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Who will win the space race ?

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posted on Jul, 12 2006 @ 04:35 AM
Both China and India have space programs and both of them have cast there eye towards the moon. Throw in the USA and Russia and you have an extension of the cold war. Both China and India will have a desire to send settlers to the likes of Mars.

The Space race will start as an econmic war the Galaxy politics will fail or the losers will resort to warfare. We wont be fighting little green men in space humans will take there present problems (shortage/demand natuarl resources overcrowding will be a problem if Aids gets cured. )

Who is going to win the Space race ?
China and India have a good chance nither countrie is footing the bill for the war rebuilding two nations or spend huges amounts of money during the cold war.

We may even see many smaller conflicts between governments and free enterpise ?
Who will win free enterpise or the governments win out ?
I can see the likes of China limting access to natuarl resources this could be a real sticking point. If free enterpise rules we will see alot of hit and miss affairs and a few people get rich so to speake.

Any thoughts ?


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