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The Church and Green issues.

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posted on Jul, 7 2006 @ 07:13 AM
Some weeks ago it was reported in one of the Italian national newspaper "La Stampa" that the Pope during a visit to Germany, shocked by what he witnessed whilst visiting the concentration camps exclaimed: " Lord, why where you silent?"
He was obviously forgetting that at the time his predecessors were collaborating with the Nazi regime and was almost putting the blame on God.

Nature, the garment of God; God's own wonderful creation is being raped, poisoned,
polluted, exploited,hundreds of species are being wiped out. The earth is screaming for help. Even fools are aware of it by now.

The reaction of the Church? (Pope.Cardinals, Archbishops,Priests Rabbis,Mullahs) is silence, a deafening silence. I find this amazing !
No martyrs, no excommunications, no sermons,nothing ! But they do find the time to comment on Dan Brown's offensive book.

I suppose they must be waiting for the next eco-disaster to point out that God is punishing us for our wickedness, give us some more money and we will pray for you very hard.

It makes me wonder which God they serve: the God of greed or the God of Creation.

May they be cursed by the God they betry and the people they cheat.

I aplogise (a little) for the outburst but when you live in Italy, their vanity and their "superbia" are very close by.


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