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U.S. Refuses to Lift Economic Restrictions

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posted on Jul, 8 2006 @ 03:16 AM
A top US envoy rejected demands that the US remove financial measures against North Korea. US Assistant Secretary of State met with South Korea's top negotiator who was on a tour of the Reagan. The unrest that North Korea's missiles have caused in the international community could cause a draft UN resolution to be put to a vote. South Korea has said it would with hold food and fertilizer shipments to North Korea. It remains unclear if North Korea is planning to fire more missiles. So far all of North Korea's missiles have gone into the sea without harm.
A top U.S. envoy on Saturday rejected North Korea's demand that Washington lift financial measures against the regime as a condition for returning to six-party talks on its nuclear program.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill spoke after a meeting with Chun Young-woo, South Korea's top negotiator in international nuclear talks. He was on a tour of the region to coordinate the response to North Korea's test of seven missiles on Wednesday.

"This is not a time for so-called gestures of that kind," Hill said when asked by reporters for reaction to the North Korean demand. "We have a country that has fired off missiles in a truly reckless way that affects ... regional security."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

To me this is just another chapter in the long ongoing situation with the way North Korea has always been. There is always talks which go nowhere. North Korea is always a strong militant country for its size. And its people live in poverty. North Korea states that it has the right to test missiles and of coarse they do. It is just to bad that the ruler of North Korea thinks it is better to test missiles and develop enriched uranium then to feed his country. Yet again I just don't see any of this changing any time soon.

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