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Debunk Icke

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posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 08:24 PM
I am just another one of tho's newbs here to ATS, as I do not know what has been previously discussed here and most of the old Icke threads are in the removed forum ,I see a few threads popping up here and there about Icke.

My apologies in advance to older members of the boards if this topic comes up once a month and is 'old news', I am interested in other peoples opinion here.

I would like to make this thread with the pretence of debunking some of David’s theories on all of his subjects from the illumaniti to his reptilian agenda, and the real negative implications his research has or could bring to real people and the animal world.

Including perhaps some views on why David did not involve himself on these boards, again I really have no idea on the consensus of people’s views on Icke regarding this.

Although I can not honestly say I am convinced either way on any of Ickes theories, and I watched his documentaries some time ago now, the subject of Icke's integrity is now starting to become of interest to me and I'm sure many other new members of these boards.

I for one would like to see DI proved wrong, his theories proved false, and his real agenda for spreading his beliefs albeit money, fame etc.. gut instinct tells me otherwise though.

(no links to his copyrighted media please)

posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 09:10 PM

Icke's biographical story offers ample examples of this common mistake of 'Seekers After Truth'. Professional soccer player, sports correspondent, and later national spokesperson for Britain's Green Party, Icke underwent a highly publicized spiritual awakening after a visit to a medium and healer. The brutal reality according to some conflicting accounts however, is that Icke got a personal assistant pregnant whilst on holiday, and split with his family. The public outcry drove Icke into the very fringes of conspiriology subcultures.

unsure if the above is true, as I could find no source or refrence elsewhere, but still worth considering.

Also found an old thread with some usefull topics

Originally posted by clive
I too was interested in David Icke and had put some of his info on this forum. But now I'm not to sure about him. An ATS friend sent me some info which I'll post here for you..

By Thomas Anderson.

To filter out true information through disinformation and junk is far from being an easy task. Every statement made by David Icke should be critically analyzed trying to find out what are his true references. He does not mention the worthy sources of this information while he does not forget to mention other books filled with inconsistencies and lies.

As for the Illuminati, I do not know accurately what it refers to. This reality of the Illuminati may be both true and false. It is true in the sense that there is an elite manipulating the world with its own hidden agenda within secret societies and secretive groups. The false part is the way they are depicted in most conspiracy books. The Illuminati conspiracy theories are mostly disinformation spread out by the agents of this very same elite.

Let me take an example. When Donald Rumsfeld chooses what is regarded as the Illuminati logotype for his new IAO agency, he uses the Illuminati symbolism in order to discard those who will criticize the purpose of this agency and its data-mining project. His idea they will put forward inconsistent arguments that spoon-feeders have spread out with Illuminati theories.

In a sense, acting this way, Donald Rumsfeld is and regards himself as a member of the Illuminati. He manipulates the opinions. He acts as an "enlightened", but in the same times uses the conspiracy lies as a cover-up. He knows that intellectuals do not believe in conspiracy theories, as they are developed in popular, manipulative disinformation books. If someone criticizes his project or the logotype, he will tax him a stupid paranoid believing in "conspiracy nuts" (reptilians). He does indeed. He makes fools of his detractors. Just read the arguments opposed to them at the Center for Security Policy (one of the organizations he belongs to). Also note the use of the flaming torch symbol referred to by Icke as the "brotherhood" symbol.

It is of the highest cynicism. Illuminati (or the establishment) have themselves written the false stories talking about them. The very concept of Illuminati is intended to spread out disinformation. The concept in itself is not totally false because in a way these manipulative wealthy people belonging to the ruling overclass correspond to the definition given to the term Illuminati.

As for Icke's reptilian stories, it is inspired from the belief of the old ruling aristocratic class of being of from a special blood, the old racist idea (Gobineau) that Nordics belong to a superior race. Note that he sometimes uses the term "reptilian" in association with the more orthodox "Aryan" one. This should remind you of something. I would tend to believe that Rumsfeld and Icke work for the same hidden agenda.

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posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 09:48 PM
A long discussion on Icke being a satanist

I have indeed found many articals in the ats archives, it does seem this is a frequent topic, so again my apologies for starting another.

Here is a good post, athough it mainly is discussing positive Icke content.

An intresting blog on icke

I do seem to find more pro-icke then against ...but ill keep looking.

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posted on Aug, 20 2006 @ 06:48 PM
I have a few issues myself with Mr. Icke He is a prolific writer and researcher. and he should get his credit for that. You MUST double check his facts when reading because he has a tendency for wholly false statements. I take him for what he’s worth. People interested in these things have learned more than they care to admit from him. That being said I think he isn’t functioning properly.

I do think his past that you mention does play a significant role. He describes his father as vehemently anti-religion , I think his research led him to a place that human greed or human quest for power wasn’t sufficient to explain certin motives, and his dogma wouldn’t permit him to declare it evil for the sake of evil, and it forced him to sacrifice his integrity through shady references and blatant lies to 'prove' his preconceived model. Now enter in his success and general cult worship status given to him by some. And he falls into the same old snare of pride and ego rendering another good man useless. I don’t think he was initially a tool for the system but. He could have been recruited without knowing it. As I am fond of saying, Somtimes telling truths can be part of the biggest lies.

There is the possibility of course that I am wrong on all counts

posted on Aug, 28 2006 @ 11:46 PM
I think David Icke is touching on stuff we just arent ready to know least to all of us.

Those of us who have done the research can see that yes indeed, David Icke is on the right track, which is the least I can say for alot of ppl. Most people are so programmed out there, and so plugged in to the matrix, they actually think its worth voting for one party over another party, when we live in a one party state in reality.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 08:34 PM
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." -Carl Sagan

David Icke is clearly full of #, it takes only asking for evidence to determine that.

posted on May, 23 2008 @ 12:08 PM
Icke is a bookseller, first and foremost.

Sure he writes about the Illuminati, but seems to want to think he was the first to understand them, when they have been HERE almost from the beginning. he is arrogant and his solution is absolutely ridiculous.

For the sake of the ego of his readers, he pretends that he and others can get enough enlightened people to stop the Illuminati. He and his witch doctor literally guide them, and yet they obviously have failed with their Bridge of Love. Man can not stop the Illuminati, they have been ordained and annointed by the Lord to take over. Its the Lord's PLAN, to give people choice and end the FINALE.

David Icke is unapproachable in his arrogance and yet goes on in delusion with his witchdoctor from Africa.

Ishut down his first discussion board because they couldn;t and wouldn;t answer questions

posted on May, 23 2008 @ 01:01 PM
There are many things David Icke says that make sense, and have been discussed on here . But there are also many things he says that seem far fetched and even ludicrous. And who does that sound like? Oh yeah, our own government.

To me he's a guy trying to highlight things to people about the NWO etc, but in this world, as evidenced in our celebrity culture and sex tape obsessed society, you need to be far out to even get heard, so he says some far out things to get the spotlight, but at least while he has the spotlight, he also says very credible things. So, as with what the government and media tell you, you take every thing with a grain of salt and move on. To come on here with an agenda to "shut him down" is really superfluous, and for what reason? Why shouldn't he say what he says? Just as you are allowed free speech, so are others.

posted on May, 23 2008 @ 01:34 PM
I have watched DI videos and he is a genuine guy. He gave up broadcasting (I'm sure it was well paid) and indulged in the acult.

He has taken alot of stick over his 'Jesus' (or son thereof) comment on Wogan years earlier, and this still has not escaped him, as a PR exercise anyway.

I would place him on equal level with Dr. Steven Greer - someone who was well paid changes direction for voluntary work - why? Is it because they fully believed in what they done?

I do not wholly support DI in his assertions, but his resilience in bouncing back makes me want to believe in him. He is worthy of a second or third chance in my book. As is anyone who can prove themselves as genuine!


posted on May, 25 2008 @ 06:45 AM
So what is Icke's solution to the satanist shapshifting baby sacrificing reptillians?
I have never read any of Icke's books or been to his site or anything but I keep hearing about him.

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 02:23 PM
reply to post by crittz

I've been reading some of Icke's stuff. Just FYI, Icke makes a clear distinction between the Aryans and the Reptilians. He DOES NOT say they are the same according to his Ebook "The Biggest Secret". He suggests that Aryans came from Mars and were white, while the Earth humans were probably black to deal with the Earth's closer proximity to the sun at the time.

I'm not saying any of that is true, but let's be clear about what Icke's actual claims are before we attempt to debunk them..

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 02:56 PM
I do know that in 1991 Icke appeared on live national UK television and stated that he was the son of god ......

He also has no understanding of bloodlines and basic genetics, let alone fundamental physics and biology (same applies to anyone who believes in shapeshifters).

Whether he is delusional or just a charlatan I don't know.

As for bloodline, I wonder how Icke explains the fact that this pensioner is descended from 2 previous Kings of England? Or maybe he thinls he's an alien too?

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posted on Jul, 17 2008 @ 06:24 PM
Yeah, he did appear on TV and say that but if you hear him talk about the incident now, you hear him discuss how at that point he wasn't fully focused, he was still in quite a shock and awe point after his period of what can be termed a "moment of clarity" when he realized he didn't want to be a sports broadcaster and had a higher calling (something many, many people experience, and is commonly termed as a born-again Christian - that's essentially what happened, so why Icke is panned for admitting it and others aren't is just ludicrous).

Furthermore, why is it when anyone claims to be the Son of God, they are immediately ridiculed and called a charlatan? Doesn't the bible itself talk of the return of Christ? So if we're all expecting him to turn up, how is he going to prove he's the real deal? Does he have to perform a miracle? Hell, when he was originally here people still didn't believe he was the Son of God then, hence him going through all the crap with cross in the first place, and if he did come back the same thing would happen again.

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 11:46 AM
The man on camera said he was the he did not say son of god every time he spoke, he said reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

Anything else he expounds should be suspect. I would venture to guess that people who follow his fringe thinking also deep in their hearts like the idea that any lunatic can have a following. It is the eternal search for power over others, even if those others are insane.

The historical lucifer preferred to be a king in hell over being a servant in heaven.

posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 01:36 PM

Originally posted by crittz
Including perhaps some views on why David did not involve himself on these boards, again I really have no idea on the consensus of people’s views on Icke regarding this.

It would be great if Mr.Icke would join the forum. Not only for ATS but himself too. Maybe we could bring this to his attention (if he is not already aware of ATS)...

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posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 01:42 PM
Well I'm taking the opposite stance, as he's a warm and decent man and is right on time for his work. When I mentioned it to my mother on the phone, she was skeptical, until she watched him, along with Arizona Wilder. She really woke up to alot of issues. When I relayed his earlier faux paux concerning his "zeal" for his spiritual understanding after awakening, my mother was very impressed with him. No other phony PR type would ever have displayed his niavety and innocence. He's very appreciated in our family. Thank you, David.

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 04:33 PM
I find some of his theories, such as the one that 9/11 is a problem-reaction-solution by the powers that be compelling. But then he gets so over-the-top that any sane person should have difficulty swallowing it. Bush-Clinton-Gore are reptilian baby blood drinkers and Satanists. The only thing he uses to back up these claims are a personal account or two of the ilk that Jane Doe X claims George Bush sodomized them and participated in satanic rituals.

Anyone who has studied the subject knows the danger of 'regression therapy' and of the number of people who have falsely 'recalled' sexual and satanic abuse. I have seen this occur in my own family when a regression 'psychologist' got ahold of a mentally unstable family member. The results were devastating for a lot of very good people. If you look at the 'satanic abuse' literature, none of these claims are ever substantiated with any proof -- because they never happened.

Worse, because DI has previously claimed Gore and the entire Clinton elite are satanists, that means global warming must all be a hoax. Well, it's not. That's downright dangerous misinformation.

It's too bad he goes so far because I could believe some of what he has to say -- if he weren't so obvoiusly delusoinal about the rest.

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 01:44 PM
David Icke and the Mangement of his Forum Promotes and Endorses Deceitful and Inflammatory Bigotry towards ALL JEWISH PEOPLE.

By extracting sentences from the Talmud, and presenting them out of context, they inflame passions against ALL JEWISH PEOPLE.

Personally, I am not 'fond' of the Talmud, being the musings of rabbis, yet I am aware of the Talmuds Origin and tne context it was writtten in.

By omitting the Context of their selected 'quotes', they deceive, creating division and hatred.

David Icke and his Forum Management are deceivers.

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