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2012 prediction by Jonathan Cainer!

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posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 01:01 PM
In today's daily mail horoscope section, Jonathan Cainer claims the mayans knew that at this time scientists would be serious about developing time travel!

When asked about mayan prophecies regarding the end of time as we know it, jonathan replied:
"The year 2012 brings a transit of Venus across the face of the Sun. The Mayans knew this...for they based their calender on this planet. Perhaps they also knew that by this point in Earths history, our scientists would be deeply serious about developing time travel."

In an equally flippant statement he added:
"I don't, though, think there's any need to worry about 'the end of time'. Time has no beginning, so how can it have an end?"

I proceeded to read my horoscope which was utterly useless and entirely vague.

God, I love Jonathan Cainer

posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 03:26 PM
man that was interesting - not. 2012 is just the begining of aquarius. end of one time and leading into another. does not mean things are going to be the same.

some writers for papers are just planks really. horoscopes in papers are a waste of time, if astrology really is real, the general public would not get the info.

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posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 03:33 PM
the part that I like is "time has no beginining".
Have you ever sat and tried to think how everything began? It is like thinking to infinity, will drive you crazy.

posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 03:36 PM
well I guess if time travel happens, that would be the end of time huh *ponders*

posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 04:06 PM
If I were to travel back in time from say, 2050 to stop the rise of the political party known as ATS because it was this party that would take control of a few states in 2032 and control most of the New Land by 2048 would I be recognized as a rogue time traveler representing a vested 3rd party, or would you see me as a troll with nothing more than a board disruption agenda.

Find that in your horoscope.

posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 04:08 PM
this is an article translated by BABELFISH translation from, to me and many others this is the real truth about 2012, read it with an open mind. take your time, it is really worth it.


(part 1)

By: Sixto Paz Wells

1 - ( 2 )

“God saves Mother to you Earth,
Pacha Mama, Mucane, Tonanzín, Nana Tlalli,
Gaia, Saras, Mer It, Urrantia, Maria, Guadalupe...
Full you are of grace, the Gentleman is with you.
Blessed you are between all planets,
Feminine spirits and women;
And blessed it is the fruit of your belly:
Jesus and the New Humanity.
Santa Madre Earth, mother of all,
She requests by us, the apprentices,
Now and in the hour of our importance...
Amen, Thus she is, thus will be, thus she is and done she is.”

When we look into the prophecies of the end of the times, these do not speak indeed of an end of the world, but of ”a end of the times”, and how it could be this if only there were a time?

First we must stop to us as the extraterrestrial guides say with those who we affirmed to come having contact telepathic through the psicografía (automatic writing) almost three decades ago -, to reflect on: what is the time?

“The time is a mental form that it tries to define the duration of the things, an illusion based on the movement of the universe in the space. The time idea goes in relation to the conscience of the being, if its perception is limited one third dimension, the time conceives it like something linear, like a continuity; but when it discovers his multidimensional nature and it enters in one fourth dimension, account occurs that the time moves in a spiral and that does not exist beyond its conscience; and that simultaneously there is several spaces within a space greater than we could call “the Real Time of the Universe” (Sampiac Guide).

What would happen if suddenly we became aware and we found out in deepest we ourself than we are living in an alternative time, paradoxical, moved away of a real time in which the Universe to way of an ascending spiral moves. A Real Time that would be different from ours, that it is in itself a parallel reality to which we lived, in such a way that he makes million years of ours, extraterrestrial beings would have incursionado traveling towards the past through you fold cosmic or interdimensional doors, arriving at our world shortly before which this one was destroyed meteoric product of one hecatombe, avoiding it and granting an extension to him of term to make specific accomplishments, this is: a new opportunity. In the time of them the extraterrestrial ones -, there would not be life here, but in the paradoxical time we are, with our pains, anguishes, dramas and illusions.

“In that then, Twenty-four Old of the Galaxy or Council It runs which we know like the Milky Route, with the previous authorization of the Great White Brotherhood of the Star, located in the Central Galaxy of Andrómeda, gave happens it frees to the accomplishment of a project, leaves from a Great Cosmic Plan, that selected our planet and to other seven similars of Ur category (planets of Blue Dawn) to create in them the conditions so that a civilization with a psychic and spiritual potential arose able to transform itself into just a short time, in Light and Guide for many; something as well as to get to be Masterful from its own Teachers” (Sampiac).

When we spoke of which the Real Time “of the Universe different from” the out of phase time exists in which we develop, which we are saying is that what we are perceiving like time or to happen, it is the speed with which they are moving our world in the space. That speed is given by the vibration of the planetary energy and the system. He is something but that the rotation and terrestrial transfering, is also a conscience state.

part 2 on the next post

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posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 04:12 PM
scientist doing time travel has nothing to do with the mayans predictions.


part 2

The trip of the interplanetary experimenters became towards the past in a space contained within the great space, and now the moment is arriving at which that smaller space is integrated to the greater space, connecting itself elsewhere of the spiral, which agrees with the end of a cosmic cycle of all the system of which we comprised. To this we called Giro “to him of the Time”, a process that is accelerated of planetary redimensionamiento and of the individuals which they dwell in those worlds, which means a luck of collective evaluation.

The turn of the time more and more supposes the near connection with the real time of the universe and the return of the Great Instructor, call the Cosmic Christ. The jump of the humanity in the next years supposes this, if we continued toiling and we did not let ourselves discourage by those forces of opposition interested in boycotting the process.

Something as important as these aseveraciones of real times and other alternative ones, would have to be in favor corroborated somehow of science, or at least science would have to contribute some indication to us that therefore corroborated it. Indeed, it does very little was a great scandal when one knew that space Sonda Voyager that had to leave outside our Solar System course towards other stars looking for conditions for the life, when arriving at the end of the system directed to its cameras and detectors towards the Earth, and it did not find life in our world. One can be asked: And this one is the sounding that is going to look for life in other planets? But if not even it can detect it in the Earth! But what it happens it is that the sounding would have happened closely together of Jupiter Moons where there would be a type of “Interdimensional Window” or “Galactic Vestibule”, that it would connect with the Real Time of the universe. And in the real time, there is no Earth life.

Also, when the scientists strive in trying to date the antiquity from the universe, they do it calculating “the Big Ban” on the basis of the Dopler “effect”, that is the landslide of the light towards the red color. The stars and galaxies are moved away of others to great speeds, and according to this the universe would have between ten thousands to fifteen billion years of antiquity. But what they do not explain themselves, it is why whenever they orient their telescopes towards certain place of the space, are with stars older than the creation of the universe, which is impossible. Unless we are seeing everything by a window and we really are in a time encapsulation.

The Mayans said that God expresses itself in mathematics, and on the matter we know that the life tends to express itself following numerical codes, that sometimes in our existence are being activators from our conscience, looking for to wake up it, making us see that the moment like for a change has arrived.

One has begun then, “Regressive Cuenta”. And one of the key dates for this one account was the year of 1999. For that year the Mayans in their Codex of the Eclipses had prophesied an eclipse that happened so as the 11 of August. That eclipse came accompanied from an announcement that that said the humanity would be entering in the call “Hall the Mirrors”, in where we must learn to see us we ourself reflected as we are, and to change our attitude as opposed to to the life, or the nature will be in charge to end us.

In year 1999 they lacked 13 years for “Giro of the Time” that it would have to culminate the 22 of December of year 2012 according to our calendar, date in where times would be aligned both. And number 13 is the sacred number of Mayan, because it marks to the 13 Moons of the Lunar Calendar or fertility of the Mother Earth, in addition thirteen is the death like transformation. A mystical death was announcing.


posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 04:14 PM
the article was wrtitten in spanish, so if you see strange words they are cause by the babelfish translation.

(part 3)


If we compared the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe with the description that becomes in chapter 12 of the Apocalypse when reference to the Woman “dressed Sun becomes, that takes on its head a crown of twelve stars”, and “that being pregnant is in pains childbirth”..., we will find extraordinary coincidences that would be showing that the Apocalypse I before prophesy thousand five hundred years to the Virgin of Guadalupe, and the Virgin of Guadalupe back announced almost five hundred years this one moment of the Planetary Childbirth.

In 2001, the regressive account marked the key of the 11. And number 11 is in the numerología the one that symbolizes “the Value”, “the Persuasion” and “the Force”. It is necessary to know how to use the value like force magical, able of transforming our enemies. When it is repeated to us number 11 is wanted to say to us that it is the moment for recognizing our force, and to act with will and control. It is the moment at which kindness and the purity must prevail seeding the light. The enemies cannot damage it to one, but that to the attacked being, one becomes more fort, but single if he knows to react and to correct errors. The activadora key indicates us that it is the time of the sacrifice by love to the enemies with the purpose of helping them, avoiding to give back to them bad by badly. It is difficult but it is simultaneously, the great opportunity to amend errors, teaching the power of the mercy and the pardon.

One occurred the great occasion to act with benevolence, to disarm to the opposites with La Paz and the kindness of a controlled temperament. All we saw with hope that the first bombing towards Afghanistan was with foods and not with arms, but lamentably the wounded egos and dark interests took to an out of proportion attack and destruction.

In the attack to the Twin Towers of New York we found a surprising repetition of number 11, like a message between lines that must be discovered for who has the eyes to see and the discernment to understand it. Certainly that everything began a day 11 of September on the towers that pretend a number 11. He was the 11 of the ninth month, (1+1+9=11) which adds 11. But the 11 of September is day 254 of the year, which if we added it gives 11. After the 11 of September they lack 111 days for the year end. The 911 is in the United States the telephone number of emergencies, and the ninth month (September), day 11, was the worse terrorist emergency than it has undergone the City of New York. In addition, 911 sum 11.

Also it is peculiar that the first airplane that crashed was the flight number 11, that on board took to 11 crew and 92 people on board who also add 11; the other flight, the 77 that is multiple of 11, on board took 65 people, who add another 11. The attacked buildings were in their year 29 of operation. In addition, the State of New York was number 11 when being created the American union.

We have whereas several prophecies apparently referred to this event like fall of Babel or of towers of Babel, because is in chapter 11 of the Génesis that is spoken of the Tower of Babel, where by human pride Elohim (“the Gods”) confused the languages.

But in relation to this endless ones of coincidences, what says Chapter to us 11 of the Apocalypse:

“They raised the sky in a cloud,
and they saw raise them its enemies.
In that hour a great earthquake took place,
and the tenth part of the city came to the ground,
And they perished in the earthquake
Up to seven thousand human beings,
And the rest were left fright plenty
And they gave glory to God and to the sky.
The second ay! It has happened;
I have arrives third ay here! "

inform yourself and others

posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 04:17 PM
(part 4)


Year 2002 been has marked by key 10, and is that ten are the cycles that begin and the cycles that finish. Ten were the Plagues of Egypt, a cycle of slavery in the ignorance that finished; and Ten were the orders of the Law of God that received Moisés at the top of the Orb, a cycle of liberation in the knowledge that began. The Ten are also “the repayment”, that means one receives or harvests what it has seeded in his passage by the life. We can pay attention to this one moment in the evolution of the world-wide events.

In year 2003 key is 9, which she is “the Hermit”, who means the isolation, the introspection and the gestation of a new life, in this one case: spiritual.

At this one moment they lack 7 years for the great “Planetary Childbirth”, that means the birth of a New Humanity with a conscience of fourth dimension, able to move by the time, conscious of his mission to cristificar itself (to do what it is expected of her) learning to love through the pardon.

These nine years are going to come accompanied from the liberation of great amount of information on the part of the governments and from the religions, that will not be able to continue hiding it. Also the findings will abound archaeological, anthropological, physical and chemical that will break all the schemes, causing that takes place true “Catastro-Fe” (Cadastre of Faith or test of Faith). The people will not know in what thinking nor that to think. Prophets will also arise from La Paz in some of the most violent, fanatical and sectarian religions, that will incline the balance towards La Paz. They will arise new virus able to decimate the world-wide population, thus he will have himself to exclude the meat from the nutritional diet and to increase the use of cereals. The planet will continue shaking with more and more violent natural catastrophes of all type, like part of the process of adaptation to its new state. The existence of a tenebrous world-wide secret government will also be discovered, and will be of public knowledge.

During this one time the internal government negative planetarium must like mission prevent the reconexión to like of place, for which the threats of a total war will be increased and skillfully demential terrorist acts with nuclear weapons will make. Between his plans he is also releasing virus of laboratory able to end the two third parts of the humanity. But all this can be neutralized, connecting for it the minds and the hearts of many to create a mental state collective positive that can revert it.

_ at the end of these seven year, if be that manage seal the reconexión, for the humanity be as if always have exist, as if nothing have change externally but, inner. For those who the change will be more violent will be for the extraterrestrial civilizations since we will enter in its time modifying them them, like a antivirus that generates reactions unpredictable, but good in the long run.

At the end of the cycle the true Millenium of Peace will begin for “the humanity”, in where the humanity will have remembered its trajectory, and until the Cosmic Plan; and with his to wake up of conscience will have been dominated the forces of the dark that no longer will have more power on her.

And in the all this woman it has a paper than protagónico more, she is “the Guardian of the Labyrinth” reason why it must know how to integrate the spot and the lot, to intuit, to act and to love, and to teach to the man namely to complement itself to be made.

And thus it will be.
Sixto Paz Wells



peace, hoped you enjoyed a good reading. spread the truth.

posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 04:23 PM
all the events that will be caused from now to 2012, are made to make us think about oursleves and about peace and our place in the universe. we humans are like that, first we have to see it, feel it, hear it, live it, struggle through it, and then we can take it as a fact and we learn from it. thats how we humans learn.

posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 04:24 PM
WHOOOAAAAA! That one went over my head

Good post though Leo, I just had a hard time understanding it I think because of the translation.

Can you post a summary?

[edit on 6-7-2006 by lardo5150]

posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 04:40 PM
yeah, I know, its a little bit hard to understand becaused of the translation thing. it might be handy to have a open webpage with a translator. its hard but to understand it you have to read it all. I will try on doing a summary.

posted on Jul, 6 2006 @ 04:44 PM
you rock, thanks.
When I get home from work I will go through it again with the translator.

posted on Jul, 7 2006 @ 05:14 PM
leo_infowarrior, before you call it "really truth', if these never actually happened while we would reach to year 2012, then we can just forget about whole thing.

However, I am not trying to sound like bitter, but remember, there are so many of different 'prophets' that were written by peoples from this earth. And we yet have to see which one of them actually happened. So it would be very wise not to say these one of prophets are really 'truth'.

Therefore, even though I have very different view/belief of what would happen to us at year 2012 theorically compared to these who believe that bible say about the end of world, *(I seriously doubt that world would suddenly end with vivid things being explained from bible*), I still do respect your belief and I must admit that your hard work on these very long articles translating and doing 'summary' of these articles will be appericated by these who have similar view/belief as you do.

Dragon out...

[edit on 7-7-2006 by Chaoic_Black_Dragon]

posted on Jul, 8 2006 @ 05:48 AM
in response to Leo's post's.

in october 2002(10, 2002) - Bush outlines the Iraqi threat.
september 2003 - Iran get's shirty over it's nuclear rights, Kim Jong-il is re-elected and Johnny cash dies.
8th august 2004 - U.S. intelligence officials and non-government experts conclude that diplomatic efforts to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons to Iran and North Korea have failed to slow their weapons development programs.
July 7th 2005 - London terrorist bombings
June the 6th 2006 - 6/6/6 - nothing special happens but on the 7th - A meteorite impact event occurs in northern Troms County, Norway. Locals compare the resultant explosion to the nuclear explosion at Hiroshima.

This doesn't prove anything but I thought that it was mildly interesting.

posted on Jul, 11 2006 @ 11:39 AM

Originally posted by surrender_dorothy
In today's daily mail horoscope section, Jonathan Cainer claims the mayans knew that at this time scientists would be serious about developing time travel!

When asked about mayan prophecies regarding the end of time as we know it, jonathan replied:
"The year 2012 brings a transit of Venus across the face of the Sun. The Mayans knew this...for they based their calender on this planet. Perhaps they also knew that by this point in Earths history, our scientists would be deeply serious about developing time travel."

In an equally flippant statement he added:
"I don't, though, think there's any need to worry about 'the end of time'. Time has no beginning, so how can it have an end?"

I proceeded to read my horoscope which was utterly useless and entirely vague.

God, I love Jonathan Cainer

wrong its gonna be zombies that are coming on sept. 23 2007 that bring us to our end

posted on Jul, 13 2006 @ 05:08 PM
Human's gift is logic...
So let's use logic...
Humans create thing''s (with programs and such..)
they can manipulate these "things" that they create...
But what we cant do is manipulate or program something we did not create.
But when it really come's down to it there is no such thing as time...
For human's just invented to keep ones self organized...
But really thing's just flow...
We can already "see" in the past...
It's going into the past which will never happen..

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