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We live forever?! Forever?!

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posted on Jul, 20 2006 @ 08:21 PM

Originally posted by zorgon

Originally posted by dnero6911
God, learn how to read, seriously..

I read quite well actually, I just don't think your concept is correct... but you say I need to "grow up" because I don't follow your views?

Our DNA Code which is all of the stored up data compiled, is passed generation to generation as 'evolution' through our sperm, which carries along memories emotions, etc... this is how reincarnation occurs, our spirit/soul energy doesn't return back into sperm and become a baby again, it moves on to another form, not recycled..

So I assume you have proof that "this is how reincarnation occurs"? Perhaps you would be so kind as to provide documentation for that? Or is this merely your personal belief?

In all the belief systems in the world that believe in reincarnation I have never seen anyone think the soul is recycled into sperm... the soul doesn't enter the body until the baby breathes. There are times when a soul decides not to enter a new body, perhaps because the body is to frail.. but thats another story..

the energy is not recycled, if it were recycled the universe would not be expanding..

Stars are born, created as it were by the millions daily. Eventually they die, explode and start the cycle again. How far a soul travels through space or time I doubt any one on this planet can give a definitive answer.

Now this could be taken the total other way, and it could be the females blood that does this, which is why women are so important

Seems you are unsure of your own hypothesis here...

What the heck do you think your spirit and soul are?

I KNOW what my soul is... I know where its been, and I have a good idea where its going... having said that, there is absolutely NOTHING I can do to convince you. Spiritual enlightenment is an individual path, NO MATTER WHICH PATH YOU CHOOSE. If people would learn this one fact and stop trying to prove others wrong, the world would find peace... Sadly thats not going to happen. When you are ready for the truth, trust me you will find it.

I would suggest though that sarcastic assumtions of what I or anyone else accepts as facts for one's own development as being incorrect is not a way to get your point across

every waking moment is a reassurance of your learnings and teachings.

Tis not wise to teach, until thou hath mastered the lesson!

[edit on 20-7-2006 by zorgon]

Whatever man, ... and I never said it was recycled through sperm I said the memories of the past are stored in our sperm rather yet, the blood, we DO NOT reincarnate, we move onto another form.. we have never been an animal or a rock, or a tree, you trace back and tell me which life-time you have lived as such, or as another being, ... those are memories of anothers life, who shared the same blood as you. If you cannot see how that can occur than thats your problem, not mine. You are throwing this in my face "Tis not wise to teach, until thou hath mastered the lesson!"... and I have never said I was 100% right, and being a human you should already know anything that comes out of ANYONES mouth is opinion, nothing is truth unless it is experienced, so we can stop throwing around the fact that ANYONE is right.. because everyone is merely opinion.

BTW truth isn't something you find.. we already have it. we are it. and ... there are no paths except the one chosen, there is no 'right' path.
You can believe your reincarnation and your life as an animal... I've been able to move my 'feeling' into many things and felt how they feel and seen how they see, it doesn't mean that I was/were those things, it just means I can move my conciousness

and ... I never told YOU to grow up.. I said

Everyone looks at these NEW-AGE things thinking they are SUPER science-fiction, grow up its not out of the ordinary stuff, its common sense..

[edit on 20/7/06 by dnero6911]

posted on Jul, 21 2006 @ 02:44 AM

Originally posted by zorgon

Do you have a source for this handy? Sounds interesting

If you haven't yet stop in the John Lear posts... he has lots of credentials and some really interesting theories about the soul...

Hey there,

I haven't yet but I will look up the john lear posts, thanks.

source for quantum structure: - This is quite a long document but makes v. v. v. interesting reading.

Are we studying Consciousness YET??

or this site for further info

The Center for Consciousness Study

Hope that is enough for you. If not there are more sources on this subject I could point you towards.

All the best,

NeoN HaZe.

[edit on 21-7-2006 by Neon Haze]

posted on Jul, 21 2006 @ 05:51 PM

Originally posted by LazarusTheLong
The human body is merely a cast shell... a vessel
an animatable organic figure, thru which our spirit interacts with this world...

energy cannot be destroyed, only change forms...

the soul is our energy, without it, the human body is merely a lifeless corpse...
we are attached to it, at birth, and even astral travelers dont ever lose a connection (thread) to the body...

Looks like you're one of the few "educated" persons in here

What you say is true.
When our body dies our soul leaves it, it's almost like waking up from the Matrix

And I know what i'm talking about.

And btw, it's also the same with animals!

[edit on 2006/7/21 by TrappedSoul]

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