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How do you report Past UFO sightings?

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posted on Jul, 9 2006 @ 12:57 AM
Actually I was wondering if you can report UFO sightings to a Well Recognised UFO record authority but the Sighting was in August 1979 and I have 3 others who wish to also report. Is this info relevant or is it just newer ones. Mine is very tame no actual contact just a camping nighttime setting up in the stars activity. Heres my exert from another post here on ATS.

"My story is pretty tame in comparison to many others. As a child we would travel all throughout the Michigan UP in the summers roughly from 70-the mid 80's. Well up there you can see so many stars that its as though you are among them. My uncle taught me to lay and watch a spot you pick in the sky. Try and look for about a half hour. We used to see slow moving stars at times. Probably orbiting satilites and the like. However in 1979 I and my cousins were doing the same observing and I noticed a semi triangle shape at times blackening out of the stars. Much like a black craft or something solid moving slower than the orbitings of past sights but seemed very very high up. I and 3 other kids and two adults observed this for almost 30 mins before we either lost it or it left. Strange cause it clearly was a cloudless night and we were all seeing it. Even stranger the next day we saw a lot of USAF flights out of KI Sawyer seemingly patroling the skys more than in our past experiences. Who knows. But Im willing to bet there is way more out there in Space than we can actually understand right now."

Thanks and any advice appreciated.

posted on Jul, 9 2006 @ 10:34 AM
You can report past sightings to just about any UFO group. You never know. Your old sighting might help them research an old sighting they have been studying for a while, and help confirm or eliminate certain cases or factors.


NUFORC collects sightings from everywhere, and has a pretty good database. Im sure they will be happy to accept your report and add it to the collection.


MUFON is another good one. They do alot of UFO investigation.

Now mind you, when you report a sighting, it might not always be investigated right away, if at all. However, your report will most likely be filed away so it is available for researchers to look at if they are investigating an old case and find your sighting to have something to do with it.

Most UFO groups are not bothered by reporting an old sighting, as they understand that in some cases, it takes years for witnesses to come forward because of fear of ridicule or uncertantity. You should certainly fill out one of their sighting report forms and add it to the vast database of sightings. You never know what it might lead investigators too!


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