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Hezbollah baiting, ready to launch a WMD attack?

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posted on Jul, 12 2006 @ 11:19 PM
There are many reports coming out of the middle east right now, and this conflict, I must say, is horrible for both sides. While Hezbollah's opening of a new front is smart militarily, thus drawing attention away from Gaza, it only makes this tragedy that much worst. None the less, I was pondering about this conflict and wondering why would Hezbollah reignite conflict with Israel? There must be more than just sezing a golden opportunity. I'm theorizing, once this is all over, that this was more planned of an attack on the arab side, than just a random mixing of opportunities of these various factions. I'm just putting this out there, but I'm thinking Hezbollah, knowing Israel's current state, is willing to draw them into war on their land, southern Lebanon. While Hezbollah is not the state government of Lebanon, seeing how Israel has already attacked their Beruit Airport, shows that their plan, if I'm thinking is how it's going to happen in my mind, is going as planned. Now remember back to the Iraq war, remember the Intel than Iraq had shipped their WMD through Syria, to the Beka Valley in Lebanon, which is in the southern part of Lebanon which is controled by Hezbollah. Now read this:

"We've been preparing for this since Israel left Lebanon," Nasrallah said. "This isn't the Lebanon [Israel] knew. Our abilities are different, our morale is different," he promised, adding that if "Israel chooses a fight, it should be ready for surprises."

While this does not say anything about WMD, just remembering that Intel, if correct, those WMD would be in their hands. So, we will see in the coming weeks, if Hezbollah pushes Israel to an all out of invasion of Lebanon, the Beka Valley might be the IDF's death fields. Hopefully cool heads will lead the way, but this theory, and seeing how both sides are not backing down, might not be far from reality. I mean why would Hamas, out of the blue, dig a tunnel under a IDF base and kidnap a soldier if it wasn't part of a great plan. May god help us.

posted on Jul, 12 2006 @ 11:25 PM
This is all very interesting in light of the other events in the region.

However, the link is'nt working for me. I am getting this error message...

The requested URL /servlet/Satell...&pagename=JPost/JPArticle/ShowFull was not found on this server.

posted on Jul, 12 2006 @ 11:27 PM
Same here i am getting a no page response....could you fix link?

Also your title is slightly misleading...maybe after i read article i will feel same is slightly misleading just sos you know

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