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My theory, and an experiment for anyone who wants to try

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posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 05:45 PM

Originally posted by seridium
Have you tried brainwave generators to munipulate your mind to a diff frequency.

Actually, I have tried some tapes and CDs that have the diurnal beat, and do the same thing. They did work, but self-hypnosis works much better, and much faster for me. (I can pretty much put myself into a deep theta state within a minute, no equipment required.

But thanks for the offer!

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posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 05:47 PM

Originally posted by Matyas

Whatever you wish to share with me feel free to, you can do it here or U2U, it matters not to me.


Sounds good.

I have never actually visited those sites before, so I'll check them out. Thanks for the heads up!


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posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 06:50 PM
They told me that they have another message they want to give to everyone on ATS. They said because my last few messages were so long and rambling, the most important point may not have been stressed enough.

So, here it goes...

The most important point to remember? Although many of these conspiracies on ATS are true, they are just a way for the "dark forces" of the universe to keep you "busy" (chasing clue after clue....chasing lead after lead....exposing lie after lie) and to misdirect you away from the biggest secret in the world: that you are all a part of God, but you don't know it yet. Because once you "wake up" and remember who you will then be able to tap into the power of God. And the dark forces of the universe will go to any length to keep you from discovering this secret.

That is the secret beneath ALL these conspiracy theories. Why do they not want you to discover this secret? Because if you discover the truth....the light of God....the power of God..... then they will stop having all the power in the world. It's all about power; they are terrified about the possibility of losing their power.

All this conspiracy stuff, UFOs, aliens, AIDS, secret technology, 9/11, stargates, you name it..... it is all of it is a part of the biggest cover up in the world: TO KEEP YOU FROM UNDERSTANDING WHO YOU REALLY ARE...that you are a part of God. (This is what the last episode of X-files was trying to tell you.)

What is happening right now on earth is a HUGE battle between love and fear.... light and darkness. There is a battle being fought for the destiny of the lives of all the people on earth. The "light side" includes both humans and non-humans, who live in love, who are trying to bring the truth to earth. The "dark side" or "forces of evil" are those humans and non-humans would do almost anything to keep you in keep you from knowing the they don't lose their control.....because they live in fear. And it is a race against time...before you destroy yourselves.

They will stop at nothing. They manipulate the truth. They interfere in your world governments. You have seen it; you know what they are capable of. But the good news is that there is a way to "fight" the forces of darkness!

We came to earth in answer to many people's prayers. We came here to tell you not only the truth, but also to share with mankind the GREATEST WEAPON in the universe... the power of LOVE. The best way to defeat the forces of evil is to "send" them love. Not love them...but send them love!

This is how you do it: It's very easy. Just imagine a time in your life when you felt the most love you have ever felt. Remember this with vivid detail...the feelings you were feeling, the thoughts you were thinking, the things you were seeing, the noises you were hearing at the time....and send this entire feelling/picture/sound to those you woud like to defeat. And you will. You will destroy the darkness with love. You will not destroy their bodies, but you will destroy their fear and hate.

The best way to defeat evil, is to just cancel it out. And the only thing that can cancel out darkness is light. And light is just pure love.

Do you want the government to reveal the truth? If so, then send "light and love" (visualize this in your mind) to those who are holding all the secrets! Send love to the CIA, the military, the governement, the secret societies, the crazy dictators, the aliens...anyone you wish. And watch how fast it will come tumbling down! YOU WILL TRULY AMAZE YOURSELF how much you can accomplish by sending "love" to a problem you wish fixed.

But...before you do this task, first, set the intention. What I mean by this, is say something like: "My intention is for the REAL truth to be revealed to the people of the earth. I am helping to bring this about by sending love to those who hold the secrets." And as you are doing this, it is important to also have the picture in mind of the final result you wish to see. (For example, imagine those who hold the secrets receiving the love you are sending....and it causes them to give a huge press conference or something.)

So here are the four steps: 1. Set the intention 2. Send the love. 3. Imagine the result you desire already coming true, and 4. Send a "mental thank you". AND THAT IS THE BEST, MOST EFFECIENT WAY, OF BRINGING DOWN THE MATRIX.

And if you do it all together.....if you all agree to do it at the same time on one night....then you will TRULY be amazed at what will happen. If you do it as a collective group on ATS, you will be 100,000 times more powerful than if you do it alone. But still, one person alone can still accomplish much.

Want to stop WWIII from happening? Send love and light to the middle east and all the countries invovled. Want the UFO cover-up to end? Send love and light to those who are covering it all up. Want to bring to light all the secrets of the government? Send love and light to the government. Even if you don't know exactly who, just make a general symbol in your mind of a person or a place. It will work the same way.

Remember: ALL THESE "CONSPIRACIES" ARE A WAY TO THROW YOU OFF TRACK! They are a way to USE UP YOUR ENERGY! "They" know you are smart people, and you will work and work and work til you find the answer. But it's all a game of cat and mouse. They are keeping you busy, while they continue to weild the "power of God", and they continue to keep you in darkness of who you are, and what you are really capable of.

The more conspiracies they create, the more fear they create in you. But you don't have to continue to play this game. REMEMBER, it takes two parties to have a conspiracy; them, and you.
If you want the truth to be revealed, stop playing their game. Make up new rules. Make up a new game!

If you truly want to defeat the forces of evil, and let the truth shine free.....then the best way to do that it to "send love" to the "dark side". It's the fastest and most efficient way there is. You'll save your energy for the good stuff in life.

But don't just take our word for it. Do an experiment, and test it out for yourself. A bunch of you get together...set a date, set a time, and do a "visualization" in your own homes to send love to a particular group of people, or to a particular problem... (maybe war that is brewing in the middle east? hint, hint...)... and see what happens.

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posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 10:00 PM
For those of you who would like to participate in the above experiment with me, I will be doing the suggested visualization excercise tonight, and every night for a week. My intention will be "to bring peace to the mideast."

I have actually done this "experiment" in the past (on a much smaller scale), and it worked.

If anyone would like to join me, I will be doing this experiment every night this week around 10 pm, pacific time. Even if you cannot do it at the exact same time as I am, if we can get a lot of people to do this visualization every day for the next will be interesting to see what happens in the mideast!


P.S. There are many different ways to do this exercise...not just the way they explained in my message. For example:
-You can stand over a map of the world, and using your hands, you can imagine that you are sending love to that part of the world.
-You can imagine surrounding the world in a giant pink bubble of love. (Or whatever color you imagine love to be!)
-You can use any kind of creative visualization you like.
-If you are more "auditory" you can imagine sending words or sounds to that region of the world.

Use your imagination! Get creative!

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posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 05:00 AM
this is all balls seeing ufos has got nothing to do with brainwaves. ufos have cloaking devices so they can become invisible to the naked eye but u can still see them in infrared but sometimes they turn off their cloaking devices and when people are seeing ufos this is when theyve turned it off and thats why ufos seem to just dissapear

posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 07:26 AM
Well, this is too funny. I keep telling you guys that I will stop posting threads, so as not to bother you....but my "muses" seem to be inspiring to tell you some more things that they have taught me.

In particular, they want me to teach you the "radio frequency" technique. This was channeled to me a few weeks ago. So, here it goes:

Remember how I told you that one way to be sure that you connect with the "right types" of aliens, (i.e. the loving type) and not the fearful types of aliens (i.e. the "evil" types) is by letting go of your fears. Well, there are a million ways of doing that. The way I did it was through hypnotherapy, but there are a million other ways to do it, I'm sure.

Well, they have told me that although letting go of your fears is great, there is a faster way to do it, in the meantime. And that is by using the "radio frequency technique.'

Before I tell you this technique, first I have to share with you a little teaching about the human body. The human body is not just blood and water and tissue and organs and bones. It was created based on sacred geometry, and once you realize that your body is more than just a vessel for your soul, you will understand why the human body was created the way it was. There are so many mysteries to the human body...more than you could ever dream of.

Ok, so one of the mysteries of the human body is that it can act like a transistor radio. Now, as you know, transistor radios have small crystals inside of them. Wtihout the crystal, this radio wouldn't work. The body also has a "type of crystal" inside it....but it is not physical. Not in the sense that you can see it or feel it. It's all based on sacred geometry.

(By the way, this "crystal" is the same thing as the "jewel" that they talk about in Buddhism, and the "Christ consciousness" they talk about in mystic Christianity and the New Age religion. This "jewel" or "Christ consciousness" acts as a receiver for messages that are floating along certain frequencies in the Universe. (a.k.a. the Tao or the Universal life force). These "messages" have also been called of "the word of God" or "first contact" or whatever you want to call it. It's really all the same.

So, here is the technique. Imagine that you are a radio. Imagine, that inside your body is a crystal, but you just never realized it. Now, of course, your radio has never been "turned on" before (at least, not consciously), because how can you turn on something that you don't know exists?

(It's as if someone gave a transistor radio to a tribe of primitive people on a remote island in the pacific ocean. Imagine what they would do with it. They had never heard of radio waves, or modern talk shows, or even modern music. They would just sit and stare at it. They might use it for decoration, or something else it was never meant to be used for. Maybe one day, they accidentally drop this radio, and one of the knobs gets turned on....and music starts coming out of it! Oh no...they freak! They think the Gods are angry! Maybe the battery dies out from playing for so long, and when other poeple come to hear this radio play, there are no more batteries, so the other poeple say "Hey, that thing never played music. Voices never came out of it. You were just hallucinating. You are just crazy! (See how it works? Sound familiar?)

So, anyway, your body acts as a radio receiver. You just never realized it before!

Now, just like any radio, it can tune into multiple channels. There's the hard rock station. There is the talk radio station. There is the country station. There is the hip hop station. There is the Art Bell show. There is the Christian music station. There is NPR. There is the 60's, 70's, and 80's. And there is the cutting edge music station. You get the idea....there are a multitude of stations out there!

Well, instead of thinking of them as stations "stations", think of them as "different stations of consciousness"....or different states of consciousness. You have the Christ consciousness. You have the Buddhist consciousness. You have the Taoist consciousness. You have the Muslim consciousness. Different channels have tuned into different "consciousness information" for thousands of years, and that is why there have been so many religions brought to earth. There is no one true religion, just as there is no one true music. There are many types of music...and there are many different consciousness states. Religion is just man's way of interpreting that state of consciousness. Follow me so far?

Just like a radio station is tuned to a certian bandwidth (AM or FM stations), your body is tuned to another bandwidth. You can call this bandwidth anything you like. Let's call it the human bandwidth...or HB, just for our purposes in this lesson.

So, first, you have to know how to turn it on. Simple. Just close your eyes, and do some sort of creative visualization, or affirmation, that says "I am now turning on my inner radio. I am now "activating" myself."

Good. Then, you have to find the right frequency. If you unconsciously activate yoursef, and don't tune yourself, you get lots of static. Garbled and pieces of different consciousness channels. Nothing comes in clear. It freaks you out. That is what happens to peopel who are called "mentally ill." There are not ill. They have just activated their inner radio, but are not tuned to any one channel in particular.

Ok, good. Now....tune into whatever channel you like. Play with it. If you want to tune into our channel, what we are teaching through nikiano right here....then say I want to tune into "the ship of light" channel. (For our purposes, that is what we will call our channel.) Because that is basically what we are...a ship of light. (I guess you could also call it the SOL channel! Ha ha!)

(Yes, nikiano has a sense of humor!)

Ok, with it. There are billions of channels out there. There are also dark channels. If you really want to tune into the darkness, I guess you could do that, too. But that's what has been channeled to this earth for eons, so it really wouldn't be anything new! But to start off first, the best way to tune your radio, if you really want to hear the to tune your radio, and adjust your dials and knobs and set your "radio station" to the frequency of "love" or "light" or "the truth" or whatever ohter positive things you can think of.

That is our lesson for today. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 07:27 AM

Originally posted by mr cryptoman
this is all balls seeing ufos has got nothing to do with brainwaves. ufos have cloaking devices so they can become invisible to the naked eye but u can still see them in infrared but sometimes they turn off their cloaking devices and when people are seeing ufos this is when theyve turned it off and thats why ufos seem to just dissapear

You may be completely right, cryptoman. Trust your own instincts. Go with your gut feelling. If this information doesn't "feel" right to you, or "sound" right to you....then don't follow it. Find your own path. Find your own truth. Find the path that works for you.

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posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 07:43 AM
Some very important notes about the radio frequency technique!

Remember the lesson I taught you about understanding your learning language? If you are visual, you may begin to "see" your messages. If you are "auditory" you may "hear" your messages. If you are "digital" , you may have these messages just pop into your head like thoughts. (That is how I get most of my messages.) If you are kinesthetic, you may begin to "feel" your messages.

Now, if you don't want to receive messages in your primary learning language, (for example, if you don't want to hear voices...because that can be really, really freaky)...just say Ok, I want to tune into the frequency of love, BUT...I want the messages to come in way that does not freak me out. For example, you mgiht say that you want them to come through your writing. Or through composing music. Or through your thinking. Or through art. That way, what happened to me, won't happen to you. (I ended up in the mental hospital a few times!)

When I first "opened" up....I didn't have anyone to teach me this stuff. I had never heard of "channeling" or "human radios" or anything like this. So all my information came to me at once, in engulfing waves of information...and I really started to freak out. I thought I was losing my mind!! I ended up checking myself into the mental hospital 3 times....because it was so scary when this information would come to me. I was even diagnosed "bipolar". I dont think I am bipolar....I think I just have this gift. But before I learned how to use this gift, I was definitely crazy. But the craziness came from the FEAR of not understanding what was happening to me.

Using these techniques that I am sharing with you on this forum WILL cause you to open up, psychically. If you are not aware of what is happening, this can defintely cause some psychogical problems. So, just aren't crazy. Get rid of the fear. If you let go of your fears, the craziness will go away. (If you tend to be somewhat paranoid, I would not recommend trying these techniques unless you also go through some method of releasing your fears. Paranoia comes from fear. Fear causes paranoia. Fear causes "craziness.")

When I look back at the events of the past, I now understand that before every "crazy/manic/psychotic episode"...I had actually "asked" for information. (Asking for information could actually be as simple as reading a book!) And I got the gifts I wanted. I never got anything I never asked for. It was never "pushed onto me"...I definitely asked for it. Asking can be as simple as "wishing" for something.

For example, I remember once saying to myself "Gosh, I wish I was psychic!" and "Gosh, I'd like to see UFO's!" But, like the old adage says..."be careful what you ask just might get it!")

Also, one more thing...if you do this radio frequency technique, don't be disappointed if nothing happens for a few days or a few weeks. Sometimes it takes a while. Just rest assured...once you set your intention...and tune your "human radio frequency" to whatever "station" you want to will generally start to recieve "messages" relatively soon. But, for your own sanity, I suggest setting the intention that your messages come to you in some form of creative work: such as writing, art, music, athletics, computer stuff, etc....

Also, don't be surprised if you start hearing messages in the music, or on TV, or in movies. When this first started happening to me, I would hear a particular song at a particular time that was just uncanny! I would get some bit of information from TV right when I needed it. I would see a movie about something, and the timing was perfect. This is called "Serendipity", and once you begin to open up, it happens all the time. If it begins happening to you, just relax, smile, and know that your wishes have come true. Know that you are NOT crazy.

if you really start to freak out, pick up the teachings of Buddha or Christ, or other ancient texts. Read the poetry of Rumi. Know that there are " clues" left for you, in Bible parables and in other ancient writings, for when it is your time. Know that many people have gone through this before you....and many people will go through this afterwards.

Welcome to the club!

Like I said, if you start to get paranoid, that means you have let the fear take over. Just imagine "turning off" your radio, just say "STOP! I am turning off my radio...nobody talk to me anymore for a while!" and take some time to let go of your fears.

Strange things will happen if you choose to embark on this new journey. Dont freak out. Relax...enjoy the ride. And definitely keep a sense of humor about it! It makes the ride so much more fun.

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posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 08:27 AM
Important note: what to do if you begin to think you are Jesus, or the "second coming"

This is very imporant to know. What to do in case you start to think you are Jesus? Ha! Well, it actually happened to me for three weeks. My psychiatrist told me I needed "counseling". Actually, what I needed were some lessons in "cosmic truth". But he didn't know what was really happening. (In my opinion, 99% of psychiatrists are totally clueless when it comes to this stuff.)

Actually, I never actually told my psychatrist that I thought I was Jesus. (My old psychiatrist that is. I am not under psychiatric care anymore.) He never gave me a chance. I just told him the story of how I fell down and pinched my finger in the closet door, and the blood blister looked like exactly the "Egyptian eye!" and I now have the sign of God on my right hand! LOL! (And it did look exactly like the "Egyptian eye" symbol! It was wild! I didn't know at the time that it was called the "Sign of Horus".) Anyway, I showed him my hand and said "I know ths sounds crazy, but think I'm turning into God." As I said, he just looked at me and told me "I think you need some counseling!" And I never told him after that of all the amazing things that happened to me after that.

Finally, after a few weeks of thinking I was the "second coming", I confided in my best friend, Christy. I told her something along the lines of " I know this sounds paranoid, but I think I am the second coming of Christ! I know I'm not, but on the other hand, all these THINGS are happening to me!" And I began to tell her my story....getting more paranoid by the minute. Finally, she just told me "Relax! You've just tapped into the Christ consciousness!" Thank God. I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I was.

She helped me to understand that I wasn't Jesus, but I had just tapped into "the Jesus consciousness". After that, my "delusions" of being the second coming began to fade away, and I got back to normal.

Now, years later, I understand that's why so many people with "mental illness" think we are Jesus. Because we tend to be theta wave dominant, and we tap into these different levels of conscoiusness without knowing it. We unwittingly "turn on our radios" and tap into the "Jesus consciousness" or the "Jesus channel" and start channeling the experiences of Jesus, and then we THINK we are Jesus. (And the way the mind works.... if you THINK you are Jesus, and believe you are Jesus...well, then, you begin to actually become Jesus. You begin to do miracles like Jesus did. That is the power of the Christ consciousness.)

This happened to me, and it totally freaked me out until I realized what was happening. But once you realize what's really happening... it all begins to make so much more sense, doesnt' it?

As my best friend told me (thank God she was there when I needed her), the "second coming" of Jesus comes from within! (You might not believe it, and that's fine. But that New Age lesson made a lot of sense to me.)

The "Jesus" expeirence comes from activating your own Christ consciousness. I am being told by "the ship of light" that Jesus uploaded his consciousness into a huge cosmic computer, to be accessed by ANY of us when we are ready to access it.

But don't worry...just because you channel the Jesus experiences and his does NOT mean that you have to die the same kind of death that Jesus did. (Boy, THAT got me paranoid for a while!)

Know this: You are just tapping into a movie...a 3-D experience! It's like a holo-deck on Star Trek. Honestly, that's what it is. It is a "program". It is the "Jesus program." You do not have to actually "re-live" his experiences on this physical plane. When you have had enough of the "Christ consciousness holodeck program", just turn off the holo-deck!
Remember....YOU always have control in the theta state. You just didn't realize it, because nobody ever gave you a manual. This is like a training manual.

(This is basically turning into an online mystery school! I had no idea when this began, that this is what this thread would evolve into.)

What do you do if you feel that you are tapped into something you don't want to be tapped into?

What do you do if you find you are tapped into a consciousness or a locked in a holodeck "program" that you don't like? Such as pure evil? Or fear? Or nightmares that won't go away? Maybe at some point in your life, you tapped into a negative program...such as a rapist, a murderer, drug-dealer, an assasin. It's never too late to change the channel. Just turn it off...or change your radio frequency. Or just tell the cosmic computer to change the holo-deck program. (And all will be forgiven if you just ask....because you had no idea what was happening.)

Remember...YOU are always in control when you are in theta state. YOU have your own remote control. Nobody can do "mind control" on you as long as you understand that you are just "plugged in". Nobody can "hypnotize" you against your will. You ALWAYS have the power to wake get out of the theta state. You always have the power to change channels. But first, you have to realize that you are in that state!

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posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 11:29 AM
Wow! Talk about "serendipity!' You know that you're in the flow when serendpipity begins to happen. And serendipity just happened to me today, big time!

About a month ago, me and a friend of mine at work were having a discussion. He suggested that I read the book by Richard Bach, called "Illusions" by Richard Bach. I did, and wow! Two amazing things. One, remember that bit in information I learned in chemistry class? Well, it's in the book. I had to laugh, because he calls it a Cosmic Law. I love it.

The second piece of serendipity was when I just finished reading another quote of his...just now.
And it toally relates to the last thread I just posted! (Serendipity happens!)

This is the quote:
"The first step in de-hypnotizing yourself is to realize that you've been hypnotized in the first place." -Richard Bach.

I love it, because it totally goes with what I've been explaining on this forum. You don't know that you're in theta state, until you experience NOT being in theta state. One easy way to put someone into hypnosis is by FEAR. And when you are afriad, and believe somehting is true, but it isn't are in a way, hypnotized.

My methods of teaching you self-hypnosis, is also a method for de-hypnotizing yourself from the illusion that we live in.

Anyway, that book (Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah) by Richard Bach is an amazing book.
I think Bach must have also channeled his writing, too.
I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning how to escape the world of illusions. (The world of illusions is what this community likes to call the Matrix.)

However, just because the character in the book dies at the end, it doesn't mean that it HAS to be that way. You can choose when you are ready to go. They want me to be sure that you all know that.

They say that there is not going to be anyone to come save the world. It is now up to us to save ourselves. Not just individually, but as a global community. (As Richard Bach says..."everyone is their own Messiah.")

But there are many here to help us. All you have to do is ask.

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posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 01:33 PM
This has been mentioned but I think it needs to be mentioned again.
What about pictures of a U.F.O.? Was the camera in theta state?
I know your gonna say no, but the camera man was.
So what about multiple witnesses? There have been many multiple witness accounts of UFO's. Were they all in the same state of mind?

Don't you think there is a more technical reason for why we can't see them with our eyes? Perhaps they are traveling at a high frequency and we can only see them with ultraviolet or maybe even X-Ray. Maybe antigravity also has the ability to go invisible.

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posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 02:30 PM

Originally posted by Techsnow
This has been mentioned but I think it needs to be mentioned again.
What about pictures of a U.F.O.? Was the camera in theta state?
I know your gonna say no, but the camera man was.
So what about multiple witnesses? There have been many multiple witness accounts of UFO's. Were they all in the same state of mind?

Don't you think there is a more technical reason for why we can't see them with our eyes? Perhaps they are traveling at a high frequency and we can only see them with ultraviolet or maybe even X-Ray. Maybe antigravity also has the ability to go invisible.

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Thanks for your post! Like I said before, I might be wrong... you might be right. This is just an experiment. No hypothesis can be made a theory without experimentation.

Maybe there are different kinds of UFOs and different kind of ET experiences, and my theory only explains SOME of them. Your theory could expain some types of experiences, and my theory could explain other types of experiences.

I like your theory about x rays or ultraviolet or infrared. Maybe my theory only explains certain types of contact experinces.

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posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 02:35 PM
I saw the following post today made by RiotComing. He is in New Zeland, and he said today, the front page of the newspaper had a huge UFO story on it, on the front page! Hmmmm.....very interesting!

Here is his post:

Anyway, I saw it, and it made me think that maybe our little experiement is working. I did the experiment last night...did anyone else? It might just be working!

I invited RiotComing to join our thread. I hope he/she does.

posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 02:40 PM
Since I had the day off today, I decided to go to the pool to day to relax and just float for a while and think. (One of my favorite ways to go into alpha state, by the way!). Before I tell you what happened in the pool, I want to share with you another funny moment of serendipity.

I was getting ready to go to the pool, and I thought "What book should I read now?" I just finished a book by Richard Bach, and I had ordered others from , but they hadn't arrived yet.

No sooner did I think that thought, and then...."Ding dong!" I heard the UPS guy at my front door. Sure enough, he was there, delivering a book to me to read. Steven Greer's book: Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge. Wow! Talk about perfect timing.

( I also bought his CD, because I wanted to see if his theories are the same as mine, regarding alpha/theta state.)

I have only begun to start reading his book, but I am going to send him an invitation to join our discussion group, and join the experiment. (Anyone have his personal e-mail? All I have is his website. If you do, it would be great if you could personally send him an invitation.)

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posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 03:04 PM


I have to disagree here. While meditation and visualization are great mental exercises, and even practicing love is a great spiritual exercise, it must be married with action. I can send intentions and love all day to that spider on the wall, but until I get up and do something about it it will just stay until it has babies. I can send intent and love all day long to the weeds in my back yard, but until I get up and actually pull them they will stay and multiply.

The temptation to be an armchair philosopher is great, and greatest in the information age when we have instantaneous access to all minds on the globe. But if civilization continues to pursue a sedentary lifestyle then it will grind slowly to a stop. There will be no more communities, no life outside of the matrix. The human species as we know it will become extinct after downloading itself into cyberspace.

I think of it as the fps rule. Faith, practice, study. And in order to practice the action must be taken. To talk to your neighbors, dance in the street, take the kids to the park, go to parties and functions, do a fundraiser, meet someone special for an intimate relationship, stand under a waterfall, start a nonprofit, climb a mountain, eat a grilled ribeye steak, these are some of the things you must do to not be absorbed by the matrix.

And if I did not disagree, then I would not be honest, or caring. The ones I love the most I will be hardest with, ultimately because I do care. And this is why other intelligences are so interested in us, precisely because we give such a deep dimension to what it means to be human.

posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 03:50 PM

Originally posted by Matyas


I have to disagree here. While meditation and visualization are great mental exercises, and even practicing love is a great spiritual exercise, it must be married with action.

Thanks for your post. And I agree with you 100% about how important it is to take action. But my method of "creative visualization" is NOT just a mental exercise. It is action. But it's a short-cut, because it takes place IN ANOTHER DIMENSION. My entire experiment is taking place in a different dimension....the theta state! Action does not always have to be on the physical plane, you know.

(SOL is telling me that the entire "earth experiment" you have all heard of is taking place in a different dimension. That is why most people do not realize they have been in an experiment.) By the way, from now on when I refer to SOL, it means the "ship of light."

Everything happens FIRST in the astral plane, and then in the physical plane. As someone wise once said (I cannot remember who, maybe Tony Robbins? Dr. Phil?

Our thoughts create our actions.
And our actions create our our reality.
Our thoughts create our reality.

The theta state is just another dimension. It is just a different plane. By doing this exercise in the theta a different is just taking a "short cut!" We are just eliminating the second sentence ("our actions create our reality"), and by doing these visualization in the theta state....our thoughts DO create our reality.

Does that make sense? It's just a short cut! At least, that is my hypothesis.

By the way, another good book to read is the "Isiah Effect-Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy" by Greg Braden. I read that book about a month ago, and it inspired me to think of the "theta state as a shortcut" hypothesis. His book was also very important basis for me in writing the instructions for the "love experiment."

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posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 04:05 PM
Speaking of SOL...that is something else that came to me in the pool.

For a long time now, I have been vascillating back and forth, about who is the source of my "inspirations." Are they aliens? Spirits? God?

Well, today, as I was chucking to myself about their suggestion for the "SOL School of Enlightenment" (that still cracks me up!)....I thought to myself...hey, S...O....L...does not only stand for you know what, but it also spells sol. Which is Spanish for Sun.

And then I remembered the message I received many years ago, as I was listening to the lyrics of the song "I sing the body electric." For those who know this song, I think it is based on a poem written by Walt Whitman. The last line of the song is:

"And in time, and in time, we will all be stars."

Well, on one level of course, it was written for the movie fame, which is a bunch of teenagers the high school for the performing arts trying to become "stars." But on another level, I got the following message from somewhere (I think it must have been SOL), who said:

The greatest honor a soul can have is to evolve to the point where you become a star (or are incorporated into a star), and you are given the great the opportunity to give birth to be a host to evolving life... for billions of years on an entire solar system.

So, in a way, I think the ancients, who thought of the sun as their God....were right! So what if this "ship of light" IS the sun?? What if our "gods" do come from this light? What if their is an entire city or spaceship inside the sun....or they are just souls of energy, not needing a physical body. What if our "gods" DO come from our sun?

Just a theory.

And what if people like Jesus and Buddha and other masters of the universe volunteered to come straight from the sun....and reincarnate back into physical existence for a very important task of bringing knowledge and truth. Because all of us on earth had cut ourselves off from receiving the messages from them telepathically? Hmmmm....that is my theory.

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posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 04:31 PM
Ok, this is turning into a blog, which I don't want to happen. So I have decided to create a personal blog (thank you for the points!) to share this information from the SOL.

It will be called the "Ship of Light (SOL) School of Enlightenment" blog. It will basically be channeled messages from the SOL, meant for everyone here at ATS.

In the mean time, this forum can be used for those of you who want to take place in my experiment.

1. Those who want to be involved in the "theta state" experiment to see UFOs.
2. Those who want to be involved in the "theta love experiment" to see if we can change the world by sending love to those parts of the world that are close to war. Also, to send love for the intention of "world-wide disclosure."

Thread can also continue for those who are interested in discussing any theories (mine or yours) abou theta state and other related ideas about UFOs/aliens/God, etc...

Let the discussions continue!

I am going to now work on setting up my blog; the SOL School of Enlightenment (channeled messages from SOL)

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posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 06:34 PM
very interesting read i must say. for a long time i myself have witnessed many ufos but only when i was on a certain mind state... i might be usuing something to get to that mind state but still... it does indeed help in sighting ufo's...

as for tapping into my inner radio... sometimes i do tap into it and i tend to fear it...but since reading this i will know that its not something to fear and something to use wisely... just like serendipity... it happens to me alot just as dejavu does... i ask for a sign that im getting closer to the truth and soon enough i get signs. whether it be 11:11 on the clock or something on tv as soon as i turn the the station...or radio...anything... its all amzing... and everytime i witness a ufo i get such an amazing feeling. the other night i spotted 3 ufo's... two close together and one a couple minutes afterwords... i was with a friend and my brother... they both witnessed them also... my brother just recently began to believe me when i tell him about universal things...most people tend to think im crazy for what i believe in and i dont really mind it at all... im not gonna force anything to anybody... they can chose to believe me or not...

nikiano i think it would be awesome to meet u in person...i think i could have many talks with you about so many different subjects and youd actually understand and respond intelligently unlike most people i try to talk to. do u got a myspace or sn for aim? ill help u out in any experiments u would like help in... keep up the good work... spread the truth... peace

posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 11:05 PM

Originally posted by TheTruthIsOutThere2012
nikiano i think it would be awesome to meet u in person...i think i could have many talks with you about so many different subjects and youd actually understand and respond intelligently unlike most people i try to talk to. do u got a myspace or sn for aim? ill help u out in any experiments u would like help in... keep up the good work... spread the truth... peace

That is so cool, Truth!

I am so glad to hear from people like you, who also know what it is like to see UFOs and to have serendipity....and to realize that yes, it actually IS happening. Isnt' it awesome when it happens?? I'ts just like surfing, dude.... just go with the flow.
(No wonder why I've been having so many dreams about surfing lately! Ha ha! They were trying to tell me to just ride the wave when it comes along!)

Unfortunately, I must be getting old (is 37 old?), because as far as your last sentence went, I don't even know that half of that means! Ha ha! I know what "my space" is. (No, I don't go on it. Well, I started a profile once, but I never finished it or anything.) But I don't know what sn is or what aim is.

Maybe we could all meet someday. I am hoping to maybe start an actual "mystery school" online....via my blog. The SOL School of Enlightenment. (copywright, trademark, etc... July 17, 2006 to me!). Except instead of this mystery school only being available to secret societies, or the enlightened, would be FREE, to anyone who wants to know the information. I feel that the information that is being channeled through me is meant to be given to the strings attached. So, if I do that, I am thinking that maybe we could have "gatherings" for those of us who wish!

Please, continue to do the experiments online and post any results of either the:
1. UFO experiment
2. The theta-love experiment for peace.


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