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Israel ending terrorism in the ME? My theory

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posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 10:11 AM
Is Israel getting the region ready for an attack on Syria and Iran, or something bigger?

We all know those 2 countries support terrorism and many countries want to get rid of terrorism or the leadership that turns a blind eye to it.

Let's say the kidnapped Israeli soldiers are taken into Iran. If Iran does nothing to help Israel get them back this would be taken as a hostile act and Israel will respond. What do you think Israel will do to Iran?

Lebanon hasn't controlled the Hezbollah with the world asking them to, so how far will Israel go to clean out all Hezbollah this time around?

Will Israel attack Syria and/or look for any Iraqi WMDs that are suggested to be in that country?

How big of a can of worms will be opened if Israel starts to attack other countries? What Arab states will actually help Israel or attack them?

I feel that this region has to solve these problems now, not later. Many of us feel this way, but I want to know if any of you think this is the start of a bigger operation against terrorism in the Middle East.

posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 10:21 AM
Israel is nearly completely incapable of attacking Iran. If a large scale conflict breaks out (which most likely will not for now), it would be US who would have to strike Iran, which is also unlikely.

About attacking Syria- it would only be limited to airstrikes, and possibly recapturing all of the Golan heights. Israel is not capable of occupying, even in part, either Syria or Lebanon. So unless Syria and Iran intervene, what we see now (isolated air strikes) is all we are going to see happen.

Syria and Iran would probably not risk attacking (or counterattacking) Israel right now, because of the US presence in Iraq. What they are doing now- arming and funding Hezbolah, which is like human fodder, to launch random attacks at Israel- works very well for them.

And you can't really say that either country cares too much about their Arab brothers in Lebanon, because the Lebanese are the ones suffering because of Hezbolah and its allies. The people of Lebanon have been trying very hard to rebuild the country during the last decade, and now all these efforts go to ruins because of Hezbolah. Without hezbolah Israel would have no reason to attack Lebanon. The Lebanese are no longer in charge of their country, if they ever were. Syria and Iran are in charge.


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