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Pennsylvania City Outlaws Illegal Immigrants

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posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 01:47 AM
Hahaha! "If you enforce your own laws we'll sue you!" Disgusting.

Originally posted by Relentless
Yes, and what I am saying is that obviously the current system doesn't work, so give them a way to be Americans if they want to, cut out the freebies and allow them to be fully functional and contributing members of society.

Give them the same chance our grandparents had, to come to America, work hard and make a life for themselves. In all honesty I think a lot of them would put current Americans to shame.

Sounds fine to me. Take away those freebies! NO WELFARE! NO MEDICARE! Here illegally? Want to be legal? We're not forgetting you broke the law, so you're not getting squat from social services. But we'll let you stay. Sounds fair to me.

Sure, lots of the illegals are here to work and only work. Meanwhile, their wives are sitting at home popping out kid after kid, demanding free government handouts, and shoving their kids into our schools without understanding a lick of English.

Sorry... no bleeding heart here. Screw them. Yeah... Mexico sucks... too bad. It's their country, their problem. How dare they demand it to be ours.

and yes, the vast majority of the illegals are from Mexico. There's no descrimination or racism about it. Simple fact. No dancing around it with PC crap.

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posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 06:23 AM

Originally posted by DYepes
Our immigrant forbearers paid their dues by working their asses off typically in the dirties, most labor-intensive jobs.

Yeah but there is a big difference between then and now. Our forefathers did it legally.

I hope more cities adopt similar laws myself. Then once arrested, turn them into road gangs, park cleaners etc and make darn sure they have to wear pink so legal citizens can spot them and turn them in

posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 10:08 AM

Originally posted by Relentless
give them a way to be Americans if they want to,

There is a way. Legally. Through legal channels. There are reasons why the
number of immigrants is kept to a certain number each year. Societies can only
sucessfully absorb just so many new people before it has a negative effect on
the economy and the society. The limits on entry are there for a GOOD reason.

Give them the same chance our grandparents had,

My father in law came here LEGALLY. My daughter came here LEGALLY.
Illegals have the same chance they have of coming here ... use the legal system
that is in place.

In all honesty I think a lot of them would put current Americans to shame.

The people who put in our back yard fence were illegals ... they did a better job
then the fence our neighbors had put in by American workers.

However, there are many illegals sitting in jails in the South West and half the
arrest warrents in Los Angeles for murder are taken out against illegals. So
there are good and bad people within the illegal group. However, that doesn't
negate the fact that they need to use legal channels to get here. My neighbor
did. She had to learn language and history ... and she resents illegals not
following the rules like she did.

posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 10:15 AM

Originally posted by apc
Mexico sucks... too bad. It's their country, their problem. How dare they demand it to be ours.

That's what is happening, isn't it? They aren't fixing their own country.
Their leaders send them here so that Mexico doesn't have to pick up the tab
for taking care of them... the tab for the jails and law enforcement for the
drug runners ...

It's national policy in Mexico to send people here instead of taking care of
them there. Middle class America is paying for the Mexican welfare system.
Just about!!

posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 02:55 PM
I used to live in a border town. Being white, I was the minority. I dropped out of highschool to go to college because i was treated like i was 5 (always made good grades on tests).

But i was highly discriminated against. Half the time by people who had no right to be here. On the other side of the fence though, i made some good friends and even dated a few girls from mexico.

However there comes a point when the giving needs to stop. For instance, if you can financialy support yourself and have money saved up it is easier to lend money. But 2 things come in to play:

1) would you lend money to someone knowing you or society will never get it back (think crack addict)
2) Would you lend more than you can afford?

If you do the previous 2 examples you will end up at the point where you can no longer support yourself. Would you continue to lend money and not feed your own family/children. There is a difference between giving money to someone who needs surgery and someone who wants to buy beer.... especially if before lending out that money you can't even put food on the table.

Back in the town i grew up in you would see shack, shack, shack, shack, shack, large house with 10 cars, shack. The majority of these people were on welfare. yet i could not get financial help for school cause i made too much the previous year (minimum wage). Then when my daughter was born i could not even qualify for WIC, even though we now help support my mother and father in law. And yes, i know how to cheat the system. But morally its not right. I also cannot put my daughter in to pre-k cause for 4 (4 adults and 1 child) people you can only make a mximum of 1200 a month. So again my daughter is losing out cause the state can not afford to educate her. But if i was poorer they could?

Yet these people who are not even citizens get all this free help AND bring down in general the quality of life.

Another example is I will no longer step into my in-law's house. They are legal residents, but the father of 3 of the kids that lives there is not. He is a really hard worker. But i had to tell him to pick up his trash, not kick his cousin and put on some underwear cause my daughter is there.

Again on the other side of the fence, I have met some people who live here illegally and quite grateful for what they have. These people also have some of the best stories and make really good food. But the best part is their attitude. These people deserve to become citizens cause they also knew stuff about america that not even I did.

So now that i have taken you a brief ride though a border town, I am in complete agreeance with this law. My reason being is if people want to advance themselves they will find the means. These people are the ones who will go though the legal route to achieve their goal instead of running away from one corrupt gov to another.

And to GAV: yes the wage increase will affect the industry pricing. However with the money we save by all these immigrants coming over and having kids just to get free medical care we would definatly be able to allow tax breaks to keep pricing from infalting too drastically. Besides, these people should not be having kids if they cannot afford them. Oh, but thats right.. America is the land that is lacking liability.....

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posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 05:42 PM

Originally posted by ThichHeaded

I hate to say it but this guy is a crackpot, He does stupid things all the time..... I really wouldnt look to him for guidance.

EX: He makes criminals wear pink, and they live in the desert and live in tents.

Just curious about why you say he's a crackpot? Your example fails to illustrate the actions of someone I would consider a "crackpot".

He makes them live in tents so the tax payers don't have to pay to air-condition criminals.

He feeds them baloney sandwiches only, the cheapest meal he could find, to save taxpayer money, $500,000 a year to be exact. Not only that, he makes the inmates pay for their own meals.

He took away coffee, saving taxpayers $150,000 a year.

He makes them wear pink underwear because:
Taken from transcript

"They were stealing the white underwear several years ago, smuggling it out of the jail. So I dyed the underwear pink because they hate pink, especially in this county they hate pink. Why give them a color they like?"

He also has an 85% approval rating.


posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 07:49 AM

Originally posted by urbal

He makes them wear pink underwear because:
Taken from transcript

"They were stealing the white underwear several years ago, smuggling it out of the jail. So I dyed the underwear pink because they hate pink, especially in this county they hate pink. Why give them a color they like?"

What's to keep them from dying the underwear another color once its smuggled out? He has two problems there now, smuggling and hate.

posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 09:28 AM
If they had a Mark Twain character calling the shots, they could turn the desert into a paradise:

Random quote: The rain is famous for falling on the just and unjust alike, but if I had the management of such affairs I would rain softly and sweetly on the just, but if I caught a sample of the unjust out doors I would drown him. Mark Twain

(thanks Andy and UKweatherworld)

posted on Jul, 21 2006 @ 08:40 PM
I could sympathise for the difficulties some of these immigrants have faced in their own country....however, they break the law to come here without going through the legal process that makes them a criminal. If they already broke one law what's to stop them from breaking 2? I was hungry so I stole a cow, I was cold so I stole a coat, I was tired so I stole a car?? Do you see the point? I needed money so I sold drugs, etc. where would it end. If they can justify crossing a border illegally whats to stop them from committing more crimes?

posted on Jul, 21 2006 @ 11:22 PM

There are two men in prison right now who are suing the prison because they are not allowed to have pornagraphic magazines. Maybe if jail is made harsh enough it might become the deterrence factor that it used to be.

It's that way here in Indiana unless there's others I don't know about. Tells you how cushy things have gotten for prisoners when they complain about the lack of porn huh??

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