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(DOC) a random conversation between a random guy and Vin Diesel

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posted on Jul, 13 2006 @ 11:02 PM
Ok, this is my first try at this stuff so dont kill me..or ill kill you back

"Hey where are we going?"

"I dunno where aren't we going?"

"Well like North Korea I guess"

"Well Vin if you weren't so muscular and unnecessarily badass we could go to
North Korea, but we can't because of your violent rampage"

"HEY, KIM TOLD ME TO KILL THEM! He said they were a threat."

"So you had to stomp on their heads?"

"He never said not to..."

" have nice underwear..."



"Did you just comment on my underwear"


"Well...I liked it, these are the most comfortable underwear I've tried..."

"Why are you telling me this"

"Shut up and drink your soda"

"I don't like soda, you just bought it assuming id drink it..."

"Shut up and drink it before I destroy you with my biceps!!"

"Can you really do that legally?"

"I'm Vin Diesel...I do what I want."

"Is that why you gave yourself that crappy facial hair in a man apart?"

"I'm going to eat you...."

"Sorry, so like..I heard somewhere that you were doing...questionable acts in college.."

"I'm going to kill you."

"Hey man, its not my fault you were wearing a tiara."

"Alright, it was a bet."

"No it wasn't"

"*breaks companions left forearm" YES IT WAS!!!"


"You dont mess with Vin Diesel"

"How did you get into my car anyway?!?!"

"That's not important."

"Well I think.."

"Do you still want use of your other arm?"


"So where are we going?"

"Food store why?"

"I'm hungry, can we stop in at mcdonalds?"

"I don't have any money..."

"I want mcdonalds

"Too bad."

"...Can we go see Fast and the Furious 3 Tokyo Drift?"

"I'm not sure..."

"I mean its clearly not as awesome as it could be if I was in it, I mean, I'm a big bald muscular man...I had Michelle Rodriguez..."

"Yeah, shes pretty hott."

"Yeah, I heard Simon Gray was too.."

"Vin I'm feeling uncomfortable..wait..who the hell is that???"

"Did you ever think, hey maybe I can go and discuss current events in the safety of the internet, without persecution by others?"


"Well I do...and well...yeah, Simon'"

"Did you call him hot?"


"Dude I think you did"

"I said...Simone..."

"No you didn't."

"Get that parking spot over there."

" are you ever gunna make a good movie?"

"*awkward silence*.......Well, I heard Pitch Black 3 is coming out.."

"I said good movies"

"Oh, I dunno, the Pacifier wasn't that bad..."

"Yeah, it was."

"Hey I'm leaving, I'll see you later."

"Hopefully broke my arm."

"Flesh wound."

"I hate you."

"No one hates Vin Diesel!!! *destroys man*"


posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 11:32 PM
I guess it's the total randomness that makes this too random be a story. Very wierd...I look forward to reading more of your writing

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