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Special Report: North Korea Readying More Missiles on the launch pads

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posted on Jul, 5 2006 @ 11:04 PM
N.Korea seem to be in a very agrivating mood right now, looks like another spell of load,aim,fire & hope for the best.

Communist nation may have up to five more weapons on launch pads after earlier failed trials

All this happening while Thousands of troops and armored vehicles prepare on border as terrorists fire rocket into Israeli city is going on elsewhere, not to mention Iraq and Iran and Afganistan, what a crazy world this is looking.

What matters here isnt what damage any of the misiles can or will do, its whether N.Korea takes the warnings seriously or not,now they've started this snowball running, it may be impossible to stop.

'Japan calls for "swift, strong" U.N. action in response to North Korea's missile tests, while the U.S. warns Pyongyang it will not get a better deal in six-party talks. Oil hits a record price above $75 after the tests and share markets fall.'

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