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Janet and the USAF coverup

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posted on Jul, 12 2006 @ 06:13 PM
Right, I got you now. Really the big thing that caught my eye, is the fact that it's an OPERATIONAL plane, being used on a regular transport run, that's owned by the USAF and operated by EG&G. Like I said, in 25 years I never saw that. I can think of very few planes that flew into Hickam that had an N number instead of a tail number. One was a NASA DC-8, one was an Omega tanker, and the rest were all either Army for the missile defense tests, or Pheonix Air flying with the USN.

posted on Jul, 12 2006 @ 06:22 PM
It certainly seems unusual, and the fact that they are all Janet flights raises an eyebrow. I'll do some digging around to see if I can find out anything else, sorry I haven't been much help thus far!

posted on Jul, 12 2006 @ 06:28 PM
I'll take all the help I can get. Like I said I just started finding this out last night by accident, so *I* haven't gotten that deep into it yet. I really want to see how far down the rabbit hole this goes.

posted on Jul, 12 2006 @ 07:26 PM
Some more info on Tail number N4529W. While I don't normally go for "UFO" sites, the e-mail looks authentic. Confirms some of the previous details.


Subject: Re: who owns/operates a Boeing 737(?) N4529W
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 08:10:24 -0700
From: "Roger Ramjet"
Newsgroups: rec.aviation.misc

These 737-200 aircraft, and seven others were purchased from Western
Airlines in 1981. AirCal, now defunct, did the major maintenance on
these aircraft at their Oakland California overhaul base. The white with
red stripe paint scheme of these aircraft are actually the old Western
paint scheme sans the Western logo on the aft sides of the fuselage and
vertical stab. The aircraft at that time were flown and crewed by
Lockheed Aircraft Service Company employees based out of Ontario,
California. These aircraft were based out of Palmdale California, at
USAF Plant 42, next to the hangar where the space shuttle was built.

The aircraft were loaded with passengers at Palmdale, then a short
flight to Burbank for more and then on to that "secret place" in the

Currently EG&G has the contract to transport DOD employees to "the
ranch" in Nevada.

The official name of the program was "ECLIPSE", we even had a logo. I
belive it meant flying from the light - into the dark.............

I am not sure when Lockheed AIrcraft Services lost the contract, I
believe it was the early 80's, I was long gone by then to greener
pastures with the airlines. The original contract was crewed, managed
and maintained by ex-Air Force types.

Quite a professional and proud group - I ought to know - I was one on

Roger Ramjet

posted on Jul, 12 2006 @ 07:51 PM
That's an interesting find.
Plant 42 is big in the aviation world. They've done some mods, some Skunk Works IIRC, and some other not well known things. I want to try to dig into what happened between EG&G aquiring the plane, and the USAF getting it. The bank in Utah Logan found had it for 3 years, but what was it doing then?

posted on Jul, 12 2006 @ 08:25 PM
Curioser and curioser. N4529W that Logan pointed out on page 1, shows having gone to Bavaria Airlines in 1982 on I'm still digging into this to try to find SOME history for this plane, but if this is true it's interesting, because EG&G got it in 1983. Most airlines don't buy a plane and use it for a year and sell it off, unless they're in big trouble.

posted on Jul, 12 2006 @ 08:38 PM
Just found this.

N4529W Boeing 737-275 Advanced. Construction no 20785 (line no 335)
Ex CFPWB of Pacific Western Airlines (Canada), first flew Dec 7, 1973. To
EG&G Feb 3, 1983. Max Take Off Weight 53070kg. Leased from FSBU Trustee.

N5175U Boeing 737-200 Advanced. Construction no 20689 (line no 334).
Ex 72-0282 of USAF, first flew Dec 12, 1973. To EG&G Sep 92. MTOW 52390kg.
Leased from Dept of the Air Force. Converted T-43A.

N5176Y Boeing 737-200 Advanced. Construction no 20692 (line no 339).
Ex 72-0285 of USAF, first flew Feb 6, 1974. To EG&G Sep 92. MTOW 52390kg.
Leased from Dept of the Air Force. Converted T-43A.

N5177C Boeing 737-200 Advanced. Construction no 20693 (line no 340).
Ex 72-0286 of USAF, first flew Feb 7, 1974. To EG&G Sep 92. MTOW 52390kg.
Leased from Dept of the AIr Force. Converted T-43A.

N5294E Boeing 737-200 Advanced. Construction no 20691 (line no 337).
Ex 72-0284 of USAF, first flew Jan 24, 1974. To EG&G Apr 94, MTOW 52390kg.
Leased from Dept of the Air Force. Converted T-43A.

N5294M Boeing 737-200 Advanced. Construction no 20694 (line no 343).
Ex 72-0287 of USAF, first flew 28 Feb, 1974. To EG&G Apr 94, MTOW 52390kg.
Leased from Dept of the Air Force. Converted T-43A.

EG&G were reported as returning N4510W and N4515W to lessor in Dec 94 (but one
suspects they may have been returned before this judging from the delivery dates
of N5294E and N5294M to EG&G):

N4510W and N4515W were both reported in 'Aviation News & Review' (a British
hard-core plane spotting mag for tail number crunchers) as being leased to Air
South, Inc of Columbia-Metropolitan Airport, SC in Jan 95. However, JP Airline
Fleets lists only N4515W Boeing 737-247, c/n 19612, l/n 93 as being current,
leased from Mimi Leasing Corp. For the record, my 'Jet Airliner Production
List' says this 737 first flew on Nov 9, 1968 and was bought by EG&G on Jun 26,
1980 then transferred to Integrated Aircraft Corporation in Dec 86, then bought
by Great Western Capital Corporation in Dec 86 and leased to EG&G Inc in Dec 86!

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posted on Jul, 12 2006 @ 09:07 PM
Just beat me to the punch!

It is interesting that the Greater Western link comes up for a few of the airframes, but the Bank link only comes up for one aircraft.

And I agree, the number of times that ownership has changed for these aircraft is quite surprising. There indeed appears to be more to it than just flights into Area 51.

posted on Jul, 12 2006 @ 09:13 PM
What's REALLY interesting is that I did a search for Great Western on Google, and got two articles. One from 1983 and one from 1996.

From 1996:

The Great Western Capital Corporation sold a retail portfolio of 54 sites to the Franchise Finance Corporation of America for $37 million, according to Jones Lang Wootton U.S.A., a real estate advisory firm that managed the sale. The portfolio includes 53 fast-food restaurants, including Wendy's, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell outlets. The properties were built about 12 years ago. Great Western Capital is a unit of the Great Western Financial Corporation, a savings and loan holding company based in Chatsworth, Calif. Franchise Finance is a real estate investment trust based in Scottsdale, Ariz.

From 1983:

The Great Western Financial Corporation, a thrift institution holding company, said it had agreed in principle to acquire the Aristar Inc. subsidiary of the Canwest Capital Corporation of Canada for about $170 million in cash.

Aristar, based in Miami, is involved in life insurance underwriting, consumer lending and mortgage banking. It has annual revenues of about $450 million and assets of $1.20 billion.

Great Western said the acquisition was part of its strategy to diversify its financial services business. The transaction is subject to a definitive agreement, approval by directors of both companies, receipt of various rulings and certain other conditions.

That's it. Nothing else about them, but they're supposedly a major holding/financing company.

[edit on 7/12/2006 by Zaphod58]

posted on Jul, 12 2006 @ 09:35 PM
So, we have two financial institutions that owned the aircraft at certain times. The question is, who for? While this link doesn't actually add to the discussion on Janet aircraft, it does show that the Bank is certainly in the business of aircraft. So how do we find out who was operating the aircraft? That the aircraft left, and then returned, to Government ownership is compelling. We need to fill in those missing years!

Accident Report

posted on Jul, 12 2006 @ 09:44 PM
That's not all. They're an investor in United Airlines too. I'm working on tracking things through the SEC on Great Western, but something about that Aristar deal stinks badly. I'm tracking down some information (I hope) that will tell us more about the companies that owned the planes, and if we can find that then we can find out where they were (hopefully).

posted on Jul, 13 2006 @ 03:56 AM
Hi Zaphod58

I have a friend of a friend who can found out information in regard to plane crashes etc...

Please can you post more information about the actual crash and the crash date?


posted on Jul, 13 2006 @ 08:44 AM
This is pretty much all there is about the crash. The date was March 16, 2004.

While on approach and during a turn the pilot suffered a sudden cardiac death. Half way through the turn the airplane began a gradual descent until it impacted the ground. The airplane broke up and burst into flames. The pilot willfully deceived flight medical examiners and suppressed medical information and ingested inappropriate medications for a deteriorating and dangerous health condition.

posted on Jul, 13 2006 @ 01:35 PM
Great West Financial Corp has an interesting history. They quadrupled profits in 1994 after the Northridge Earthquake, but were bought out three years later, for like $6 billion. Washington Mutual (who bought them out) was just recently bought out by Citibank.

I've been searching on Integrated Aircraft Corp, and can't find even a HINT of them. No records anywhere, not even the name comes up on Google. It's pretty amazing how they took control of a plane in Dec, and were able to sell it in the same month.

posted on Jul, 13 2006 @ 02:00 PM

Originally posted by Zaphod58
This is pretty much all there is about the crash. The date was March 16, 2004.

While on approach and during a turn the pilot suffered a sudden cardiac death. Half way through the turn the airplane began a gradual descent until it impacted the ground. The airplane broke up and burst into flames. The pilot willfully deceived flight medical examiners and suppressed medical information and ingested inappropriate medications for a deteriorating and dangerous health condition.

Here's a link to more info on the Beech aircraft crash from Groom Lake to TTR.

More on the BEECH crash

It was not know at the time why it crashed and the pilots health problems.

posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 01:59 AM
Ok, here is the information I've put together so far. It's all tied in to EG&G and the Janet planes. It SEEMS OT, but it really does tie in, through retired Janet planes.

Great Western Financial Corporation
Three of the early Janet 737s that are no longer registered with the FAA were owned by the Great Western Financial Corporation. This company has a rather interesting history. It was started as a Savings and Loan in 1919. In 1955 it was consolidated into the Great Western Financial Corporation. There is actually very little history on this company, but there have been several deals where they paid next to nothing to buy out a company worth hundreds of millions, or even billions of dollars. For example, in 1987 they paid $52 million to buy out the Great Western Savings Bank of Bellevue, Washington. At the time of the buy the bank had assets of $750 million. In 1983, they bought Aristar Inc. They paid $170 million in cash, but at the time Aristar had annual revenues of $450 million and assets worth $1.2 billion.

In 1997 Great Western Financial Corporation was bought out by Washington Mutual for over $6 billion. Washington Mutual was in turn bought out by Citibank in 2003. The oddity in this is that in 1994, Great Western Financial QUADRUPLED profits after the Northridge earthquake. Shortly after they spent over $100 million to reorganize and cut several hundred jobs, and the buyout offers began in 1996.

Integrated Aircraft Corporation
There is very little information about Integrated Aircraft Corporation available. They had N4515W transfered to them by EG&G in 1983, before transferring it to Great Western Financial Corporation. After that the only information available that I have found is that they transferred a 727 (now PP-BLR, formerly N578PE with Continental Airlines)to Aeroturbine, Inc in Miami Florida. Aeroturbine Inc is the owner of N8087U, which was owned by Southern Air Transport, before being leased to Emery Worldwide. Southern Air Transport was based in Miami Florida, and was a front company for CIA operations. They ran weapons and other cargo to El Salvador in the 1980s.

Aeroturbine Inc
Aeroturbine Inc is a company in Florida that owned N578PE, before transferring it to a company in Brazil that now flies it on a regular passenger run. They also owned 5 DC-8-71F aircraft, including N8087U. N8087U was originally owned by United Airlines when it was new. It was later owned by Southern Air Transport of Miami Florida, and converted to a DC-8-71F with CFM-56 engines. Aeroturbine Inc is part of the Aercap Group, which includes AeroUSA, which owns several other DC-8-71F freighters.

posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 06:05 AM
I agree that all this seems strange and unusual. But I also think that what you are looking at could just be bank loans and plane leasing that looks strange on paper but I dont know much about that topic to be honest.

The thing is this thread is titled "JANET and the USAF cover-up" but no one seems to have any idea what is being covered up or why and to be honest I dont even see any signs of a cover-up!

posted on Jul, 14 2006 @ 09:34 AM
We know for certain that at least one plane was used by the CIA in Europe in the 1980s. I'm attempting to find ties to the company and any other planes And that IS the entire point of this digging. To find out why the USAF is flying planes with civilian crews, and to see if there is something behind it.

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posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 09:19 PM
For a company that is fairly small, there are some interesting oddities about Aeroturbine Inc. They're primarily an engine, and airframe parts/pieces company, employing 100 people. But yet, they have bought and traded 49 airplanes since 1999. They were bought out by AerCap in April 2006, and in May of 2006 deregistered MANY airplanes.

AeroTurbine was co-founded by Nick Finazzo and Bob Nichols in 1997, with an initial focus on engine trading. Core business activites were soon expanded to include leasing services across a broad range of engine variants. Over the years AeroTurbine has sold and leased over 350 engines, including: CFM56, JT8D, JT9D, CF6, V2500, PW2000, PW4000, & RB211 engine models, making it today's largest privately help engine lease and trading organization.

AeroTurbine's core business activities have evolved over the eyars from ready spare engines sales and leasing, to include piece-part sales for CFM56, V2500, CF6, RB211, PW2000, PW4000, JT8D engine series, as well as B737-300, B757, B767, A300, A310, A320, MD80, and MD90 airframe parts sales. To date, AeroTurbine has parted out over fifty CFM56 series engines, making it today's largest independant provider of aftermarket CFM56 material.

In April 2006, AeroTurbine became part of the AerCap, one of the worlds largest providers of audit leasing, trading, and asset management, with its parent company AerCap. The AerCap Group will be in a position to offer engine leasing, part trading and related services to their existing and potential audit leasing customers, thereby provide more flexibelity to them.

Today AeroTurbine employs approximately 100 aviation professionals that work in all critical phases of engine portfolio and parts inventory management. Looking to the future, AeroTurbine will continue its expansion into new product lines and markets, amid the ever increasing demand for favorably priced high quality aviation spares support.

Nick Finazzo and his family have been involved in literally dozens of businesses in the Florida area over the last 7 or 8 years. Most of them lasted a year or less, with the longer ones going 3-4 years.

For a small company (only employing 100 people) 49 airplanes is a VERY large number. Four were exported to South America, one to France, and one is still listed as active. They also have a 150,000 square foot office right next to Miami Airport. That's INCREDIBLY expensive land, and a HUGE office for a company that only employs 100 people.

AeroTurbine Aircraft:
N Number C/N Type Registered Deregistered Exported To

N105WP 46095 DC-8-73 12/19/2002 05/16/2006
N132NK 47202 DC-9-31 04/19/2000 05/17/2006
N14524 47539 DC-9-32 12/03/1999 05/31/2000 Venezuela
N16804 49246 DC-9-82 10/21/2003 05/16/2006
N17557 47424 DC-9-32 11/10/1999 05/17/2006
N420EA 47689 DC-9-51 01/22/2003 05/16/2006
N443RR 443 A310-324 10/14/2004 05/16/2006
N460DN 46066 DC-8-71(F) 06/09/2005 05/16/2006
N468AT 19074 737-222 02/16/2000 04/13/2000 France
N500MH 45812 DC-8-71(F) 04/12/2004 05/16/2006
N507AU 23382 737-3B7 08/05/2003 05/17/2006
N54333 20460 727-231 05/07/1999 08/03/1999
N562AU 23550 737-301 12/15/2003 05/17/2006
N578PE 21661 727-243 03/05/2002 10/24/2002 Brazil
N64315 20048 727-231 02/20/1999 03/26/1999
N679HA 47662 DC-9-51 02/25/2003 05/17/2006
N69523 47520 DC-9-32 03/08/2000 05/17/2006
N70542 47535 DC-9-32 11/03/1999 07/14/2000 Venezuela
N709HA 47764 DC-9-51 02/26/2003 05/16/2006
N728A 46081 DC-8-72 02/14/2005 05/16/2006
N791FT 46045 DC-8-73(F) 11/18/2004 05/17/2006
N795FT 46103 DC-8-73(F) 12/11/2003 10/05/2005 Brazil
N801GP 46039 DC-8-73(F) 06/19/2003 05/16/2006
N806AT 47379 DC-9-32 04/19/2000 05/17/2006
N806ME 48032 DC-9-81 01/24/2006 05/16/2006
N8076U 45941 DC-8-71(F) 08/25/2003 05/17/2006
N8084U 45974 DC-8-71(F) 04/12/2004 05/17/2006
N8085U 45975 DC-8-71(F) 04/12/2004 05/17/2006
N8087U 45977 DC-8-71(F) 04/12/2004 **Valid** Former SAT DC-8
N809AT 47322 DC-9-32 03/29/2000 05/16/2006
N813AT 47318 DC-9-32 04/20/2000 05/16/2006
N815AT 47443 DC-9-32 03/29/2000 05/17/2006
N8177U 45983 DC-8-71(F) 11/21/2003 05/16/2006
N824BX 45946 DC-8-71(F) 05/19/2004 05/16/2006
N827AT 47846 DC-9-32 03/21/2000 05/17/2006
N827BX 45971 DC-8-71(F) 05/19/2004 05/17/2006
N827US 48049 DC-9-81 07/27/2004 05/16/2006
N849AL 45849 DC-8-71(F) 06/09/2005 05/17/2006
N860AT 22981 767-204 10/28/2004 05/16/2006
N861AT 22692 767-277 12/02/2004 05/17/2006
N862AT 22695 767-277 02/25/2005 05/16/2006
N863AT 22696 767-277 03/31/2005 05/16/2006
N864AT 22980 767-204 05/31/2005 05/16/2006
N911UA 25255 737-522 07/14/2005 05/16/2006
N915UA 25382 737-522 06/15/2005 05/16/2006
N926UA 26648 737-522 03/25/2005 05/16/2006
N931UA 26656 737-522 02/25/2005 05/16/2006
N996GE 45996 DC-8-71(F) 10/25/2004 05/16/2006
N997GE 45997 DC-8-71(F) 10/25/2004 05/17/2006

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posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 10:19 PM
For those of you with Google Earth, take a look at 2323 NW 82nd Ave Miami FL 33132 and 7200 NW 19th Ave. Do those two facilities look like they only have 100 employees?

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