, NM) during the summer of 1947. (4) An examination of unclassified technical and progress reports prepared by the balloon project revealed that a highly classified program, Project MOGUL was the ultimate reason for the balloon experiments. Project MOGUL was classified Top Secret and carried a priority level of lA. (5) It is Project MOGUL that provides the ultimate explanation for the "Roswell Incident."


Project MOGUL was first conceived by Dr. Maurice Ewing of Columbia University, NY, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, MA. Dr. Ewing had conducted considerable research for the Navy during World War II, studying, among other things, the "sound channel" in the ocean. He proved that explosions could be heard thousands of miles away with underwater microphones placed at a predetermined depth within the sound channel. He theorized that since sound waves generated by explosions could be carried by currents deep within the ocean, they might be similarly transmitted within a sound channel in the upper atmosphere. The military application of this theory was the long-range detection of sound waves generated by Soviet nuclear detonations and the acoustical signatures of ballistic missiles as they traversed the upper atmosphere. He presented his theory to General Carl Spaatz, Chief of Staff of the Army Air Forces, in the fall Of 1945. (6) The project was approved, and research was begun by the scientific research agency of the US Army Air Forces (USAAF), the Air Materiel Command (AMC), early in 1946 The project was assigned to HQ AMC, Engineering Division, Electronics Subdivision, which in turn assigned the project to AMC's Watson Laboratories, Engineering Division, Applied Propagation Subdivision, located in Red Bank, NJ.

By December 1948, serious concerns had arisen regarding the feasibility of the project as first conceived. Even though the principle on which the project was based was determined to be sound, questions concerning cost, security, and practicality were discussed-that ultimately led to the disbandment of the project, and Project MOGUL as first conceived was never put into operational use. However, MOGUL did serve as the foundation for a comprehensive program in geophysical research from which the USAF and the scientific community have benefited to the present time. These benefits included constant-level balloon technology, first developed by NYU for Project MOGUL.

I am unsure what to make of this as im not fully clued up about the roswell stuff but i find this stuff very interesting.

From September 30, 1946, until December 31, 1950, the Research Division of the College of Engineering of NYU conducted research under contract for the Army

Air Forces, in conjunction with Project MOGUL. (l0) The NYU "balloon group" was to develop and fly constant-level balloons while simultaneously developing telemetering equipment to transmit data obtained in the upper atmosphere. (11) Group members launched, tracked, and recorded data only in regard to constant-level balloon flight and telemetering of information. They did not have access to observations and measurements that had military applications. MOGUL, in other words, was conducted as a compartmented, classified project in which participants knew only what they needed to know, and no more. Due to the compartmentations balloon flights made by NYU were divided into two categories, "research" and "service. (12) Research flights tested balloon controls and telemetering systems and were fully reported in the unclassified NYU reports. (13) A total of 110 research flights were flown during the contract. Service flights were flown at the direction of Watson Laboratory personnel, but the military purpose was Top Secret. These flights carried classified equipment, which could not be fully reported in the unclassified NYU documents

it appeared likely that the debris found by the rancher and was subsequently identified as a "flying disc" by personnel from Roswell AAF was, with a great degree of certainty, MOGUL flight no. 4, launched on June 4, 1947. This conclusion was based on the following:

1. Descriptions of the debris provided by Brazel, Cavitt, Crary's diary, and the photos of the material displayed in General Ramey's office. These materials were consistent with the components of a MOGUL service flight, with neoprene balloons, parchment parachutes, plastic ballast tubes, corner reflectors, a sonabuoy, and a black electronics box that housed the pressure cutoff switch (Atch 3).

2. According to Brazel's July 8 statement, the debris was recovered on June 14, obviously eliminating any balloons launched in July.

3. Only two flights launched in June were unaccounted for, i.e., flight nos. 3 and 4. Flight no. 3, most likely would not have had the "unorthodox" configuration of corner reflectors devised by Moore, who did not arrive until June 1, three days after flight no. 3 was launched.

you really have to read the whole thing to get a grasp of the full project though, from what i gather it was top secret balloon flights [so they claim], again im not fully clued up on roswell but thought it was intresting info to share and get everyones opinion on it. More links

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posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 01:20 PM
Project Mogul???? Never heard of it.

I hope it wasn't too dark and cold under that rock you been livin under. J/K

Seriously, yes Project Mogul is now the "official" explanation for Roswell, and the descriptions of material and time frame match pretty well, but there are problems with it as well.

You can read more on Roswell and Mogul in this current thread with more links to past threads.

Nice research, but you need to look at both sides of the debate.

posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 01:22 PM
i merely stand in the middle where roswell is concerned, i have looked at both sides but i still remain neutral regarding the real goings on back then. I found this stuff so just thought id share it

posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 11:07 PM
Incredible to see, really, that this is the official explanation. No doubt about it, they think we are retarded.

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