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Favorite Murder/Mystery show??

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posted on Oct, 26 2003 @ 01:21 AM
Ok what do you like for murder mystery shows.
I alwasy liked "CRACKER" (the British show not the redneck racist dude... :lol

And I was a big fan of MILLENIUM,Frank Black was awsome the whole series was great.
Its apity the Millenium has passed over so there wont be a new series..

I am also a COLUMBO fan,Peter Falk is a legend,I think its a classic show...

I also liked X-Files mainly the old ones.

And there is a Hercule Poirot, Agatha C series that I quite like when I am in the mood.

And I used to like MAGNUM PI (*waits for the laughter to subside*)I have been recently watching re-runs and it may be dated but I still like it...

I have missed a few but i would be interested in seeing what the other ATS/BTS members like.

posted on Oct, 26 2003 @ 02:11 AM
Cracker! Yes indeed...loved that show.

A strange Conspiracy-type TV Show I absolutely loved...though it got cancelled...was a show called 'Nowhere Man'...

...anyone see that?? Now that was coooool....

posted on Oct, 26 2003 @ 02:17 AM
My favorite....

Charlie Chan....and number one son.

posted on Oct, 31 2003 @ 05:02 AM
i've watched lots of these murder mystery drama's and it depends what your looking for there all different these are my favourites and why
Midsomer murders- so quaint and english with a bit of humour
Jonathan Creek- very clever the first series were better
Hercule Poriot
Frost- david jason was made for the part
Morse- shame he had to die

"though it got cancelled...was a show called 'Nowhere Man'...

...anyone see that?? Now that was coooool.... " yeah i'm pretty shore i have seen that one i've seen most of them cracker does rule

[Edited on 31-10-2003 by TheFiresOfHeaven]

posted on Oct, 31 2003 @ 07:40 AM
my favs with a mystery paranormal touch to it are ( actually were) the X-Files and Millenium ( briliant, simply briliant).

Other murder shows I like: CSI ( both Las Vegas and Miami, very good show) and Colombo ( gotta love that one

posted on Oct, 31 2003 @ 07:55 AM
Murder She Wrote, simply because it was like playing a clue game, just like Columbo as well... Most of the others, while good, just give you too much info, and aren't designed to "figure out"....

posted on Oct, 31 2003 @ 07:58 AM
Law & Order



In those series the people actually seem as real people, and not something made out of plastic..

I just usually miss them, but when i dont.. i enjoy watching them..



COLUMBO is also funny..

And Hercule Poirot just has it all.. (Nice facial hair..)

[Edited on 31-10-2003 by FULCRUM]

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