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Bae is moving something out of the black

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posted on Jul, 11 2006 @ 05:29 PM

Unmanned vehicles - BAE Systems: Out of the black, into the blue

By Nick Cook JDW Aerospace Consultant

BAE Systems is due to showcase at the Farnborough Air Show some of its hitherto secret UAV and UCAV technology demonstrator work.

BAE formally unveiled its UAV/UCAV technology demonstration programme in February 2006 at a press briefing in London. The company revealed that it had been working on no fewer than six experimental unmanned platforms in secret since 2002: Soarer, Kestrel, Raven, Corax, Herti-D and Herti-A.

The catalyst for the decision to unveil BAE's UAV/UCAV work was the publication of the UK MoD's Defence Industrial Strategy (DIS) in December 2005. With its emphasis on the preservation of UK aerospace and defence science and technology (S&T) and research and development (R&D), coupled to a technology-demonstration programme (TDP), the DIS became a suitable framework for bringing BAE's UAV/UCAV work out into the open.

Like to see how advanced this material wil be , but it will not as high tech as the usa has in its black stockpile allready , like propulsion, energy systems and weapons systems fitting wel in a ScFi movie like startrek/star wars ect

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