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My theory, and an experiment for anyone who wants to try

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posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 11:05 PM

Originally posted by TheTruthIsOutThere2012
nikiano i think it would be awesome to meet u in person...i think i could have many talks with you about so many different subjects and youd actually understand and respond intelligently unlike most people i try to talk to. do u got a myspace or sn for aim? ill help u out in any experiments u would like help in... keep up the good work... spread the truth... peace

That is so cool, Truth!

I am so glad to hear from people like you, who also know what it is like to see UFOs and to have serendipity....and to realize that yes, it actually IS happening. Isnt' it awesome when it happens?? I'ts just like surfing, dude.... just go with the flow.
(No wonder why I've been having so many dreams about surfing lately! Ha ha! They were trying to tell me to just ride the wave when it comes along!)

Unfortunately, I must be getting old (is 37 old?), because as far as your last sentence went, I don't even know that half of that means! Ha ha! I know what "my space" is. (No, I don't go on it. Well, I started a profile once, but I never finished it or anything.) But I don't know what sn is or what aim is.

Maybe we could all meet someday. I am hoping to maybe start an actual "mystery school" online....via my blog. The SOL School of Enlightenment. (copywright, trademark, etc... July 17, 2006 to me!). Except instead of this mystery school only being available to secret societies, or the enlightened, would be FREE, to anyone who wants to know the information. I feel that the information that is being channeled through me is meant to be given to the strings attached. So, if I do that, I am thinking that maybe we could have "gatherings" for those of us who wish!

Please, continue to do the experiments online and post any results of either the:
1. UFO experiment
2. The theta-love experiment for peace.


posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 11:31 PM
We have another person interested in doing the experiment. (I also posted a channeled message on another thread, and I am trying to direct them over to here.)

Biggie Smalls said:

nikiano, I plan on helping you send good energy to the middle east tonight...Let the healing begin

Thanks, Biggie Smalls!

Tonight, I am planning on doing the "theta-love experiment", with the intention of bringing peace to the mideast.

Just so you know, last night, I did it as planned, and these were the visualizations I used:
1. Lobbing "love bombs" over to both Lebanon and Israel. Big, pink, globs of love.
2. A cloud of pink "love" falling on the armies.
3. I added a soundtrack, one of my favorite songs to it all. (I am very "auditory". For me, the sound helps.

This morning, I was encouraged by the fact that they were talking about a cease fire.

By the way, I have nothing against soldiers. I really don't. They have a job to do on the front lines, and we have a job to do behind the scenes.) I like to think that we are working in tandem together...not against one another. My grandfather was a soldier in WWII and I thank God every time I remember for him and men like him who have fought to keep our country free.

By the way, if anyone plans to participate in my experiment, I'd love it if you posted any results you have to share. I'd like to compile the results and publish them.

To record your experiment, please write down the following:
1. Dates of visualization, and time of day.
2. A brief explanation of the steps you took to go into theta state.
3. A brief explanation of the visualization or affirmation you used to send to the mideast, or to see the UFO's
4. Any results you noticed, that you feel are significant.

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posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 11:38 PM
By the way, I forgot to mention one very important thing when doing this experiment!! When you are stating your intention, ALWAYS phrase your intention in positive terms, because the subconscious does not understand the negative. The subconscious mind does also not understand the word "NO".

This is an important concept in hypnosis, because if you say I want to STOP the war....all the subconscious mind will think of is war, because it doesn't understand a negative.

Do NOT say: My intention is to stop war in the mideast.

INSTEAD, say: My intention is to bring peace to the mideast, and VISUALIZE PEACE. Think of peace. Think of what you want...NOT what you don't want.

When you visualize, you get what you ask for. You get what you envision. If you can visualize it, you can create it. If you visualize war, you will creat more war!

Sorry...I should have explained that MUCH earlier!

Let me give you an example. If you are riding your bike down the street, and you see a big rock, the worst thing in the world you can do is to look at the rock and say to yourself: "Don't hit the rock...don't hit the rock!" What happens? You HIT THE ROCK! Why?? Because you were focusing on the rock! What you shoudl have done is look where you want to go...not where you don't want to go. And visualize missing the rock!

Think of what happened with Hurricane Katrina. The news shows kept telling us about the WORST CASE SCENARIO. Everyone kept thinking about THE WORST CASE SCENARIO....WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF KATRINA HIT NEW ORLEANS. As a collective unconscious...we all IMAGINED what the worst case scenario would be...and we made it happen, on the subconscious level. (I am just as guilty as everyone else, because I have a morbid curiosity about natural disasters.)

However, to avoid another disasatrous hurricane season, when another big one hits, let's all visualize it MISSING any big cities. Ok??
Let's not have a repeat of Katrina.

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posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 11:46 PM
By the way, for those of you who have kids? This cosmic law of the subconscious mind not understanding the negative explains why, when you tell a child younger than 8 or 9 to NOT do will do exactly what you didn't want him to do.

Because a child's mind is in the alpha state until he or she is about 8 years old. And the alpha state is a subconscious state. if you tell a child to NOT draw on the walls with WILL draw on the walls with crayons.

So, when you are teaching your child, do NOT say : DONT do this.
Instead, tell him or her what you WANT them to do.

posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 12:46 AM
Ok, I know I was going to do a blog, but I am still waiting for the e-mail from the moderator to tell me how to set it up. Meantime, I am still going to use this forum to tell my information, because they say they have more info that needs to get out tongiht.

First, before they speak, I have to make a little revision to my theory about theta state. I also think that when people are accused of mental illness, we are also in the delta state.

When I first came up with my theory a few years ago, I thought we went into both theta and delta and didn't realize it. But then I learned that dreaming only occurred in theta, so...since from my experiences, I found that psychosis was much like a waking nightmare! So, I got rid of the delta aspect all together.

But then, today I got a message from my "muses" today. We DO go into delta state during mystical and transformative experiences, too. In fact, they tell me that the delta state is an important place to go for major transformation!

Wait...think about that word for a minute....transformation. Trance-formation.
We can transform our lives by going into trance. We can transform our world by going into trance. Pretty cool.

Ok, then after I got that information about delta state....I realized I was right, because this brain state theory ALSO explains why people have such transformational experiences during NDE's. (Near Death experiences.) Because the closer you get to "zero point" (zero hertz....0hz)...WITHOUT DYING....the more transformative the experience.

Death is at zero hz. Near death is...what ....0.1 hz? That's what they were trying to tell me before. NDE experiences also fit in with my brain state theory.

It's so cool. Whenever I figure something out....they give me a reward! Which is pretty cool. Today, my reward for figuring this the following SECRETS ABOUT THE EGYPTIAN PYRAMID. See my next post for that.

But before we start that lesson, I have to teach you a few basic lessons in science.
1. Delta is a scientific term for change. The symbol is the greek letter delta...which looks like a triangle. (A pyramid.)

2. Delta sleep = deep sleep. = Rejuvenation. Your body needs delta sleep to rejuvenate. This is a fact. The medical community has never actually figured out WHY our body needs to go to sleep every night. But now I know....for transformation purposes.... and to commune with the universe. To download what we have learned....and to upload more lessons. (I just got that message today!)

Think of it like this: Your subconscious mind is like a "cosmic post man" going to work every day. He/she goes up to the big post office up in the sky...dropping off information to be sent on to other places...and picking up information to disseminate to other people on earth. And we also get our "tasks" (suggestions) for the day from our boss (spiritual guides) too.

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posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 12:52 AM
Welcome to the next lesson in the SOL School of Enlightenment.

Tonight's lesson: Some of the Secrets of the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

Now, I know that there are probably TONS of people out there with much more information about the pyramids than I am if you know of anything interesting to ad, please feel free to chime in!

(By the way, sometimes I use the term "I", and sometimes I use the term "we". It's because, half the time I'm channeling, I never know whose idea it is. Mine or theirs. I think it's a collaborative work. They create the initial inspiration, and I use my creativity to explain it to you in a way you can best understand.)

So, remember from our little science lesson....
1. change = delta
2. the greek letter for delta looks like a triangle. (I don't know how to type a triangle on the computer.)
3. What does a triangle look like? A PYRAMID!

What is a pyramid made up of? Think abou the 3-dimensional figure of a pyramid in your mind. It is a triangle on a square foundation. A square is more stable than a tripod. It has 4 corners. Very sturdy. This means you must have a firm foundation of the basics, before you start to transform.

However, since the world is at a major crisis point, SOL thinks that we don't really have much TIME to give you all the we are just giving you the basics....the minimum amount you need to know. (Ladies and gents...we are in basic training right now for the battle between good and evil.)

So, let's get back to the pyramid. A firm foundation. For our purposes, SOL just wants you to know that the only foundation you need to know is that you are a part of God...but you just don't realize it. And you do reincarnate this. (Jesus taught this, as did other early Christian scholars, but it was taken out of the bible in order to give the church more power, by the way. Jews also believed in reincarnation until the reformation in the 1800's. I think the orthodox jews still believe in it.)

So, anyway, we have the foundation...the four corners.
1. You are a part of God, but you don't remember it.
2. Reincarnation is the souls way of evoution. You came to earth to learn a lesson.
3. ???
4. ???? ??? They are not giving me this information yet. I think that is to come later.

Ok, so, we have a firm foundation. Then, we have the 3 triangles that make up the pyramid. 3 walls...each wall is a triangle.

Delta = change. Here is the secret:
You must go through 3 major initiations in life before you "graduate" to the next level. Nobody tells humans these things anymore, so 99% of the population wanders around not understanding WHY they came to earth. And the cycle of reincarnation keeps going....and going....and going....and going. But it's not meant to be that way. You are stuck in a reincarnation time loop.

Our task is to help you STOP the cycle of reincarnation, so you can all "transcend" your humanity...and ASCEND to the next level. This is basically not only a course abou thte secrets of the pyramids, but also a course on how to ascend to the next level.

Think ok life like a video game. You start out with 3 pac man guys. Right? You continue to go through each level...higher and higher and higher. Reincarnation was NOT meant for you to keep coming back to the same level, over and over again....but the dark forces are withholding all the secrets....and they want to keep you in this "feedback" give them more time to amass more and more power.

Nope. We are here to help YOU to stop this cycle. We want to help as many as possible to ascend to the next level. You've all been playing this video game long enough! Aren't you ready for a new game yet?'ve all done this before!!

Ok, so, here is the secret to transforming you can ascend.
You must go through 3 initiations. Each initiation is different for each person. Each initiation will test you on the lesson that you need to learn the most. Whatever your lesson is for this life. That will be your test. The trick is to first, understand what is happening. If you don't understnad what is go crazy. You get scard. You get psychotic. You might even commit suicide...and then ...the game is over and THEN YOU HAVE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN! HOW FRUSTRATING IS THAT???

No. We don't want you to do that. We want you to achieve your goal! We want you to ascend. The dark side of the force does not. They want to keep the feedback loop going as long as they can continue to feed off your fear and ignorance...and grow more and more powerful. Understand.

So, the ancient people who created the pyramids were leaving you clues. They were NOT burial chambers. They were initiation chambers. The initiate would go INTO the pyramid, on 3 separate occasions. Each initiation would be a task. Or maybe 3 times each time. Yes, I think that's it. 3 sets of trilogy. there were 3 levels in the pyramid. And you had to go into the pyramid 3 times.

You can find clues to what your initiation will be by reading literature...trilogies. And by watching Star Wars. (3 sets of 3 movies.) 3 sets of trilogies. Hollywood has left lots of clues for you in the movies. If you don't read, then watch the movies. (Nobody reads anymore these days, sadly. It's hard to put all the clues you need in a movie. Read the great classics to get more information.)

Anyway, after you go through your 3 have passed. You have graduated. This level.

That is what hte pyramids were built for. To withstand the test of time. Those who built it wanted to leave a REMINDER to the next "age" how to do it. They knew how long it took them to make it that far...and as a whole, humanitiy did not ascend. They wanted to make it easier on you...which is why they left hte clues to the pyramids. But sadly...those who were in power wanted to keep the information hidden and secret. They thought the "common man" wasn't ready for it unless he worked for it. BUT NOBODY GAVE YOU AN OWNER'S MANUAL FOR BEING A HUMAN.

Can you imagine getting something in the mail, a complicated piece of electric machinery (and that is what you are) without an owner's manual? And what if it was disassembled in a million parts...and what if you had NO IDEA WHAT IT WAS FOR...OR WHAT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE? What if someone just said here! Make it work! it would take you FOREVER to figure out how to use it. And that is precisely the problem.

We screwed up. Big time!

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posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 05:37 AM
You know, the really frustrating thing about being a "clear channel" is that the time that is most clear for them is about 3am....which is the time where we most want to be sleeping soundly in our bed.

So, I got up and wrote this...and as soon as I post it, I'm going to head back into bed.

But, here is the next installment of the SOL School of Enlightenment.
(By the way, this was actually going to be in my book I was writing to how to use self-hypnosis for bipolar disorder...but it looks like I'm not going to be publishing THAT book anymore! Ha ha! Oh well...I'll just have to publish another one some day!)

Next channeled message:

1. Relax. As that wonderful song by Frankie Goes to Hollywood said…RELAX. It’s ok. Take some really, really, REALLY deep breaths.
2. If you feel like you could be a danger to yourself or to others….GET THYSELF to the nearest hospital. There is nothing to be ashamed of of being in a hospital. I myself had to check myself into the hospital several times, because I was afraid that “THEY” were going to make me do something to myself or to others. I didn’t want to die, and I didn’t want to hurt others. So, get someone to take you to the hospital, and just cooperate. (Trust me…I’ve done the paranoid thing of screaming and yelling, and all it does is make your ER stay much more traumatic.) I can’t even begin to tell you how many drug tests I submitted to because they all thought I was on drugs. Get used to it…it goes with the territory.
(And don’t take drugs!)

3. When you go to the hospital, don’t get paranoid if they want to give you something to calm you down. It’s okay to trust your doctor. They might be totally clueless as to what is really going on in your head, but they are there to help you. It’s ok to trust them. Really. It’s ok.
4. If you find yourself getting paranoid, just relax. Open your eyes and open your ears. If someone needs to get a message to you, they will get a message to you just as easily in the hospital as out of the hospital. ☺

5. If you find yourself getting paranoid…and do not know who to trust…do some meditation. Go deep withinyourself. On my last hospitalization, I must have looked like the resident Buddha, because I was sitting there on my bed just doing this silly meditation with my arms circling my self in circles…deep breathing….creating a bubble of light around my body. It worked.

6. Stay there and stay on medication. You don’t have to stay doped up for the rest of your life…I didn’t . But it’s important to listen to your doctor and stay on the medication for as long as you need….until you get over the acute case of the “freaked outs”.

I remember once, I was rapid cycling so badly that one minute I was convinced I was God, and the next minute I was convinced I was the anti-Christ. Seriously. You know how terrifying that is? I was thinking of all the prophecies I fulfilled that said I would be the Christ….and then, just as I was convinced I was a savior….I would remember prophecies that I also fulfilled that said I was to be the anti-christ! Talk about bipolar! Ha! Ye couldn’t get much worse than that!

But that’s when I realized….when you get to the point where you choose your path…you will always be presented with two options. EVERYONE on earth gets to the point where they can either be the Christ..or the anti-Christ. God and the devil….which is just love and fear…. are within ALL of us. To deny the devil in us is to deny our own humanity. And we are all human.

Even Jesus had the point in the desert where he had to choose his path. He had two choices. Buddha had to choose to live the life of a prince…or to seek the truth. Everyone in their humanity…no matter what their faith, or religion, or their beliefs…. Will have a choice to make. There is no getting around it. You MUST make a choice. If you choose to not choose this life…then you will just start over in the next life…and you’ll be going around in circles.

You choose wrong? Well, there really isn’t a wrong. You can’t know what’s right until you know what’s wrong for you. There is not a right and wrong for the universe, but rather a right and wrong only for yourself. You have to choose what YOU know is right for you.

Picture the yin-yang symbol. We all have light…we all have darkness. Now, picture those two halfs spinning wildly around and around. It begins to look like a swirly…like a hypnotic disc. That is the state of flux….where you are in a state of flux until you CHOOOSE. That is where all this energy builds up…..where you start to vascillate between mania and depression….up and down nad up and down and up and down….all this energy is being built up until you choose….

Will it be white with a black dot in the middle? (Fear controlled in the center by love all around it?) Or will it be black with white in the center? (Love at the center with fear all around it?) Which ever way you choose…when that flux stops….a huge amount of energy will be released.

YOU choose if you want it to be released in a negative way, or a positive way. Negative…it’s released in a negative way. Positive….it’s released in a positive way. You decide if you want to release all that pent up energy in a positive way or a negative way. I made my choice, and chose to cast off my fear…and I chose the positive side. I chose to release my energy in a positive manner.

I chose to make my life mission the following: to change the way the world perceives and treats what we call “mental illness”. To bring to light all the lost mysteries. And when I made that choice…things began to happen. The SOL began to make contact with me. My dreams about figuring out what bipolar disorder really is (an endocrine disorder! And a brainwave state! NOT a disease of the brain). And when I made my choice, the positive energy was released and those dreams began to come true.

(continued on next post.)

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posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 05:51 AM
If you chose wrong…go back and make a different choice! That’s all! You’re never locked into a choice for the rest of your life. HUMANS HAVE FREE WILL. You have been given FREE WILL. The only limitations are the ones you give to yourself. If you believe you have no limitations to choose…then you don’t. If you believe you ARE free to choose….then you are.

Your thoughts create your reality.
What reality do you want to create??


Remember…no matter what choice you make, it has the potential to be turned into something nasty down the road by someone else with harmful intentions. You cannot think about the terrible consequences of every action, otherwise you will drive yourself crazy. All you can do is think about what is the best decision you can make for right now. Yes, look aheaad, and try to make an educated guess...but you cannot beat yourself up if someones takes your beuatiful idea and uses it against humanity later on.

For example, when scientists come up with their scientific theories that can create so much good in the world….and then then fearful people or governments come up with ways to use those potentially wonderful things to create terrible things in the world….well, the scientists can hardly forgive themselves. (I heard Einstein never forgave himself for some of this theories…because of the way they were used in real life applications.)

So, don’t kick yourself if you make a choice, and someone comes along and uses your beautiful idea to create something terrible. It’s not your fault. Your intention was to make a good thing come to life…and that’s what matters. You can forgive yourself for your good things being used for bad.

Hands can be used for good (healing, loving, touching) or bad (hitting, hurting, killing)
A knife can be used for good (a tool)…or bad (to hurt someone.)
A baseball bat can be used for good (enertainment)…or bad (to bash in a car window.)
Nuclear energy…can be used for good (efficient energy) or bad (war and destruction)

A thing is not inherently bad. There is no such thing as a BAD baseball bat. Or a BAD knife. Or bad atom. Or bad person. It is the manner in which it is used…the intention that sourrounds it ... that matters most.

The SOL said that’s what happened with humanity. SOL/God created us for such good intentions…and the dark force found a way into earth and just wreaked havoc. For the longest time, they couldn’t forgive themselves….they tried to protect us by sending in messengers to re-direct us….but then they realized that ALL life forms must go through a period of choice. WE have to choose for ourselves. THEY cannot choose our path.

So, which way are we going to choose? As a people? As a planet? Do we choose good (truth, light, love, beauty) or evil (fear, war, death, destruction.) The choice is up to us. WE are the ones that must choose.

Your whole life has brought you up to this point. What do you choose?

I choose good….love….light….truth. Won't you join me?

Once we get enough people built up for critical mass (much like nuclear energy)…it can go one way or another. It’s the hundredth monkey phenomenon. Get enough people choosing truth light and beauty… and we have saved ourselves. have just saved yourselves.

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posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 07:40 AM
You know, the great thing about going into alpha/theta state in these “creative bursts” I get, is that you have a reduced need for sleep. One way to increase your time in alpha/theta is to do self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis also increases your creativity. Did you know that Einstein and Edison regularly practiced self-hypnosis. One of them used the marble technique, and the other used the keys technique. (Oh! I forgot to teach you those techniques. So, after this post, I’ll teach you those techniques, too.)

So, I figure I’ll just wave the wave of creativity I’m on, and then when I go back to baseline, I’ll go back to sleeping 8 hrs a day. (I go in cycles.)

Speaking of waves….this is what I have learned after my experience of battling “bipolar disorder.” You can change the way it manifests in your body. You can change it from high peaks and low valleys… (i.e. the rockies)….to a nice, relaxing beach on the ocean. Picture driving out of the mountains to the beach….and see the nice flat shore….feel the soft sand…and just imagine surfing the gentl waves….up…and back to sea-level. Up….and back to sea-level. This way, you don’t get manic, and you don’t get depressed!
If you have a tendency to have mood swings, do this creative visualization. It will help!

Also, know this…at the top of this wave…the crest….this is your most creative point. This is where you are at the nexus with the subconscious. You are in high alpha/low theta. If you go with the flow, and just “surf” the wave….and you’ll bring back the most wonderful things from “other dimensions”. Then, you’ll come back to baseline.

(But if you have any fear in your body…you will tap into the dark side….what happens is that you continue up into mania, because you are subconsciously afraid to bring it back with you. Just relax, and know that fear is an illusion. Imagine flooding the area with love and white light….dissipate the darkness….the light cancels out the darkness…the love cancels out the fear….and know that it’s ok to come back to sea level.

Ok, so one more thing….I had a discussion a few pages back with someone (cannot remember who) about whether UFO experiencers came from traumatic childhoods and abusive families. Well, I said that cannot be true. Because I did not come from an abusive or traumatic family. That is true. My parents were VERY loving towards me and my brother, and my mother was possibly maybe even a bit too protective. But they meant well.

But….I think every American family (and maybe every family in the world) has a little dysfunction in their family, and ours was no exception. I come from an Irish/Italian background, and as you can imagine….discussions could get VERY vocal in our household! Ha ha!

And as far as truma, there was the tornado incident. But I didn’t mention the year I was in 4th grade. God, that was the worst year of my life. I think I like to block it out. The entire 4th grade seemed to be against me. They created an “I hate Niki club” and for the entire year, my life was hell. (I can only imagine what I did to them in a past life to deserve that karma! Like they say, paybacks are hell!

Actually, that's not true. I just remembered...Karma is also an illusion. We make an agreement to do things to each other to help us learn and grow. I play the villain one life...and agree to plaly the victim the next. It's all contracted out before we come to earth. (Problem is, we are stuck in the same program over and over. It's time to end the program.)

So, although I did not have a traumatic childhood like so many kids out there…sadly to say….I did have traumatic moments. But who doesn’t? Isn’t that part of the human experience? We would never learn and grow if we didn’t.

So, I still think that researcher is wrong. I think if you ask anybody out there on the street…they probably had some amount of dysfunction in their family…and some amount of trauma in their life. If they are not…they are just not admitting it…like I didn’t.

(continued on next post...)

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posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 07:45 AM
Self-hypnosis techniques used by Einstein and Edison …for enhanced creativity.
(This technique is especially good if you are working on a difficult problem!)

1. Sit in a chair. In your hand, hold something that will make a loud noise when it hits the ground if it falls out of your hand. (It will fall.). Hold on loosely….not tightly. (Just like everything else in life, by the way! ☺)
2. Relax your body parts one by one. You can start at your head, or your toes, whichever is most comfortable for you. If it helps, you can imagine liquid relaxation or light moving through your entire body….relaxing every muscle group.
3. Finally, allow that relaxation to move down into your hands…and into your fingertips….until finally, your grip loosens and relaxes….and the marbles/keys/whatever else you have drops to the floor and makes a noise.
4. As soon as you hear the noise, open your eyes, and get to work! Start thinking! This is the moment you will be your most creative.

I tend to be the most creative at 3am. I will wake up and start writing…when I’m riding the wave of creativity. (Or couldn’t you tell? ☺ ) The trick is to not let yourself get too sleep deprived…or else you tend to get somewhat “manicky.” Just relax…and when the wave comes back to sea level…follow it back down. Then, get ready to catch the next wave when it comes along!

I think just like surfing….you get used to riding bigger and bigger waves. And the wavelength are inversely proportional to the hz. (So, the higher the wave, the lower the hz number!) Right now….since I have now just come out of the “rockies” a few years ago….I am just learning how to surf. I stick to the small waves. I think I like the small waves for now.

But maybe the waves are bigger than I think. Maybe it’s hard to tell how big a wave is when you’re riding on top of it. ☺

posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 07:53 AM
Next lesson in the SOL School of Enlightenment: How To Bring Down the Matrix of Illusions

Ok, you know how we taught you how to send love to your "enemies" to turn them away from fear, and towards love? We are goign to do the same thing with the matrix. We are going to blast apart the matrix with "sound waves" of love.

(By the way, in reality, on the "other side" your enemies are not your enemies on the other plane. You all know each other. You agree to fight on different sides each lifetime, to play the "good and evil" parts. It's all like a play! So, if you want to be a truly good friend, don't keep killing them over and over again....war after war. Instead, help relase them from the endless cycle of reincarnation!) And when you help them...the cosmic law is that you are also helping yourself.)

So, that's the next visualization...let's send "waves of love" to the matrix. Here is a visualization to follow along with me:
1. Close your eyes and imagine a vast expanse work of lattices and matrixes around the earth. This is the matrix of illusions, where the "programs" are kept. (This is all in a different dimension....not visible to us.)
2. Just like the bible story of the "walls of Jericho coming tumbling down with the sound of horns".....imagine sending waves of light....and the sound of the matrix. This "love song" can be in the form of any one of your favorite love songs. Or it can be any sound that you think of that reminds you the most of love. Use what works best for you.
3. This sound wave of love will be changed into pure energy....and it will dissintegrate the matrix.
You can also send "love songs" to any malevolent alien mother ships you believe to be in the outer atmosphere of earth. They will flee...or be destroyed.

See... you don't need weapons! Love is the most powerful weapon in the universe!

That is all for today!

posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 08:02 AM

Originally posted by nikiano

So, I still think that researcher is wrong. I think if you ask anybody out there on the street…they probably had some amount of dysfunction in their family…and some amount of trauma in their life. If they are not…they are just not admitting it…like I didn’t.

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You know what...I think I'm wrong again. Maybe the researcher is right. Maybe ALL UFO abductees/experiencers do come from traumatic backgrounds...but maybe it wasn't this life where the trauma was! Maybe it was a carry over from a past life....and the contact experiences started in past lives.

I actually did some past life regression on myself (it's easy, once you learn how!) and I saw myself having numerous contact experiences with ETs in past lives. So, I think my experiences began a long, long time ago. And now, they are just stopping back by to say "Hey there! Remember us! We're always with you...even if it takes you a while to remember it!"

And they are.

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posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 09:26 AM
I just sent a note to my friend, Steve, who is serving in the reserves in Iraq. He and his wife have 2 wonderful kids back here in the states, and I just want him and his platoon to know that we are thinking of them...and to thank them for their hard work and sacrifice.

I encourage you all to do the same. Send them all a letter...let them know we're thinking of them. Thanks, guys and guys!

(Remember: The better we do our job (doing our work behind the scenes in the theta state) the quicker we can bring them home!)

posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 09:53 AM

Originally posted by Fear_the_Sheeple
Interesting theory! That reminds me of the experiments with '___', where many people who took '___' would encounter "aliens" during the time they were on the drug. I remember there being a thread on this before, but I can't find it now. Anyway, that idea coincides with your theory, about the mind states... if you haven't read about it yet, you should... I bet you would find it very interesting and it might add to your theory.

Just remember that '___' and other drugs, ie Ket, are very powerful mind altering psychedelic's so you'll see what you want... or not want to see sometimes. I used to take K at raves and at home and get is some very weird places, after getting off the K train at some other world.

posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 10:30 AM
Important note about today's task (using the power of music to break up the matrix of illusions):

Ok, it's important today that if you participate in this experiment, to not just send songs mentally...but also to voice them aloud. And not just sappy love songs...ANY song that makes you feel happy, joyful, ecstatic....sing them out loud today!

Wherever you are, sing! In the the work.

(Well, as the 7 dwarfs would say: if you can't sing at work...just "whistle while you work."
By the way, Walt Disney was a Mason, and he hid a lot of wonderful secrets in his be kept until the time they are needed. NOW is the time. Thanks, Walt, for keeping the secrets for us!)

Or, you can just humm a little tune.

I will be humming all day at work. And nobody will have to know what I'm doing.

AND...very important....remember to set the intention before you start. Before you start singing, say out loud (or to yourself): this singing is to send love to break up the matrix ....and set the world free from it's illusions!

Also, it might help to visuallize the matrix coming down...breaking up....dissintegrating, so that all that is left is the REAL world. (Like the 3rd story in the Matrix trilogy!) We can ALL be Neo!

Very cool. Thanks for listening! Go to it. And don't forget to have FUN!!

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posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 12:33 PM

Originally posted by Towards Omega

Originally posted by Fear_the_Sheeple
Interesting theory! That reminds me of the experiments with '___', where many people who took '___' would encounter "aliens" during the time they were on the drug. I remember there being a thread on this before, but I can't find it now. Anyway, that idea coincides with your theory, about the mind states... if you haven't read about it yet, you should... I bet you would find it very interesting and it might add to your theory.

Just remember that '___' and other drugs, ie Ket, are very powerful mind altering psychedelic's so you'll see what you want... or not want to see sometimes. I used to take K at raves and at home and get is some very weird places, after getting off the K train at some other world.

That's totally true. When it comes to having transformational experiences, you can't trust what is happening when you are in a drug state. I tried pot like 10 times in college, just for the sake of trying it, and that was enough for me. It made me paranoid.

I think it's important, that when you are doing "transformational" trancework for spiritual growth, it is good to only do it with yourself, and no artificial aids (i.e. drugs). But that is just my opinion.

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posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 03:19 PM
The next lesson in the SOL School of Enlightenment:
This memory wil awaken ancient memories in so many of us....

You don't have to be scared anymore. You don't have to be sad anymore.
Everybody is waking up slowly and easily. Remembering who they are. Paranoida and fear are being wiped away by love. Paranoid people are calming down. Fearful people are finding peace.
Fear is leaving the

Here is the truth: We are ALL star people. We have all been engineered at some point. There is nothing to fear about this, because we are all alike. None of us are “pure” human. Some are more than others. The reason the people high up in the government didn’t want everyone to know, is that they feared it would spark total and complete panic. After all, we cannot even get along among ourselves. There is so much hatred….so much bigotry….towards our own people. How on earth were they going to tell everyone that there are aliens among all of us? Among our own families. All of us have been genetically engineered.

The government didn’t know what to do. So they floated questions about “how do you feel about illegal aliens?” They didn’t mean illegal Mexicans. They meant illegal aliens! Our subconscious knew what they meant, even if our conscious was fooled. (You cannot fool your subconscious. It knows. It always knows!) There have been HUGE riots on the streets about illegal Mexicans. Our country is torn. It’s divided. So, obviously, the government didn’t think that they could tell the general public.

But they underestimated us. Because we DIDN’T know that it was US they were talking about. Not just the U.S., but us, collectively as a planet. We did not realize that we are all part-alien, part human. Hardly anyone anymore is 100% pure human! Just like America is a melting pot of different cultures and nationalities and races…we are also a mix of different alien races. And you know what? We’ve lived like this for a LONG time! And we didn’t know. They are a part of our families. They are a part of our cultures. They are our friends, our neighbors.

They are not here to hurt us. They came here…they sacrificed one of their lifetimes to come to earth…in this backwater planet, where everyone is so hateful and mean towards each other. They sacrificed their lives to help us evolve spiritually! We should be thankful for them. We should put our arms around them and hug the stuffing out of them!

And what do we do? We starve them. We kill them. We persecute them. We burn them. We gas them. We shoot them. We massacre them. We rape them.

The government kept it a secret, because they didn’t know what else to do. Because they had NO idea how they could let this information out, without causing world wide panic.

But what you need to do is to learn to think outside the box! Rather than letting the information out in a world of fear and hate and anger….first, help people let go of their hate and anger. Help people release their fears. THEN let the information out. Geez…the government can be so stupid sometimes.

Battlestar galactica- the name rings true. There is a galactic war going on right now. In our galaxy. Right now! They told us a long time ago that they could teach us how to grow enough food to feed the world in a state the size of North Dakota. They said they could show us how to tap into free energy. They told us they could clean up the world, and SHARE the earth with them, if we would just let them stay until the war is over.

You know what our government did? We double crossed them. We tried to blow them to bits with nuclear weapons.

So, they had nowhere else to go. Their leaders came up with a plan that they could eerase all their people’s memories, and go to earth, believing that they were human. These beings…think how scared they must have been…. agreed to have their collective memories erased, because they were told they would be rescued. They had to do, what they had to do to survive. They didn’t know what else to do. So, they came to earth, and began to live among us. Because their memories were erased, they thought they were human, too. Just like the rest of us. But they knew…deep down…that they weren’t. They thought their God would rescue them. But nobody came for them. They were lost.

They were scared. They were MILLIONS of miles away from home. And they didn't even know who they were, on a conscious level. And they were so sensitive, compred to normal humans. There was so much pain. They turned to drugs and alcohol and food to numb themselves. They went crazy. Because they couldn’t figure out why they weren’t happy as humans. They didn’t understand what was WRONG with them. Why couldn’t they just be happy like everyone else? They began to hate themselves

They interbred with other humans. Not out of malevolence…but because they didn’t know who they were. Still, despite the love they shared, they were still so sad inside. Nothing could stop the hurt. Nothing could stop the pain. They didn’t know why they couldn’t be happy like everyone else on this God-forsaken planet, where everyone was so MEAN to each other. They got depressed. Sad. Suicides. Alcoholism. They began to give up faith. On a subconscious level, hey thought they had been forgotten, and they began to give up faith in their Gods.

Now, the time is here for them to have their memories back. Now is the time they have been waiting for for so long! Their rescuers have rescued them. But it wasn’t their Gods. It was you!! You just rescued them. You just freed them from so many lifetimes of misery. And they want to say thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

For those of you who are now remembering that you are one of them. Don’t worry. You are not onen of THEM. You are one of us. We welcome you with open arms. We are now all becoming one, big, happy family. The place is here. The time is now.

It is not THEM we need to worry about. It is those that are invading the galaxy.

(More on THAT story tomorrow.)

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posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 05:07 PM
im not sure what what the hell happened to me here!...

when i was 6 a got hit by a motorbike and seriously hurt, it kocked me unconcious.
the weird thing is that i remember seeing myself lying on the grass bleeding with people crowding round me which actually happened, it felt like a vivid dream which i can still remember now 12 years later... i dont have much understanding in this kind of field, do you think i was in an alpha/theta state or some other?

posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 05:57 PM
In all honesty folks, if more people tried on an attitude like Niki has here this board/world would be in a lot less of hurt.

I can disagree, and she can agree to disagree. I can advise and criticize, and she takes it constructively.

If more people took note of this lesson there would be more cooperation and less bickering all around. Not that it is happening here, but it is pretty general across this forum.

No price is too large to pay for a little peace. I think in here we can get some.

posted on Jul, 19 2006 @ 12:32 AM
Thank you for the compliment, Matyas.
But wait...the story isn't over yet.

The next lesson in the SOL School of Enlightenment: How the Dark Side of the Force took over earth when we were all distracted

And now we come to the scariest part of this story. Scarier than any horror movie could be. At some point, not too long ago....when our galactic war began.....the dark side came to earth. But we were so consumed with our own problems, we didn't notice.

SOL tried to warn us...but we had shut ourselves off to the signs. We had stopped living in nature...we didn't recognize the signs of nature. We lived mostly in houses. SOL tried and tried and tried to get through to us....but noboy was listening.

Little by little, the Dark Side of the Force began to make little changes in our lives. Nothing too drastic...just little, annoying changes. We complained and griped a little bit, but we didn't want to seem "unreasonable"....we didn't want to NOT be nice. So, we let it go. Then, once we got used to those changes...more little changes were added on. And then more. And more. And more.

Why did the dark side of the force come here? Not because we were bad and deserved it. No. Nothing like that. It was for two reasons: The first reason is because we didn't realize we had aliens among us. Now, remember how I told you that normal humans operate in the beta range when awake? Well, these aliens (the good aliens, the refugees from the galactic wars) normally live in the theta range.

As I mentioned earlier...your brain state determines your consciousness state. Beta state beings tend to be more realistic. More grounded. More analytical. Theta beings tend to be more artistic, musical, artsy, and not really that grounded. But because we didn't know we were from other planets...we had no idea. So, we became polarized. We began to bicker amonst ourselves. We began to call ourselves republican, versus democrat. Or liberal, vs. conservative. And much worse. Political fighting began. We were so busy bickering amongst ourselves...that the dark side of the force saw a PERFECT opportunity to come in.

Divide and conquer. That's how the dark side works.

(continued on next post.)

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