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Why An Actual Global Conspiracy Must Be Labeled "Theory?"

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posted on Jul, 8 2006 @ 03:07 PM
Why do people do everything but tell us in a free country that people must not believe there is a conspiracy.

Why do such people teach us that a president now unprecedented in failing to protect the American people must be made a king and rewarded for failing to protect us unlike all the other presidents before him?

Why do lies, coverups and activities against the Constitution of the United States then escalate so much.

Why don't those who struggle to make sure the American people don't say there is a conspiracy, do anything against the leaders to make them to understand that daring and unprecedented suspicious activity will make people believe there is a conspiracy?

Why do such people claim we are paranoid to believe that a conspiracy exists, and stake much time and pain to get us out of that, and remained silent when Bush saw a contained and defeated dictator overseas and started war with him on the premise that he would destroy America?

Why do such people chide us, asking us out of our concern against the Patriot Act, that we must wait for soldiers to kick down our doors before we find there is something wrong with this old proposal, but then staged all kinds of political campaigns telling us that other countries must be pre-emptively attacked before they commit crimes? Why did they commit even this election fraud?

Why, after showing that there were no WMDs and many lives were lost in the process, such people not only don't notice something wrong, but attack those who do notice?

Why do such people then demand that no one must attack Bush, for that makes him a "BUSH-HATER?" What did Bush do wrong, other than kill our sons and daughters for invisible WMDs and still yet does not blush, but claims he must be made king?

Since Bush is being so fabulously rewarded for failing to protect us, how are we going to honor those presidents before him who did not fail to protect us?

Why do strange people tell us that the Patriot Act is a NEW set of laws that are vital, knowing that this country existed with its entire history without it except for when Bush and vast team came along?

Why, since the Bush Administration, did fuel prices uniquely get so high and the American people can't figure out why, even though Bush struggled to sell our ports over to the United Arab Emirates who were involved in financing 911?

How come, with all of this, those who still insist we must not know there is a conspiracy, struggle to make sure that these clearly treasonous activities escalate?

What is it about all these people that empowers them not to blush? If people all around us fundamentally have no conscience, can more people be killed? Can the American people be rounded up, put in detention camps and even depopulated with their blessing?

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posted on Jul, 9 2006 @ 01:34 AM
Because the Democracy is backing up.listen ,demo is sobbing, down with the monopoly industrial capitalism.

posted on Jul, 9 2006 @ 04:23 AM

Originally posted by gejia021

Because the Democracy is backing up.listen ,demo is sobbing, down with the monopoly industrial capitalism.

WTF is with your english jeez....what are you saying
are you chinese?

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