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Member Center & Settings Changes

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posted on Jul, 10 2006 @ 01:40 AM
I just noticed a redesigned MemberCenter.

At first, I had to do a double-take, as I had just woke up.

Also I noticed Member Settings are there, as well as a seperate function for editing user password, and account registration affiliated member email address.

two thumbs up to SkepticOverlord.

Also, I noticed the Time Zone no longer defaults to (GMT-12:00) Eniwetok, Kawajelein upon entering the settings panel. That in itself deservers two thumbs up.

Also noticed the Member Upload is not working. But I'm sure that S.O. will have eveything running smoothly in due time.

edit = correction. ATS Store is working, Member Upload is not.

[edit on 7/10/2006 by Mechanic 32]

posted on Jul, 10 2006 @ 01:48 AM
Whoohoo! Looks awesome! ATS store is also working.
Someone u2u me so that I have an excuse to use it!

It's a lot more sectionalized now, with (I suppose) the buttons people use most in a clear spot. The interface is much easier to use.

edit: my mistake, the time zone still does not work. When you click 'edit profile' it sets it back to -12:00, without even allowing you your time for the session.

[edit on 10/7/2006 by watch_the_rocks]

posted on Jul, 10 2006 @ 01:57 AM
Oh, it does? When I clicked on Settings, it showed the correct Time Zone. You mean if I actually edit something there, it will go back to the dreaded (-12:00...etc.) Time Zone?

edit = Nope, I just checked, and the time zone remains correct, at least for me. I'm using firefox, if that makes any difference.

[edit on 7/10/2006 by Mechanic 32]

posted on Jul, 10 2006 @ 02:39 AM
Nope, I try to set it to GMT+10:00 and it resets itself to GMT-12:00 as soon as I click edit.

But yeah, the member upload centre is not working, and Id have to agree with you mechanic, the bigger U2U space looks and feels very good.

posted on Jul, 10 2006 @ 02:53 AM
Watch_the_rocks, was your timezone set correctly to begin with? Or was it previously at (-12:00...) ? Before the changes, that is.

Just a thought.

[edit on 7/10/2006 by Mechanic 32]

posted on Jul, 10 2006 @ 02:54 AM
I just tried changing the time but it still does not work

now instead of showing (GMT-12:00) Eniwetok, Kawajelein it shows abu dubai instead

but the rest looks cool

[edit on 10-7-2006 by Fett Pinkus]

posted on Jul, 10 2006 @ 02:59 AM
Still works okay for me. I just went, for the heck of it changed the timezone setting several times, and back again to GMT -6:00 and it holds at whatever I set it on.

What browser are you guys using. I am using firefox

posted on Jul, 10 2006 @ 03:11 AM
Firefox as well. Most recent version I think. Firefox is awesome. I couldn't imagine being stuck with IE again.

It was set to -12 before the changes, I would expect, because I could never be bothered to change it each time I came on.

edit: Also, I can tell that the GMT time is off by two minutes, if anyone cares to fix that . . .

[edit on 10/7/2006 by watch_the_rocks]

posted on Jul, 10 2006 @ 03:28 AM
Using Firefox here but i dont think this is browser related though

posted on Jul, 10 2006 @ 03:52 AM

posted on Jul, 10 2006 @ 03:59 AM
Stranger and stranger...
Not that I'm complaining. Works for me though.

This is odd. This is the first time something is working for me, but not anyone else. Usually I'm the one with the problems that no one else sees.

Hey wait a minute, I'm still the anomaly.

edit = typo

[edit on 7/10/2006 by Mechanic 32]

posted on Jul, 10 2006 @ 04:05 AM
  • First I choose GMT+1
  • When I enter the "edit profile" button it goes back to GMT+4
  • But when I go to today's posts I can see that the time is right (GMT+1).

    So it's like it used to be (Eniwetok) but with Abu Dhabi instead.

    Temp. Solution:
    Always choose your timezone after entering whatever changes (as the last thing you do after making changes) before hitting "edit profile". Then it will work. It looks like it's going back to GMT+4 but it won't set it unless you hit "edit profile" again.

  • posted on Jul, 10 2006 @ 04:38 AM
    If anyone’s interested i think this is the "official" thread, maybe you can post in there and see what SO says.

    [edit on 10-7-2006 by Burgess]

    posted on Jul, 10 2006 @ 04:48 AM
    No, that one was regarding members login passwords, and email address (required for password) Some members (like me) suddenly were logged off, and could not log back in. Thanks for the info, though.

    This thread is about the redesigned MemberCenter layout, and problems associated with the change.

    [edit on 7/10/2006 by Mechanic 32]

    posted on Jul, 10 2006 @ 05:46 AM
    Hmm strange but that solution did workout , time is now right

    posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 01:09 PM
    I do like the new layout.

    ...but I've been away for about 8 months.
    So, when I came in here, my reaction was more like What in the $#^%*&(* *bang head against the monitor until one or the other breaks....*

    It looks like, once I'm used to the few changes there are, I'll find this much more acceptable than the previous.

    posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 02:36 PM
    Ok things are changing too spinning..

    An hour ago there was an option in the member center that allowed me to customize what I saw in the NEW POSTS section.. now its gone. Did it get moved or just deleted?

    posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 02:37 PM
    ok now im losing it... its back on there again...
    Jane stop this crazy thing!!!..lmao

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