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Empire at War?

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posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 10:04 PM
Now please some of you bear with me as this is only a theory.

Let' s go back in time for the pleasure of forming the big picture, 65-70 odd years ago during WW2 the allied forces came face to face with the reality of UfO's,(foofighters) and the US being a major power decided to take over the main investigation. Then, in the late 40's, the United States get a visit from the galactic union after their atomic bomb tests were detected from space. The Americans shocked, don't know how to react and view this as hostile, seeing as to how these craft were buzzing their atomic and nuclear installations, after deeming this an extremely serious situation they started developing weapons of defense, including the Philly Experiment where the true nature of that cloaking technology might of been to hide from these alien craft and deploy their own cloaked aircraft (I guess to fight fire with fire,).
They finally recover an actual craft and start reverse engineering it for technological purposes, when this time, they get a visit from the Grey's that are actual owners of the craft(s) that crashed,wanting those back, The americans say "No these our now in our possesion" and decide to negotiate somekind of exchange. During this time, deep within the US government, dissention starts to take place because the US and other countries in the need to know decide that there was going to be NO disclosure to the public, at the same time cabals are formed to keep this info from the ones wanting disclosure to the public. Later we finally head to the moon for public relation purposes and realise that there are others there, the Galactic union. 'They' decided to send them packing because we are still to primitive to head out to play,in turn pissing off the US. The Government then decides to see the usefulness of the technologies now derived from their negotiations with the Grey's and conjure up unbelievable Wealth and Power, during the next few years until now the wealth and power are still way too attractive to let go of, meaning even more efforts to prevent disclosure.
Now here's my speculation, what if the US with their project (pounce?) kept going into other countries to recover almost every craft that has crashed to keep other countries to shutup in exchange for something or other and in turn have been developing weapons (Haarp?) againsts the Galactic Union for fear of them 'actually' revealing themselves to the World and ruining the Government Cabals Grandmasterplan to keep all the power to control World interests and of course their own. What if it actually works, and it gives the US enough time to build their own craft(s) and conveniently crash it somewhere public and....

A) pretend it's alien and scare us into accepting their NWO plan againts this OR
B) Crash it but make sure the US emblem is visible for all to see and say it was them all this time preventing Disclosure for our lifetimes.

Is this really where we might be headed towards if this Theory is partially right or Is there a real a chance for Real Disclosure?

folks please feel free to let me know what you think,i work alot but will be checking in as much as i can, thanks for bearing my thoughts folks.

posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 11:46 PM
It's obvious that the US has recovered at least one or two ALIEN SPACESHIPS (no matter what theory do you think could explain events like Roswell crash, reading all the available information, there's NO another possible explanation), and then the logic says that must be some kind of reverse engineering.

I think we must go forward on:

1) Why those most advanced spaceships crashed without any reason?
- Wheater conditions?
- Spaceships malfunction?
- Human deliberated/not deliberated intervention?
- War between alien factions/races/members?

2) Are the aliens trying to recover their lost technology?
- By force?
- Negotiating with the US?
- Not at all? Why?

3) Why are they here?
- Exploration? What kind?
- Analysis for future invasion?
- Analysis for future friendly contact?
- Genetic/planetary manipulation? Why?

And for the US:

4) Why are the US/involved corporations keeping this secret?

5) What kind of technological advance was achieved from debris analysis?

This last point is very important, because must be evaluated what kind of illegal aspects are involved here, and what could be done to push the legal system. For example, if the reverse engineering reveleated new technologies that could be useful for the general population, like new energy sources, avoiding the dependence of petroleum.

posted on Jul, 7 2006 @ 06:05 PM
Dude, please use paragraphs ! Very difficult to follow all those lines of text
grouped in one lump mass.

Anyway, cool theory that tries to account for a few things.


posted on Jul, 8 2006 @ 06:11 PM
yeah sorry lex and anyone else, i guess i did lump it to close together. I guess what i was trying to say was that I heard that after terrorism, the next threath will be Alien.
Who here thinks that it's a real possibility that the US with their spacecraft will dupe us into believing that it was them all along because disclosure didnt come fast enough or create an alien threath and tell us they don't know who it is and create a false interplanetary war so we could fall into their NWO agenda?

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