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Iranian Nuclear Capability

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posted on Jul, 13 2006 @ 03:33 PM
Is anyone else getting tired of the spin. Someone answer this question for me.

How many predictions have you heard about how far away Iran is from having a nuclear bomb? Seriously, is Iran 1 year away, 2 years away, 5 years away, 10 years away, or now 25-30 years away?

Russia believes Iran to be 25 to 30 years away from possession of nuclear arms.

After working on the program for 10 years, Russians now think Iran is 25-30 years away from a nuclear bomb? In a sane world, the headline should actually read "Russians think Iranians are Really, Really Stupid" because that is exactly what Russia is saying.

Now I know the US public and higher education system is a joke, but when it gets to that point, I think people need to get very skeptical very quickly, and realize that if Iran can't produce a bomb right now, then that makes Iranians dumber today than the US was over 50 years ago.

You see, without any knowledge or science at all, and on a limited budget, it took the US 5 years to start from absolutely nothing, build, test, and deliver a nuclear bomb in WWII. This is without any of today's modern technology, without much of a budget, and with a relatively small group of people... and it took only 5 years in the 1940s.

Someone explain to me the logic behind the thinking Iran can't build a nuclear bomb in 5 years in the 21st century with a huge nuclear budget and all their modern technology. Are Iranians just that dumb?

Because unless you are making the case that Iranian scientists are simply stupid, stupid people, perhaps the most stupid scientists in the history of scientific research, it is hard if not impossible to make the legitimate case that Iran isn't on the verge of building the bomb (or hasn't already) after a 10 year nuclear program.

I'd like to vote Val Spector, the president of the International Academy of Sciences on Problems of National Security, the absolutely dumbest man quoted who is considered a professional in a scientific field of research, because if his analysis is considered legit, the education system in Russia is even worse than the one in the US, and that is REALLY saying something.

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