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Why Are We Stereotypers !!!! Thats Right; You Are !!!

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posted on Jul, 13 2006 @ 09:37 AM
In my opinion there are bad people all over the world. Why do we still stereotype that one color on ones skin makes you just like everyone else of that color, rather it be behind bars; in a movie; or in a Bank.

Every race/religion/sex has different views on different subjects, I don't believe that going to strip clubs is a very legitamate thing to do even if I didn't have a wife/girlfriend/boyfriend. This is not the right thing to do in my opinion, now ask 70% of my friends, they will totally disagree with me.

Why is it that every man is considered a horn Dog ?

Basically it is because all of America sterotypes everything. It is almost a way of living from the elections with the Donkey and the Elephant. There always has to be some kind of stereotype and it is because we have learned how to gossip; basically. And then that leads to just about everything that you can think of from people backstabbing people, to people reporting false stories; that have great affect on the nation. Even if two days later they come back and say ... oh by the way this information that we gathered was false. Then you have the conspiracy sites getting ahold of such information and tearing it to part ...

What do you guys think we can do about all of this ... ???

Is there even an answer as how to stop seperation of people. I think we got the church/state thing now we need to work on where we really have been needing it for centuries.

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posted on Jul, 13 2006 @ 01:51 PM
Separation of individuals is inevitable. Human nature can not be tampered with.

We can not change the world, because some people are so set in their ways that anything we have to say is going in one ear and out the other. So what you can do is surround yourself with people that do not stereotype, and be sure to watch your own step.

Everyone is guilty of this, so its tough to point any finger.

I'd like to use the movie Crash as an example. It took everyday people and presented different situations and showed how even people who are not racist are capable of sterotyping. A white woman walking down a sidewalk late in the night with some black men coming in the other direction will probably feel uneasy. Or any of the other situations presented in that movie, I won't play the role of the spoiler.

Anyone who has seen the movie should know what I am talking about, stereotyping and racism are not exactly the same thing. Honest people may stereotype without realizing it, but that does not make it right.

Stereotypes are probably not a shining light on our society, but we certainly have alot worse. Sometimes stereotypes are simply human nature.

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