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(DOC) The Government, Man, The Government

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posted on Jul, 12 2006 @ 09:41 PM
"What are you talking about dude?"

"I'm talking about aliens man!"

"What Aliens? Like Space aliens or like Mexicans?"

"No man, little grey space dudes."

"Oh, yeah, yeah I know what you're sayin'. Are you gonna pass that or what?"

"Yeah here. No though, what I'm saying is that the government man, they know"

"Wait, they know what? I'm lost dude."

"Look man, you gotta open your eyes to what's going down out there man."

"Here take this, it's burning my fingers, I think it's done dude."

"You heard me? The government knows about the aliens man."

"Like the Roswell thing dude? You think they've got a spaceship out in the desert man?"

"No, no man, that's not it. It's more complex than that man. This is global politics I'm talking about here, a shift in the balance man, if people find out."

"You're really getting out there man with this alien stuff."

"I know what I'm trying to say man."


"WHAT what man?"

"Like the global balance dude, what the hell are you saying?"

"Yeah, like I was saying man........ Here I lit the other one."


"I was saying, if people find out about the aliens man, then they can't control us."

"You think the aliens are controlling us?"

"No man, they're just studying us for experiments and crap. The government man! That's who controls us for real!"

"Yeah, I think I know what you're getting at dude."

"No man, no, you don't even know how big it is man! I've read books and stuff man. I feed my head, know what I'm saying"

"I wanna feed MY head dude! I'm hungry as all hell! Feed my head, HA, you crack me up dude."

"Look if you can't take this seriously I'm not gonna even help you open your eyes man. You need to wake up here man."

"Ok, ok, ok dude! Tell me about the government. But you know this couch smells like feet man, and it's not that comfortable at all."

"Screw the couch man, I'm telling you important crap here and you're bitching about my home decor!"

"Ffuuung Sshhwaayyy dude!"


"The chinese thing dude, you know."

"Oh....... What man? Pass that before you soil yourself on my stinky couch. You laugh like a retard man."

"Maybe I'm an alien dude, you don't know."

"You're gonna tick me off man, I ain't even playin' kid."

"Chill dude. I got it, the government controls us."


"What you were saying before dude, the government and all."

"Yeah! Oh, yeah yeah man! They won't let us find out about the aliens because they know we'll stop listening to the propaganda. People will wan't to start asking questions and you can't have that if you're gonna control 'em man. They'll figure out that there's more out there than what they want us to believe."

"That's deep dude."

"It's heavy stuff I know, it keeps me awake at night man. It's like this soda can man....... Look, it's like we all live inside this soda can, and the government tells us what to do. If we find out there are these aliens flying around OUTSIDE the soda can then we'll all realise that there's more important stuff out there. You follow me man?"

"Sorta, I kinda get it dude."

"Yeah man, if there's bigger stuff out there then why do I care about property taxes, you know?"

"You don't dude. Isn't this your mom's house?"

"That's besides the point man! None of that stuff really matters if there are these whole other planets full of other types of beings man!"

"You're making me think too much."

"That's what I'm trying to help you with man, you gotta think for yourself. I'm going outside to smoke a cigarette. You coming?"

"Yeah, but how come we can get high all night in here but we can't smoke a cigarette. We gotta go outside in the freezing cold and crap."

"You complain too much."


"Look up at the stars man. Don't you think there's gotta be more out there than this? One of those tiny stars in the sky probably has a planet floating around it and on it there's some dude sitting out on HIS porch wondering the same thing man."

"Yeah. Maybe he has some good stuff man, this bag you got is weak bro."

"You don't take anything seriously do you man?"

"Relax, I just don't buy the whole UFO cover up thing dude."

"So, like, what you're saying is that all those millions of people out there that have seen UFO's are liars or nut jobs man?

"I didn't say that!"

"Well what then man?"

"I don't know!"

"That's the point man! You don't know!"


"No, listen man. It makes perfect sense. By keeping us in the dark the government can keep us under control and get us to buy the latest celebrity magazine rather than ask the hard questions about stuff."


"There's no maybe man! We are getting the mushroom treatment so that some politician can get to take golf vacations on our dime man. All the while there's these big things out there that effect all of humankind and there's almost nobody talking about it. I watch the news, I don't care about Brad Pitt's baby man, I wanna know what's really going on."

"How come you didn't go to college dude? You know alot of stuff."

"I'm not smart man, I just ask questions. You know?"


"I wish that the government would just tell us the truth."

"I guess so, but what then?"


"What happens if tomorrow we find out about aliens?"

"It'll make alot of those church type people look like idiots man, that's for sure."

"I don't know, maybe aliens would come here and make us all be scientologists or something."

"That's just crazy talk man!"

"Look whose talking alien boy!"

"Shut up man!"

"Beam me up Scotty."

"You're a dork, you know that man?"

"Take me to your leader!"

"I'm not talking to you no more about this stuff. You think you're funny but you ain't man!"

"Don't get so huffy dude, I know it's all BS, I don't like the government either."

"But you can't accept the truth man. There's SOMETHING out there!"

"I'm in no shape to think about the truth dude."

"That's the way they want it man, that's EXACTLY the way they want it. Too stoned or too stupid to care."

"Who? The government or the aliens?"

"No, no man the government."

"What? I'm lost again dude."

"Look man, I'll start back at the beginning again.........."

"Wait...... Do the soda can thingy again, that was trippy."

posted on Jul, 13 2006 @ 02:22 AM
good job god i have my hands full trying to come up with something lots of great stuff so far

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posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 11:42 PM
was this a real conversation? came across very naturally.. nicely written too

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