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Peter Kudron - what do you make of this?

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posted on Jul, 12 2006 @ 05:41 AM
First of all my inspiration to come out with this story was brought out by this thread:

I'd like to tell you folks about Peter Kudron and see if anyone knows him or could shed some light on what he may have been involved in.

Bear with me as this may become long, but I want it to be thorough.

I met Kudron twice around 1994-95. It was at the home of an eccentric, older gentleman in Worcester, MA. Kudron was probably in his 30s or 40s and I believe he was a former student at Clark University in Worcester. He was driving a blue van with California plates.

The main things I learned about from Kudron were about how corrupt he perceived the US health industry to believe, and about the work of Dr. Rife. Kudron had something to do with a woman named Ella or Ellen North in San Diego, CA, and a company called Electro Spectrum, who evidently made and/or marketed a Rife device. I spoke to the woman on the phone once and she mailed me some literature about the machine(s), which I may still have somewhere.

Kudron struck me as a very intelligent person, and I am told I am (and trained to be) a great judge of character. He knew all sorts of things about topics involving advanced electronics, things that even today are beyond my knowledge. And I'm quite the electronics tinkerer.

Kudron alledegly died in the late 1990s in a one-car crash in desolate area of Arizona. His family was never able to positively ID the body since it was "accidentally" cremated before anyone could make an ID. I have seen his obituary in a local newspaper. I sometimes wonder if he died at all, and other times wonder if someone wanted him dead.

The real things that make me suspect that there was much more to Kudron than he let on are a few pieces of the puzzle that didn't click together for me until long after I had met him. I recall that he discussed some kinds of Soviet mind control technology, specifically something that affected the alpha and beta waves and was being researched to affect more.

The second time I met Kudron, the nephew of the eccentric fellow whose house we were at was present. The young man sat there casually with the rest of us listening to Kudron and some of the more technically apt people discuss some of these devices. At one point Kudron turned to the young man (the nephew) and said something like, "you may remember it, it's the same little device you let me demonstrate on you the last time I was here." At which point the young man became deathly pale and began to visibly tremble with fright and started to protest and beg that Kudron never test the device on him again. Kudron chuckled and said he was kidding, but said he had it with him (whatever it was), and motioned to a leather bag about the size of a briefcase, which was open. I couldn't see anything inside the bag so the device must have been very small. This in itself wouldn't be too strange of a series of events if it weren't for something that happened later that may tie in. I recalled that Kudron kept mentioning Soviet technology but I don't think anyone pursued as to why it was Soviet that he cared about, as opposed to something made or researched by another nation. Well a couple years after my last encounter with Kudron, I was at the eccentric gentleman's house, when he asked me a few questions that struck me as odd but it took me still about another year to make the Kudron connection. The man asked my opinion about how worried the US was about Soviet electronic warfare and mind control. I told him I had no idea and it was far beyond the scope of my knowledge (not to mention the alarm bell that started ringing in my head). I was aware that he would change the subject and then re-approach it from a different angle, trying to see what I thought. The whole thing creeped me out and I kept denying that I knew anything...which of course was true.

Now I wonder if this man (who has since disappeared quite literally without a trace) and/or Kudron had something to do with some military project on either the US side or the Soviet side. Could they have been "bad guys" eliminated by the govt? "Bad guys" abducted by the govt and then used to reveal enemy intel? "Good guys" who had to disappear for one reason or another?

I think it's got to be more than mere coincidence that the two most interesting, unusual people I've ever met in my life are both tied together like this.

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 11:44 PM
I knew Pete. Didn't understand half of what he said sometimes, but I knew him. He was one of my dearest friends in the world. There were quite a few times when I thought he was blowing smoke, only to find out after his death that he'd been right all along...things the govt kept secret for years that Pete told me about, and then after his death, those things were "declassified." Pete could be a scary guy sometimes...but he could be loyal and funny and kind, too.

I didn't know about his being "accidentally" cremated...never really knew any of his family. I know he was in his van (with his dog, Buddy) headed from California to the Carolinas. He stopped off in Phoenix to visit a mutual friend of ours, and, finding him not at home, got back on the road. Just outside of Winslow, AZ, his van flipped off the road and over a canyon wall. We were told that he was thrown from the vehicle as it rolled down the canyon, but died of a massive head injury.

Pete was born on Leap Day...and had just turned 11 that year. He passed away on April Fools Day...somehow, that suits original in death as he was in life...

I'll miss him forever.

posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 09:32 PM
I went to high school with Peter Kudron and we were good friends.
Peter was born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1952 and was graduated from North High School Worcester Class of 1970. If Peter was still alive he would be 55 years old now. I liked Peter a lot then. We had some good times. Peter was big into acid, weed and liked a drink. I saw him once a few years after high school. He told me then that he was into some pretty wierd #, but I knew him well, remembered the # we pulled as kids and really didn't believe it. He didn't have the personality to get tied up with the CIA or whatever, but then again who knows... Anyway I lost track of him during the '70s and was greatly saddened to read of his fatal car crash in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette AND I couldn't believe that it happened in Arizona. Peter still has family in Worcester and I will always remember him.

posted on Dec, 18 2007 @ 10:02 PM
Wow, this is a very interesting person. Nice to see first hand accounts of who this Peter Kudron , whom i never heard of , did. Sad to see him gone.

I will have to look deeper into this matter, as judging from what other people have written, he could be trusted.

Thanks for raising this OP, flagged and starred to devulge more info. on this man.

posted on Dec, 19 2007 @ 08:36 AM
Thank you folks for coming back to see this, I don't really have anything else to say that I am willing to disclose on a public forum.

If any of you know a man named "Fred" who is not related to Pete, but is from Worcester (originally Dudley), please send me a U2U. He is a major piece of this puzzle. I do know his last name and approximate age but don't want to post it. He lived on Richmond Av. in Worcester in the mid to late 90s (I was there a lot), and last I knew lived on Charlotte or Downing St. in Worcester.


Forgot to add, I don't know about him being "accidentally" cremated, the person who is the only person I have been able to get in touch with after seeing the obituary, is not someone I know well and I do not know how reliable that detail is. It is weird, sure, but may not mean a thing.

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