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Drugmoney for terrorists

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posted on Jul, 7 2006 @ 02:42 AM
Well Today 390 kilo of heroin has been intersepted coming from Afganistan.

In my believes we have to fight this drug production to stop the terrorism, drugs and donations from wealthy buisness man are the main sourcess of income for terrorists.

Cut away this and you cant get any more bombs (well you cant get them in a high amount).

I had another thread about russinas fighting Afghans with my statement. We need to finish this once and for all.

And for every one who thinks that we should let them be well....think about it. Wat drugs does to youre kids and where the drug money goes.

We are speaking about tons and tons:

Washington post

posted on Jul, 7 2006 @ 02:59 AM
You are correct of course, terrorists will always need money, and where better to get your money than the sale of drugs? However, I would have thought that instead of stopping the supply, the CIA will just attempt to take it over, and use it to their own ends.

The war on (certain) drugs

Another aspect of the drug problem, which also received little attention, is the leading role of the US government in stimulating drug trafficking since World War II. This happened in part when the US began its postwar task of undermining the anti-fascist resistance and the labor movement became an important target.

In France, the threat of political power and influence of the labor movement was enhanced by its steps to impede the flow of arms to French forces seeking to reconquer their former colony of Vietnam with US aid. So the CIA undertook to weaken and split the French labor movement - with the aid of top American labor leaders, who were quite proud of their role.

The task required strikebreakers and goons. There was an obvious supplier: the Mafia. Of course, they didn't take on this work just for the fun of it. They wanted a return for their efforts. And it was given to them: they were authorized to reestablish the heroin racket that had been suppressed by the fascist governments - the famous "French connection" that dominated the drug trade until the 1960s.

By then, the center of the drug trade shifted to Indochina, particularly Laos and Thailand. The shift was again a by-product of a CIA operation - the "secret war" fought in those countries during the Vietnam War by a CIA mercenary army. They also wanted a payoff for their contributions. Later, as the CIA shifted its activities to Pakistan and Afghanistan, the drug racket boomed there.

The clandestine war against Nicaragua also provided a shot in the arm to drug traffickers in the region, as illegal CIA arms flights to the US mercenary forces offered an easy way to ship drugs back to the US, sometimes through US Air Force bases, traffickers report.

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posted on Jul, 7 2006 @ 03:17 AM
I heared some rumor, well more then a rumor. Saying Bush funded his comapign with yes its already in hands of both the terrorists aswell as politicians cia fbi watever.

But wat can we do about it...imo nothing.

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