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Words which are not spoken.

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posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 09:55 AM
The wind softly howls through the empty streets during witching hour. In the distance there was a soft crack of thunder, a storm was approaching. No sound no movement the only thing stirring was the flicker of the street lamp. To start this story a young girl was sitting alone on the side of the road. Her mind in two places she just sat and cried softly placing her head in her hands.

Rachel was barely 19, society called her an adult but she knows she is a scared child. This was not the only time in her life had she felt so alone. The wind howled around her and she felt a rain drop hit the side of her cheek and she knew she had to find shelter before the storm came. Rachel walked alone and cold down the back alleys of her home town, she knew no one would come looking for her, her mother was dead and her step father was an alcoholic. Rachel knew no one understood her, she had never been accepted by anyone including her family.

Rachel pulled her long leather jacket around her neck to protect her from the chilling wind. The wind howled like never before and the rain lashed down on her, she had a choice to make. Run forward through the forest to get to the next town or go left onto the motorway where she could attempt to hitch hike. There was a piercing sound of thunder just above her head, blue and white flashes lit up the dark grey sky.

She made her decision she ran to the forest, to get some shelter and it would take only 30 minutes to reach the other town. She ran as fast as she could to get out of the pouring rain.
Just as she reached the beginning of the forest floor she tripped on an overgrown tree root. Landing face first, she had bruised her chest and chin from the fall. Lifting herself up to get out of the rain she cried aloud at the pain from her foot. She hobbled over to the nearest tree and allowed herself to fall to the floor. Her tears came and her body shook uncontrollably from the pain and the dampness from the rain.

As he watched her, he smiled. Whether he liked the sadness of this young vulnerable girl or he saw how she needed someone and that could be him. She was different in his mind, something unique. He took in every detail of her, her skin looked so white in the reflection of the moon on her high cheek bones. Her brown shiny damp hair flowing elegantly across her pale face, her scarlet lips dripping from her tears. But the one thing that captivated him the most was her eyes, her eyes were dark brown nearly black, if you stared long enough you would think you could see her soul. But he could tell in her eyes she was far away inside herself, the girl he was watching was wearing a mask for the outside world. Rachel looked up and he startled and moved back without making a sound.

But like she heard him she called out. “Is anyone there?” she stood up wincing at the pain of her foot, she knew someone was there she could feel him. Feel him watching her feel him wanting her.
In a split second she thought she saw someone in the bushes but he hadn’t made a sound or moved. She walked to the place of where she saw someone and her heart was in her mouth she was shaking more than ever before but she looked strong on the outside. He could hear her heart it excited him. She reached to where he was standing, he could hardly handle his excitement she was so close he could smell every inch of her how he wanted to reach out and touch her, he knew he couldn’t but that didn’t stop him wanting to. She moved the bushes but he was no where to be found, he had disappeared.

She knew for some reason someone was previously standing there she had a feeling of excitement but this was not her feeling…. It was his. She felt his yearning for her, his temper and his thoughts.
Normally she would throw these feelings to the back of her mind as this wasn’t the first time this has happened. She had told her mother once and was told she was a freak so she never let on she had this gift. Since that day her mother had never treated her like her own daughter she treated her like a freak.

She turned and put her back on the tree and slumped down onto the floor, so many thoughts so many emotions flying through her head. She looked to the sky and tried to clear her head to focus on one thought. Trying to block out all the thoughts of him wanting her, she was trying to find out who he was.

Then one thought hit her where she physically cried as it hurt her ears and eyes.

“You know what I want, you want to find me you will have to look deeper, you have always known I am here you know where I am, Rachel come find me”

((tell me what you think, it came to me and this is the 1st part.

Oni x x

posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 10:17 AM
How long is this cliffhanger going to last?

Not sure how long a can wait.

Very nice start Oni!

posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 11:37 AM
Well done oni,

I really enjoyed reading that and being as its your first one im very impressed,

I cant wait to see how your story will possible develop,

So a big
very impressed.


posted on Jul, 27 2006 @ 12:46 PM
I began to feel the rain "lashing" too, especially when she ran to the woods.
Hope you'll give us a second helping.

Reading short stories is a hobby of mine. When someone lets you "feel"
what they're writing, it's always extra-special.

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