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Wan Hu meets God.

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posted on Jul, 8 2006 @ 01:55 PM
The good thing about spending time just bouncing around the net is the wonderful stories you can come across. Let me tell you one about a guy named Wan Hu that lived in the early 1500’s.

When I first came across the story I read that he was the emperor at the time but after some research I learned he was actually just a public official. Well, Not just a public official, He was a public official with a dream.

Wan wanted to cavort among the stars and rub elbows with the gods. After dwelling on these things for many years Wan came up with a plan to do just that. I suppose he believed that convictions without action were meaningless. Anyway,

Wan built him self a seriously sturdy chair and attached two large kites to the top of it, for his return trip. He then attached 47 rockets to the chair. These weren’t just any rockets either; they were the biggest, meanest, gunpowder packed rockets that China could produce at the time.

On the day of his departure he dressed in his finest clothing and took his place in the chair. At his signal his servants approached and lit the fuses for the rockets and then ran like hell for safety.

When the explosions were finally over and they got the fires out and the smoke cleared enough for everyone to safely approach the launch site there was nothing left of it. There was no chair; there was no Wan Hu. Matter of fact no trace of him was ever found. No one knows if he actually lifted off or not.

Still, You have to respect a man with the courage of his convictions. Wan Hu set out that day to meet god and one way or the other he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.

He was just another fighter in an age-old struggle I suppose. A man trying to find God in a world that defines God in so many different ways. Each of us has our own definition and in an odd sense I suppose that each of us are correct, at least for our own purposes.

Though I find his methodology questionable I still have to tip my hat to Wan, and to you, and even myself. May all our searches lead us to the answers we so hope to find.

Love and light my friends,


Wan Hu

posted on Jul, 8 2006 @ 02:34 PM
Great story mrwupy,

Yes, he set to meet God and he did!
There are actually quite a few stories like this that I have read......thinking with a simple mind, childlike .(don't know about today's, kids though!)
Adults seem to complicate simple things....
And on that note,

May all our searches lead us to the answers we so hope to find.


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