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dreaming with the gods / a look into the past

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posted on Jul, 13 2006 @ 03:16 PM
this is a dream that i had about 2 years ago, i believe it was a look into the past and a higher power showed me the way.

the dream started with me in some kind of a ship or transporter vehicle that was in space and i could see the whole universe below me. the colors in this dream were undescribable, colors that i have never seen on this earth.

the universe at this time was basically dark , with very little light. i seen more and more lights popping up everywhere, but they were so far away it was hard to see what they were exactly. i am thinking they were stars? then i started to see the colors that i was talking about before. there were colors of bluish green like a light was shining thru them. like i said ... undescribable. i was then brought to our solar system where i seen the planets being heeved into place, ours included. our planet was different at this time. earth was the only planet that i could make out and actually see what it was, who ever it was showing me this brought me closer to see the earth. it looked like pangia. all the continents were together, then i heard a voice. but the voice didnt whisper in my ear, or even talk to me in a way that we talk to eachother. it was more telepathy. it was speaking inside my said," this is the way the earth was"..... then suddenly the earth started to change... the continents began moving and shifting. i could see huge volcanic eruptions and plant life, but from very far away. then the voice spoke again.... " this is the earth now" and it seen the earth as it is now.
meantime the whole other universe was going thru changes as well until it got to where it is now. / i seen how the universe was created.

i dont know what the dream was supposed to mean. but i know by hearing that voice, something greater than us made this universe and us... maybe god? but there is something that is much higher and more powerful than we could ever think of being.we are all just grains of sand, wishing to be mountains

im out

posted on Jul, 15 2006 @ 12:07 PM
I can't even hazard a guess about what your dream meant--and I can interpret dreams with accuracy most of the time...

BUT I don't think that was an average run-of-the-mill dream--at least not in the normal sense of subconscious house cleaning that we all do during our REM sleep.

Mainly because I have had a few of those, myself--I call them 'field trips.'

The reason I say this (and I say this with almost complete conviction, 99%, reserving the 1% for the sake of being a human and always possibly in error) is because

#1 the telepathic nature of communication--instant thought, perfect and totally my experiences of this sort, I always think in my head, my thoughts formed as words--thought sentences--but the response I get is always in picture form, so to speak. And it's usually in my mind before my slow brain gets down mentally forming cloddish sentences.

#2 the fact that you describe the colors as indescribable is also of the higher dimension--something we cannot dream because we have never truly experienced any color beyond our 7 color spectrum on the earthly plane.

Quite a while after I had my first startling experience like this, I ran across the NDERF site (near death experiences recounted on line for others to read) and I found that these things are experienced by those who die for a short time before being pulled back here because of resuscitation, etc.

I've never seen the colors--as an artist I think that would be awesome. Someday, though, I know I will....

Do you remember back to the time of your dream--maybe something was in your mind, wondering about the sort of things you were shown? I know one time I was 'schooled' all night in the workings of the tectonic plates and how they continually keep the Earth new (like earthworms do for the dirt, Volcanoes and subduction zones, etc. keep the Earth's crust fresh and it is a very slow but constantly revolving process....) Before I went to bed that night, I had really been delving into the mysteries of the sea floor--especially the Mid Atlantic ridge and it's many faultlines and rifts...

Another time I had been researching on the second destruction of the temple in Jerusalem (in 70AD) and that night I was given a dream which was actually the experience of being there and feeling the loss that the people did at that time. That dream changed me, and my outlook, and I understood the grief from a first-person perspective. It was so sad and I was sad for days.

Also--obviously your dream didn't fade, as they usually do....I find that to be another sure sign of it being a 'field trip' rather than a normal dream.

posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 05:40 PM
yeah, i thought it was really weird that i could see the colors,, that i have never seen before.. it was cool.
another time i had a dream that i was in the same sort of thing.. way above the earth. i seen the earth and it was so cluttered. like you took a bunch of those trees from the "game of life" gameboard and glued them on a softball until there was no more room to do anything else with it.. then all at once i seen it just get wiped clean.and the earth was new again.
i dont know what these dreams mean. but they are neat to have.
hopefully we learn alot more in our dreams that make us a better place..cause all we are learning awake is distruction.
thanks for the input

im out

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