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Camp Hero and the GATR

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posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 08:41 AM
Hey guys, new member here, but have been lurking for several years. I recently noticed that Google has a newer satellite image of the GATR site at Montauk than Bing has, and it shows that the GATR installation facilities have been completely remodeled. The surrounding junk has been hauled off, and the control building now has large solar panels on the roof. If this has already been posted, then I apologize, but I searched and could find no new posts mentioning it...

Also, OT, I was going to post a new topic on this, but since I am a new member(and have no intention of superfluously generating 20 posts), I cannot post a new topic, which is unfortunate.

I am an EE, and am a huge conspiracy fan, as a skeptic. Even though I am a skeptic, I will not discount any theory until I see proof that it is false(or is obviously ridiculous). That being said, I have spent about two hours per day, for the last four years, researching my favorite theory, Camp Hero/Montauk, and have actually assembled full 3D renderings of most of the significant structures on the base, including the AN/FPS-35 radar tower, the cannon bunkers, lighthouse, auxiliary radar towers, firehouse, gymnasium, etc. These renderings not only include the layout of the various facilities geographically, but also specific details of the layouts and configurations of the interiors of these structures, including the AN/FPS-35 control tower with all of it's internal equipment, and the tunnels underground.

I will not be releasing the data I have refined, as it represents a large portion of my time for the last four-plus years, for two reasons:

One, and most importantly, is the fact that all of the information that I have collected can be obtained by anyone else the same way that I came across it. All info that I used to compile my renderings of the Camp Hero base is available on the internet, through actual exploration, or through local municipality, county, and/'or state records that can be obtained upon request. If any of the information that I have was determined to be proprietary(IE; no one else could find it as it came from a private or privileged source), I would have posted it to "share the wealth", so to speak. That latter point is moot though, because even if I had "inside knowledge that I wouldn't verify", it would soon be quickly dismissed by the general population here, as it rightly should be.

Two, well, like I said before, it took me four years, and I mayyyyyyybeeeee eventually thinking of a FPS or adventure game based upon my studies....

While I am not going to share the full wealth of the work I have done over the last several years, I don't mind answering some general questions that I know the answer to, that have never been answered before.

Since I am already OT, due to the necessity of the 20 post limit causing me not to be able to make a new thread, I will appeal to those above to let me start a Q and A thread about Camp Hero, and/or the GATR system so that I can answer questions in a new thread, as I have(again) no intention of posting 20 times before I can start..

I guess, someone else could start a thread for me, and then let me know here if I happen to check back.

Example question that I can answer:

Q: Is the AN/FPS-35 radar still in covert operation?

A: NO WAY! If one looks closely at any newer photos of the dish, they will see that several sections of the reflector(the dish part) are missing, which would cause massive distortion in the signal received by the feedhorn. Even if this weren't the case, the feedhorn, itself, has no radio transmission passage to the interior of the building for communication, as several parts of the waveguide(the white square pipe you see in parts of the radar arm) are missing. In addition, the radar dish cannot purposely rotate since it has no azimuth or elevation motors(and I am pretty sure has been locked), so any communication that it could possibly be doing would be in one dedicated direction. It is possible that the FOF(Friend or Foe) antenna on the center-top of the dish could still work, but it would have to be connected with a cable, which I have seen no evidence of...

I only visit here every few days, so if you reply, please be patient with me if I don't respond immediately, although I will be watching for the next hour or so....

PS: Although I am a skeptic, I have uncovered a few facts that fall curiously on the conspiracy side of the equation....
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posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 09:41 AM
Oh! Also forgot to mention, that, not only has the Montauk GATR station been remodeled, but they also built new guard houses at the entrance and exit....

And also, the "ranch house"... is actually a ranch house. They raise horses...

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