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Area 51 was never secret

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posted on Jul, 22 2006 @ 01:08 AM
Maybe the Groom Lake Facility was mainly used for the transportation of all the nukes, detonated at yucca flat? This is also maybe the reason for the high security
on that area and the reason why the R-4808 airspace is driven by the DOE.´
Why should the DOE test airplanes??? If it is so, the Us Air Force would be the
contractor of the R-4808 airspace. We pay too less attention to the nukes.
They are until today, a reason for top-secret operations and are a very big part in
the political power of a nation. You never would really attack a nation with so many
nukes like the US.

Maybe some future bomber-planes lands at groom lake, take a nuke and fly around with it for testings (like in the movie "Broken Arrow".
Ok, maybe in the past it was used for flight testing. On many public government sites you can read that the DOE is the actual contractor.

A Nuke Test Facility can cause such high security, like at groom lake, i think. The government will never let someone go to close to a us nuke.

The west site of groom lake ist open to the public land and very close to the border
of the Nevada Test Site. This is the reason why there are many guards in that area.

I think that the real top-secret things are tested at Dugway Proving Ground,
Chayenne Mountain, S-4 or somewhere. Groom Lake is only used for eye-catching and disinformation, makes you thinking this is the real top-secret place where America tests its classified goodies.

posted on Jul, 22 2006 @ 10:45 PM
No. The nukes were flown into Desert Rock Airstrip at the Nevada Test Site.

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