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My View About Origin of Life

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posted on Jul, 11 2006 @ 01:46 PM
I personally believe that their are two major et groups fighting against each other. I think they are the Elohim and the Draconians. I'm going to explain my logic on this subject matter.

There are two et groups that were in our universe when it was created. It was the Elohim, which i think might have evolved into being, no too sure though, and there was the Draconians, which i remember hearing that they came from another dimenison. Apparently, the earth was originally inhabited by the/a draconian race. when the Elohim tried to find a new planet for their race to populate, they found earth and forced the Draconians either off the planet or into subterrian living. This is the reason for the "war in heaven" which was really between the two et species. Another thing is that, isn't it funny that it was a serpent that is working against mankind? (For those who didn't know, the Draconians are a lizard/serpent race of beings.) Also, it has been said that "Satan/Lucifer/demons" can change form, like in the bible, to help them with bringing people to hell. Reptilians/Draconians are said to have the ability to shapeshift, kind of weird, huh?

The weird thing about the whole tie-in between the ets and religion is that although religions are mostly based on the Elohim being gods, it is the Draconians and the Grey (another et race, usually responsible for abductions) that control the religions. As long as there are different religions, there will alway be fighting for beliefs and whos beliefs are correct. The second coming is just another way for this to happen as well. Jesus was NOT the son of god. He was a man with a spiritual philosophy that was to help better mankind. The second coming will be staged in order to bring people to the side of evil. So many people are waiting for Jesus to come and save everyone, but it is just a lie they are waiting on. The human race, as a whole, is a very "lazy" species. I am not saying that we are good-for-nothing, but if you think about it, humans are very lazy to an extent. Look at comics for example, the super hero saving the day and people. People WANT to be saved by someone/something, so they don't have to do it themselves. The world religions saying that their "savior" will save the "good" people is just an evil plot for the human race to be dependent on someone else to fight thier battles. When and if an alien race comes to earth and tries to attack, many people will turn to religion, yet it will do nothing. There is no real "God" per say, but an overwhelming force in the universe, which can either be good or evil. Good if you work for physical and spiritual growth or evil if you work for dominance and power.

If anyone has comments please reply.

posted on Jul, 13 2006 @ 12:03 PM
well, i think you do have one part of your theory right. the part about " as long as there is two religions there will be fighting". thats SO true. but believing that there are lizard/ reptilian creatures that are trying to bring us to hell? i dont want to offend you and your theory , ( becaause everybody has a right to think and speak what they beleive) , but that just sounds a little far fetched. where does the good and evil come into play? if there is no one out there to save us and make us a better race, then why are we even here. it seems that whoever created us would want to fix this WOrld that was given to us and that we have screwed up so horribly. if not fix it then wipe it out and start over at least.

there always has to be something good and something bad, its just the way the world is. like ying/yang and the2 demensions theory( if there is one, there is a mirrored image of it)
we came from something great, and from someone or something that loves us...GOD or something to that sort. you honestly dont feel that something greater is out there?

i was sceptical once too.. even though i was raised in church my entire life, but once you hold your baby in your arms for the first time, and feel the love that you can possess. you know that there is something great and wonderful that created us.

im out


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