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WWII reconstruction sale of amphetamine to Japan

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posted on Jul, 11 2006 @ 10:41 PM
US WWII amphetamine sale to post-war Japan

I suppose this is the forum for this type of information.

I study neuropharmacology and the forensics of those drugs.
I sware I had an article that detailed the following - the problem is I lost it and I can't find jack on the topic now.

Here's the jist.
During WWII, all militaries involved were known to give their GIs amphetamines.
Post War in Japan, I remember reading that in order to pay off war debt, US had sold it's stockpiles to Japan at bargain basement prices so that the Japanese Government could sell the amphetamines to the populous, who at that time were very addicted to the stimulents. The Government could then pay back money to the US after making a profit.

Other sources are readily available on the armies giving amphetamines during the war.
Sources also note that the Japanese Government sells amphetamine to the public without Rxs.
I seem to be lacking a solid citation as to what I believe to be true - the sale of US amphetamine to Japan during reconstruction.

Has anyone else heard about this?


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