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Presidential Candidates...and their Platforms

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posted on Oct, 26 2003 @ 02:02 AM
Well, I am going to suggest as a topic, a discussion of the upcoming election for President of the United States.

Generally I want to voice my opinion on the candidates, from time to time, as well as their progress, or lack of.

Starting with Senator John Edwards.

He, in my opinion, is not a good choice. I believe he is mearly running for the Vice President position, in the guize of a Presidential Candidacy.

When he was running for position in the Senate, there was much public discussion on his intentions. It was suggested that he was not going to be a great senator for his state becouse of his political ambitions, may take him away from his duties. He made much commentary that his obligation would be to his state, and he would not be distracted from that.

He was elected.

Awhile back, he made notice of his intent to run for the Presidency. He stated that his main focus and energies, would be toward his campaign, while still serving out his term as Senator. He waited to make his announcement, until it was determined that he probubly would not be re-elected into his current position. He is trying to ride a wave, of appearance, and get on the boat of democratic hopefuls.

That to me was an about face, and a slap in the face on his current constituants.

To me, a Presidential candidate, should reflect a level of integrity, demonstrated by his actions, not his promises.

This applies for any candidate that runs for any office, or downgrades his candidacy to a level of running-mate.

My opinion.

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