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Do we create our own reality?

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posted on Jul, 11 2006 @ 07:28 PM
I'm not sure where this should be, but I guess here is a good a place as any...

I've been thinking lately...
I believe that the human will is absolute.
I also believe that what we are, deep inside, is infinite, second to nothing.
That what we are is the universe itself and that the universe is in all of us.
I also believe that there are (generally speaking) two realities, super-impossed on one another...
First is the general concessus reality that we all subscribe and adhere to (like when two or more people look at [for example] an orange, they will basically aggree that the item they are looking at is indeed an orange);
Second, is the reality that each individual creates through our will and perception.
Some would say that it is the will of God.
But, if we (and indeed all life everywhere...) are infinite, and the universe (which I prefer to use in place of the term God [no insult to anyone out there]) is infinite, and God is infinite...
wouldn't that make the will of the universe our will as well?
I mean, don't we create our own realities?
(if everything is just data, aren't we all one?)

What do you all think?

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