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Spirits Trying to Take your Life?

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posted on Jul, 7 2006 @ 05:02 PM
My husband and I threw a get together this fourth of July, and being the old boring people that we are (lol) we had a discussion about spirts actually trying to take your life, If you dont get it heres an example..

One woman was telling us all how her uncle had died years ago, but back when it was still recent she ended up having a dream that he was in a hospital bed, and her son ran up towards him in his bed, She told him not to get on the bed with him but he kept insisting, he then hopped on the bed with her uncle..Then her uncle reached out his hand and said.."Come on, just lay down with us." She then looked at her son who had his eyes shut and was laying completley still on the bed as if he were dead.. the dream ended, she woke up a little scared but went on with her life, two years later her son died, (car accident) she believes his death was connected with that dream, and that she would've been dead if she had lied down in that bed....

I researched this and came across a forum from another website about a girl who's 18 year old cousin Lisa died, this girl was a ballet/jazz dancer..Anyways the girl and her mother visited the grieving mother of Lisa..The girl that shared this story was six at the time...She ended up wandering around her aunts home until she came to the attic stairwell, (the attic was Lisa's makeshift dance room) Nobody told this girl that her close cousin Lisa was dead, anyways she heard Lisa's voice from the top of the dark attic saying "Come up, Let me teach how to dance like me." Not an echo-spirit sounding voice, but a regular human girl voice (being that she always wanted to dance like her as a child) She began to walk up the steps until her brother caught her and told on her, she believes to this day that he saved her life

A man also posted about how his wife died, and while he was about to doze off into a nap he heard his wifes voice from outside the room saying "Psssst Danny!" he got off the bed and noticed it was coming from the bathroom, there he saw his wife peeking from behind the shower curtain like she had never died..She then said "Bettys gonna die too!" (which is his sister)....He ran out the house quicker than a jumping bean and spent the night in a hotel..He didn't tell Betty because he didnt want to "Butterfly Effect" her life in any way...five months later Betty passed away..

A Few Questions:

Is this Possible??? it has never happed to me..

Has this happed to you or someone you know? (please tell me)

Were these stories just uncanny coincidences or spirits and greater forces actually after other peoples lives? And Why?

posted on Jul, 7 2006 @ 08:56 PM
I dont think these spirits were trying to their lives. If anything they were warning them. Although I do believe in angry spirits..My house for example; an older woman died in my room. The bathroom door within my room use to slam with an unhuman force.. It could be heard from outside. (it stopped when I placed a cross on the door)

I will share a story that may or maynot be related to spirits. My mother, brother and I were driving along one day (when me and my broher were infants) And before we were about to top the hill on the road we were on, my brother started screaming bloody murder.. My mom proceded to pull over...right when she made it off the road a car came over the hill going at least 90 mph...and straight into the car behind us. (no survivors) Who are we to question fate...?

About your first story, Dreams are simply unxpressed feelings...I would never wont my son to die either...Often when we have feelings we dont share..we dream about them...

The second "happening" isnt really related to this I dont think..How would you know for sure if her close cousin Lisa wanted to kill her?

man also posted about how his wife died

If my wife just died, I'd be see'ing some things aswell. Death of a loved one is the number one thing known to induce schizophrenia.

I'm not trying to disprove these stories, only ease your worries about things like this...

posted on Jul, 7 2006 @ 09:18 PM
I wrote this This as a story, but it is based on actual events that happened to me so to answer your question Yes, I believe it is possible to some spirits to want "company" on their journey.

posted on Jul, 11 2006 @ 03:58 PM
D15t0rT.. I don't know if that was even the real lisa to begin with that was trying to lure her, but just think if it were you, If you heard the voice of a person whos supposed to be dead in a pitch black attic, I dont think they're inviting you up for tea and cookies..Who knows what the poor child would have exprerinced if she had went up those stairs..Maybe there was a banana peel on one of those steps?

I find that so weird what happened to you on the freeway, IF you believe in God he must have some higher purpose for you and yours..

as for the old man and his wife, he could've been skitzo, I dont know him or his famiy history..

Oh, and great story worldwatcher, I used to be able to write good stories, back in the day before twisted/trashy plots were predicable

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